The Friday hawt chicks & links is a little late again, so to make up for this tardiness which is unacceptable in account of the massive monthly subscriptions which you all pay, there are not two but three hawt chicks to get your hopes arising. Go on, scroll down and have a gander. I know that’s what you all do anyway. Hell, it’s what I would do if I were the fortunate recipient of something so wonderful as this weekly screed.

A reader asked me recently why is it that I only feature chicks of a European persuasion on the esteemed hawt chicks. Are not women with skin tones not as ours also beautiful and desirable? My answer to that is that of course there are many examples of beautiful women from other races. But I do not and have never found them to be desirable. In this as with all other things, I prefer my own kind. When I lived in Africa I got accused of being racist because I wouldn’t sleep with the locals. That’s right; me not taking advantage of Ugandan women who would have slept with me at the drop of a hat due to their precarious circumstances was racist. A-ha hah ha ha. This is why the accusation of racism flows off me like mercury. I’ve had 25 years playing this game. You have got to get up before you go to bed to catch me out on this particular little trap.

Sovietman reviewed a book this week by a complete moron who not only went to these places and slept with what appears to be hundreds of local women, but that he thought that this makes him somehow special. I saw dozens of these losers in my time in Africa. They were uniformly insufferable douchebags. But none of them took it to the next level of douchebaggery by boasting of their “conquests” in a written tome. But there were other reasons apart from lack of desirability that caused me to stay away from the local beauties.

An AIDs rate at the time of 50%. And if you think that this was the only disease going around then I’ve got a Chinese bat market to sell you.

Getting mixed up with the locals. If you sleep with a local girl you are courting disaster as to her personal circumstances. In Uganda this wasn’t so bad, but in a country in the Central America region I think that this would be a poor idea for your continued health and safety. The menfolk over there tend to get a tad disagreeable at foreigners coming in, banging their womenfolk and posting it on social media. And I can’t say that I disagree with them. If only us whites had a little bit more backbone in this regard. Rutherford, anyone?

So the hawt chicks are white and they always will be.

Let’s start off the links with the dancing nursing staff. It started off with this:

And quickly went to this:

Doctor urges TikTok dancing colleagues to think twice before posting videos in PPE.

On Thursday medics treating coronavirus patients at a hospital in Leeds received over 50,000 views on Twitter for their TikTok dance. The staff, at St James’ Hospital, danced to The Weekend’s Blinding Lights, a particular challenge that has taken the internet by storm.

Dr Walayat Hussain, a consultant dermatologist redeployed to work on the ward treating Covid-19 patients, shared the video on Twitter and said: “Fantastic team on J19. Work hard, play hard.”


I have had some experience in my time with traumatic and stressful events, where one of the methods of dealing with it is to resort to gallows humor. But I did not publish any of these events in my books because the thing about gallows humor is that it is only appropriate for those who were there at the time.

What I would certainly not have done is to use those moments to attention whore to the world via TikTok. But Dr Hussain in Leeds thinks that it is entirely appropriate for staff to publicly dance in the hallways while just meters away patients are dying. If I were lying in bed near death and I discovered that staff were filming a TikTok dancing video in the hall outside, I would will myself to use my very last bit of strength to crawl out there and to strangle at least one of them with my oxygen hose.

Just sayin’.


Trump nigga is trending on Twitter. This is because Trump just bought out most of the Democrat vote for a measly $1200 per voter. A sample:

Make of it what you will.


Dark Brightness took a look this week at the state of professional sports. I found one particular link rather amusing in an ironic way.

The Australian women’s rugby sevens team already enjoys full pay parity with the men and is currently on enforced annual leave, so it is the 15-a-side game that could feel the sting.

The national women’s team, the Wallaroos, receive small match and training payments, and have been gradually expanding their international Test schedule ahead of next year’s World Cup.

The Super W is the only one of Australia’s four women’s domestic football competitions where players do not receive any match payments.

This year’s Super W finals series had to be called off, with the undefeated New South Wales Waratahs awarded their third-straight championship.

RA’s head of women’s rugby and participation Jilly Collins said it was crucial to focus on resurrecting the men’s teams in order to continue supporting the women.

“Our priority as a business from an operational perspective is to make sure that we are financially in the best position we can be moving forward,” she said.

“Because that investment and revenue we generate in the professional men’s game drives investment across all other areas of the game.”

First of all I didn’t even know that women’s rugby existed. That there is also a women’s sevens team and that they are on equal pay with the men is beyond belief. It is beyond belief because in that quote the head of women’s rugby openly admits that the chicks’ teams only exist because they leech off what the men’s teams make. Truly we live in clown world.


The Other McCain wrote a fantastic piece this week where he examined the evidence that college women openly admit that roughly 60% of the girls on campus whore in various ways via the internet. Unfortunately he took it down.

My Wednesday post about the death of Mackenzie Lueck has been deleted, because two of my kids objected to the tone of my commentary. This bothers me, as the entire point I wished to make is that what led to Mackenzie’s death was the kind of “non-judgmental” attitude that prohibits us from describing prostitution in plain English, resorting to euphemisms like “sugar baby” that make this evil seem harmless.

