I’m not a big eater, more of a grazer. What I most certainly not do is snack, which is probably why my weight has held steady all my adult life. The only issue that I have weight wise is splitting my pants in the inner thigh region, a recent phenomenon that is a cause of lifting heavy weights rather than eating. I dropped off to the tailor my third pair of pants in as many weeks, and this time he raised an eyebrow. I told him it was too many gym sessions and he said that it sure as hell wasn’t from eating too many hamburgers or fried chicken.

Actually, he said kebabs, but it doesn’t sound as good as fried chicken.

Saturday morning I enjoyed a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. It was a fairly late breakfast too at around nine in the morning. I even had a second cup of coffee; how decadent. Lunch was late; it was well after two when we sat down in a very nice Indonesian restaurant. They kept bringing bowl after bowl of food, little bowls to be sure, but they added up. We rolled out of there a couple of hours later and by the time I got home, dinner was the last thing on my mind. I had no desire for any more food at all, so I decided to give the body a break for the night. Instead of dinner I had a cup of tea.

Skipping meals, big meals like lunch or dinner, is a thing that I do every now and then. I don’t plan it, and a fair few weeks may go by before I do it again, but then I get that feeling that it will be just nicer not to have dinner and so I skip it. I never skip lunch because I need lunch. I actually have a fairly high metabolism so if I go without food for a long period during the day then I can run into a brick wall. Then my hands will shake and I’ll feel a bit dizzy and I sure as hell will need to get some calories into me soon otherwise I might start doing something completely crazy like believing what I read in the media.

I’m much more of a lunch guy than a dinner guy for that reason. Give me a big lunch every time over a big dinner. One of the reasons that I enjoyed living in Italy so much was the lunches. Italians do big lunches and small dinners. This way your body has the ability to successfully digest its food. You can’t digest properly when you’re snoring on your back, and you can’t really sleep properly when you have a belly full of food either.

Unfortunately, the Dutch don’t really do lunches properly. Their idea of lunch is some bread with some more bread just to spice things up a bit. Maybe they’ll finish off with some baked wheat products of some description. And cheese, they’re big on cheese for lunch. With the bread.

Yesterday for lunch I had a ginormous steak with cabbage that I prepared as a salad my usual way. By dinner time I was a little hungry but not too much, so I prepared a simple salad of tomato and a gorgeous ball of fresh mozzarella that I had purchased the day before at the markets. The real stuff, straight from Italy. That was all I needed and I slept very well. A big dinner will always cause me to sleep badly, yet when I wake up in the morning for some reason I can never put my finger on just why my sleep had been rubbish. Only later with some hindsight do I realize the cause.

I am sure that modern nutrition goes on about skipping meals and instructs people to rigidly plan it out on a little calendar. Boring, and useless. You have to feel out this stuff, get into your natural rhythms. We’re all different in that regard. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you. Which means that everything that I have just written is probably useless. Work from that basis and you’ll do just fine.

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