The headline in The Australian read, Keep away from the grandkids and survive.

This shouldn’t be a problem at all for the Boomers since this is their default play in the social niceties game. 70 is the new 50 didn’t leave them time in the past to worry about grandkids but now they have the wonderful excuse that this Chinese plague is all about them. So new normal my arse. Bet they still expect the grandkids to line up in the shop queues for them though. I can picture the guilt trips and emotional blackmail right now.

For myself I am doing my bit during this time of pestilence. For example, while playing Civilization VI I make sure to include China in the set up and then to target them mercilessly during the game to the exclusion of all others. Funnily enough, the other AI civs seem to be in on the deal as well. As soon as China is wiped out we all shake hands and then start the game again. Rinse repeat. What do I care? They’re not my people.


So sit back, pour yourself a nice beer, help yourself to a fine cigar and contemplate the mysteries of the universe with this week’s xenophobic edition of the hawt chicks & links.

Just in case you missed it, the Chinese virus originated in China.

Senator Cornyn was absolutely correct in explaining that the dietary habits of (some) Chinese, which involve markets where multiple live exotic species are kept together and slaughtered on site, are to blame for this zoonotic pandemic. If it is now “racist” to tell the scientific truth — which, I should point out, was first reported by Chinese researchers — then political correctness has become fatal.

Political correctness was always fatal – that was the whole point.


MSM go all in full propaganda mode for China. These were the same people who spent three years screaming Russia! Russia! Russia!

Again, who commissioned this piece?

Who “helped”?

Who were the… well-informed sources in the Chinese government who decided to reach out and tell a tale? Who were the well-paid shadow propagandists for the China Lobby providing “background”?

But the New York Times isn’t done acting as the Chinese Communist Party’s press agent just yet. Because they also offer a “Ha, ha!” story about how China now has the Chinese flu under control (and I think the New York Times is the only organization in the world who believes that ChiCom spin) and now must keep Westerners out of China, for fear of dirty round-eyes infecting the Heavenly Kingdom.

Note that when Trump ordered the curbing of travel to China the leftist media attacked him as a racist — but now that China is putting out the propaganda line that they will soon be blocking flights from America, the New York Times deems this a wise and justified public health move.

Honestly, if we put the entire MSM up against the wall right now nobody would care either way.


Although some in the MSM we could let live. Like this chick who asked Trump a question regarding whether the term Chinese food is racist:


Hungary quarantines without any fuss as they are a sovereign nation who believe in sovereign borders and the purity of the emberek.

The air of unreality persisted into the following week, when Prime Minister Viktor Orbán decreed limits on public gatherings and a three p.m. curfew for all local businesses save supermarkets, pharmacies, and tobacco shops.

Talk about getting your priorities right. Can you smoke in bars in Hungary? What a country, and that doesn’t even approach their level of hawt chicks.


This is the kind of multiculturalism that I can support – a Norwegian band playing bluegrass.


A report from the Italian front lines.

My family tries to maintain a routine: In the mornings, I home-school our four children, who range in age from kindergarten to the eighth grade, while my husband teleworks. My eldest son’s school was the best prepared for distance learning, and began remote lessons from the very first week of the lockdown. He gets live lessons, homework, regular interaction with his teachers – and just as importantly, regular interaction with friends, which lessens his sense of isolation. It’s great, really, but it also requires a dedicated laptop and bandwidth from 8:10 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. every day, limiting what everyone else can do online. My other children’s schools, which shut down at the same time, started distance learning only this week.

I reckon that many parents are about to discover that the teachers weren’t the problem.


Via Didact, the Italian city of Ferrara has had no cases of the Chinese virus. How so?

During the Italian plague of 1629-1631 it had zero deaths while northern Italy saw massive outbreaks during the War of the Mantuan Succession (Verona lost 61%!). The father of medical statistics, Friedrich Prinzing (1859-1938) described the toll the plague took on the region.


Peter Hitchens describes himself as a non-conformist. Describes me to a tee. It is both a gift and a curse.

I achieved herd immunity many years ago. In fact, I think I was born with it. No, I am not talking about the supposed protection from disease granted by vaccinations or actual diseases. I am talking about my immunity from the herd. I just do not fit in. In every classroom, in every Scout troop, in every collective endeavor imposed on children, there is always at least one, like me. If there were songs, I did not sing them. My poor mother despaired at how unclubbable I was at various nurseries to which she tried to send me. I would not join in the jolly activities provided. “Why can’t you be normal?” I can still hear her exasperated voice asking. “I am not normal,” I can still hear myself replying stoutly, my tiny eyebrows presumably knitted in a frown.

And so it went on. If there were sports, I shirked them. If there was a uniform to wear, I subverted it. If there was a playground craze, I was uninterested in it. I did not do this to be a “contrarian,” a term that infuriates me. I just did it because that is the way I am. And this unwillingness to believe anything until it has been officially denied, my suspicion of every crowd and fashion, is not a virtue of my own making. It is an awkward gift of the sort that dogs and troubles its possessor, but is of great value anyway. I have been tempted many times to reject it.


While the world is fixated on the plague, the progressive and caring New Zealand government takes the opportunity to ram through the most extreme pro-abortion legislation in the world.

Jacinda Ardern used the Chinese coronavirus as handy cover to rush through abortion liberalisation laws which even Roe vs Wade bastion The New York Times reports with a headline that includes the ominous words, “gone too far.” And it’s not hard to see why even ‘pro-choice’ agitators are unsettled. The measures mean New Zealand is now one of the most extremist jurisdictions in the world for women wishing to end their pregnancies. They will henceforth be free to do so up until birth at taxpayers’ expense. The Abortion Legislation Act also makes it legal to terminate unborn girls for any reason – a ‘reform’ backed by the feminist Prime Minister. Time-limits on disability abortions have been scrapped; this means cleft lips, club feet or Down syndrome are reason enough to abort in any trimester, even at nine months. There will be no restrictions either on so-called “partial birth” abortions which allow babies to be killed even as the first air available to breathe surrounds their then dismembered bodies.


Yes, it is awful. But I believe and hope that it is their last throw of the dice as they realise that the end of their glorious progressive run is right around the corner. But we must never forget.


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