Prostitution is always wrong, and anyone who wishes to argue otherwise ought to expect strong opposition and criticism. In the article I linked Wednesday, one of the dead girl’s university “friends” said she believes some 60 percent of girls in her circle of sorority sisters have engaged in some kind of “sugar baby” type of activity. She argued in defense of this activity, as if no one could rightfully condemn it, and as a parent, I was profoundly horrified by her attitude. Perhaps in expressing my horror, I was too flippantly sarcastic, or used blunt language that offended people, and so I have taken down that post. However, in doing so, I wish to make clear that I have not changed my mind on the subject. Selah.

Kids interfering with their father’s work because they don’t like his tone? And he acquiesces? Weak, man. Very weak indeed.


This is pretty cool – the major Roman roads laid out on an overlay of Europe.


Australian police fine couple $3000 for posting vacation pictures on Facebook. The clincher is that the photos were from last year.

Just days after the posts were made, police arrived at the home of the couple and issued them with the fines. Jazz Mott told the Daily Mail, “I was actually stunned when she handed me the fine, the photos were from our trip to the Lakes Entrance in June last year.”

After speaking to her husband, Mott realized that the fines must be related to the Facebook post featuring the holiday photos which she alleges were discovered on a hard drive that she’d lost track of when the couple moved. “I got a phone call from a Senior Sergeant at Traralgon police and he told me the fines had been revoked,” Mott said. “Then he basically told me not to post any more photos while the lockdown is in place.”

So the police get an anonymous tip off; before reviewing any of the “evidence” they promptly set out to fine the couple – catching crims is our biz! Then they revoke the fines but instruct the couple not to post any more photos, because the police are unable to do their jobs properly.

You see, this is why we can’t have nice things. And by the way, when after this virus is relegated to the history books, if anyone asks how ze Germans could have dobbed in da Jews, well now we know.


Frank Sinatra chilling at home. Note the outrageously amazing sound system and the enormous bowl on the table overflowing with packets of cigarettes.


Here’s a letter to the editor from the West Australian newspaper over in my old home town of Perth.

So a chap named Suresh Rajan is attempting to paint a member of parliament as a racist and calls for him to be dealt with in an “appropriate fashion.” We import hordes of culture enrichers and this is how they enrich the culture. There are not enough kebab shops in existence neither now or in the future to make up for having to put up with this rubbish.

The Z Man explains it well.

The other day, I witnessed a Korean complain about whites using “WuFlu” or “Kung Flu” to describe the Chinese flu. He claimed that he and his family have been the victims of harassment, because angry whites are blaming China for the flu. Because white people are raging racists, we cannot tell the difference between Koreans and Chinese, so Koreans are getting the business from roving mobs and angry whites. It’s all nonsense, but not surprising. Hating white people is the national pastime.

This event happened on a message board, so I took the opportunity to remind the Korean guy that many white people lost family members saving his people from the clutches of communism. If not for white people, he would be standing in a rice paddy or pushing a wooden boat along a diseased river. That assumes he would be alive, as the life expectancy of Koreans was quite low until white people arrived. In a sane world, he would spend one day a year thanking white people.

If there is to be just one line to describe the history of white people on this planet, it should be “No good deed goes unpunished.” White people literally pulled the world out of the dark ages, but the world remains an ungrateful place. Asians in America are now working on their grievance tales, about how the round-eye was mean to them during the great yellow pandemic of 2020. The fact that they would be eating bugs and living in huts if not for the white man is conveniently forgotten.

The appallingly ironic thing is that collectively, Indians are just about the most racist people on the planet. And the race that they reserve the bulk of the racism for is China. So when you take an Indian living in Australia, criticising an Australian parliamentarian for being racist to the Chinese, well, we have officially entered retardation levels of clown world in the racist Olympics.


The identity of the anonymous author was revealed this week. She, yes it was a woman, was a staffer for Trump.

It is dishonorable to be two-faced toward your employer, to smile at your boss and then badmouth him behind his back, to collect a paycheck and then constantly demean your employer to others. This kind of gossipy, backstabbing behavior destroys the spirit of teamwork, and if you have ever been in a workplace when this vicious spirit takes hold, you know how damaging it can be to the morale necessary to successful organizations. Having witnessed such situations more than once in my career, I deplore the bitchy gossips and childish tattletales who do this stuff. It is disloyal and dishonorable, and if you ever encounter someone in your workplace acting this way, you need to shut them down.

Of course, everybody has their share of grievances to grumble about in any job, but slanderous backstabbing, such as Victoria Coates is accused of doing, ought never to be tolerated in the workplace. I have myself had to counsel people against such behavior, and let me give you a hint: If some gossip comes to you badmouthing another person, what do you think the gossip is going to say about you behind your back?

The habit of gossip is always a mark of untrustworthy character. Gossip is un-Christian, repeatedly condemned as sinful in the Bible.

Indeed. Coates has not lost her job. Rather, she has been reassigned to Saudi Arabia. Which means that they just want her to quit. Which she will.


And finally, many governments around the world are toying with the idea of using smartphone apps to track the movement of people during this whole time of the Chinese plague.

The collaboration will open up their mobile operating systems to allow for the creation of advanced “contact-tracing” apps, which will run on iPhones and Android phones alike.

The apps would work by using the Bluetooth technology in mobile phones to keep track of every other phone a person comes into close contact with over the course of a day; if that person later finds out they have Covid-19, they can use the same system to alert all those people, dating back to before they would have become infectious.

Look, it’s very simple: don’t take your smartphone out with you. I don’t most of the time. Even better, don’t have a smartphone. Because they’re the opposite of smart. My old Blackberry works just fine. Pulls the chicks too.


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