The hawt chicks & links comes to you a little late this week, but better late than never, wouldn’t you say, old sport? Old chum? Reminds me of this girl that I once knew who disdained reading Shakespeare because she claimed that he was just a mess of cliches. The girl had a point. She was also a leggy blonde with good shoulders and posture, which is somewhat of a tautology because all broads with good shoulders have good posture. The two go together like gin and lime. Yee gods, another cliche.

She was somewhat dim, which was a plus, but she considered herself to be twee sophisticated, which was not. However, her habit of looking rather smashing while attempting to disdain the plebs let her off the hook, at least for a while. But all things shall pass and she passed faster than a rather unsettling meal that I once consumed in a Chinese restaurant in a back alley off Gabba road in Kampala. Which was fairly close to where I met her.

What she was not was a redhead. There was a plaintive call last week, a desperate and unnerving plea for more redheads to be featured on the hawt chicks & links. I found it strange that we should try to feature more redheads as we have never featured a single one at all. The scientific case against redheads has already been made, and equivocally at that. But from an attractiveness viewpoint I cannot bring myself to smear these beautiful pages with a ginger for the simple reason that they are not attractive.

In a wonderful coincidence of timing, this week Kim published a pictorial servitude to redheads. Viewing the associated images, one gets the impression of women in desperate need to get the most out of their very limited assets. I once described an unfortunate woman as being of the type that wears uncomfortable clothes. These women seem to be of a similar bent. Take the lass lying prostrate on some sort of divan. She is wearing no clothes at all but she looks to be about as comfortable as a bowler being tossed the ball on his first professional cricket match.

Not only will I never show a ginger here, I won’t even show a black and white shot of a ginger. And that is because I have standards. And unlike so many out there, I actually hold myself to them. The rest of you can remain assured that no redheads will grace these pages while I am in charge. We shall leave that chore to the deviants among us.

Enough blathering, on with the show.

And so it begins:

Michelle Obama’s star power could help Biden to unite Democrats.

Biden has committed to putting a woman on the ticket, and some want him to choose a black woman, considering that South Carolina’s largely black electorate helped revive Biden’s campaign in late February.
“There’s no question that her endorsement would carry a lot of weight with voters,” said Finney.
Biden took the speculation a step further during an interview with KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.

Asked if he’d ask Mrs. Obama to be his running mate if she signaled interest in joining the ticket, Biden said Monday that he’d take her in a “heartbeat.” “She’s brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman,” Biden said.


Fat commie pig Michael Moore has produced a documentary for earth day where he admits that solar panels and wind turbines are a giant scam.

It’s like someone read all the major skeptic blogs in the world and turned them into a documentary.

The new Michael Moore documentary: Planet of The Humans

1 – unapologetically exposes Al Gore, Bill McKibben, Robert Kennedy, etc. for being con artists and hypocrites,
2 – crucifies the Sierra Club and their ilk for being disingenuous and primarily in it for the money and influence, and
3 – also carefully documents how wind, solar and biofuels are scams. — John Droz, jr.

However, Moore also claims that we only have 48 months to save the planet or that will be it, game over, bye bye Blackbird. Jo Nova wonders what the green terrorists will come up with next. Mundabor obliges:

I seem to recall earlier this year, Moore stated that unless “we” did something drastic and radical vis-a-vis ‘Climate-Change’ ©️, the planet had less than 4 years before our species became extinct. Pontificating from his Infinity Pool in his exclusive gated community, this buffon estimated that the next (less than) 48 months would be a turning point for the planet. So, sometime after January 2024

Inspired by this prediction I immediately posted on the Greta Thunberg site the following “robust” and “necessary” steps needed to Save-Our-Species:
1. Suspend democracy across the planet and appoint a world-wide ‘Climate Crisis Council’ of scientists, climate experts and population control specialists to manage Mother Earth
2. Immediate electricity rationing across the planet.
3. The immediate ban on all air travel, vehicles and transportation systems using fossil fuels.
4. Immediate introduction of aggressively enforced population control policies (‘1-child-per-family’) including mandatory sterilization
5. Immediate ban on capitalism
6. Immediate introduction of socialism and communism with the forced distribution of wealth, food, water and other resources
7. Instant ban on the advertising, marketing and sales of all consumer goods
8. Immediate ban on all meat consumption with mandatory adoption of vegetarian/vegan food consumption practices
9. Aggressively enforced mandatory euthanasia for those aged 75 and above with large financial incentives for voluntary euthanasia between 55 and 74.
10. Aggressively enforced euthanasia for all age groups deemed by experts to have incurable physical and mental disabilities
11. Immediate adoption of Swedish behavioral scientists Magnus Söderlund’s suggestion that we need to “overcome our taboo against cannibalism” by eating our own deceased to reduce carbon emissions.
12. Ban all religions with the arrest and lengthy imprisonment of any religious leaders and their followers who oppose steps 1-11.

I was truly stunned by the positive comments, ‘likes’ and overall favourable reactions my absurd suggestions received.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


With all of us having to stay home so Boomers can eek out some more earth time before the 48 months are up, we have been witness to “celebrities” extolling us all to greater efforts while they supposedly inspire us with glimpses of their glorified lives. So a fitting response was in order.


It also appears that a terrible side effect of the Chinese pox has been that feminists are beginning to lose their make believe jobs. Terrible, truly terrible. Tragic even.

Refinery29 was originally a fashion-oriented site that, like many other such sites, went all-in on feminism circa 2014. What does it say about Vice management that they would pay $400 million for a site that published articles like “Feminist Gifts For Your Friend Who’s Fighting The Patriarchy” and “Daenerys Targaryen Is Emilia Clarke’s Feminist Inspiration”? But when you’re already losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year, why not?

Vice’s bad investment in Refinery29 is part of a general trend, with the Bustle Media Group (BMG) similarly laying off staff after buying up various failed feminist-themed sites.

There’s nothing like buying feminist-themed web sites to put a hole in your wallet bigger than the size of a collapsed Italian bridge.


But have no fear womens! The feminists have other ways of making money, at your own expense of course.

There is also the fact that Kasia Urbaniak herself is pretty unusual. An ex-dominatrix turned female empowerment coach she now runs an increasingly on-trend school called ‘The Academy’ which promises to give you the practical tools to break out of years of ‘good-girl conditioning’ and step into your power.

The courses aren’t cheap. ‘Power with Men 101’ costs around a grand for a couple of weekends.  With a large body of women, however, woken up to a new sense of possibility in the #MeToo era there seems to be no shortage of women willing to give their money and time to feel more empowered. But what does she teach in these classes which are almost all sold out on her website? Kasia’s focus is that women must access their desire.  Desire, Kasia claims, is key to giving you the ‘juice’ to move from a less desirable sense of fear to a more freeing sense of fearlessness.

And that, little Dorothy, is why women can’t have nice things.


Recently I had a discussion where I expressed a fond desire to be trapped in Venice at this particular point in time. How wonderful it would be to be living in that beautiful city right now with a complete absence of tourists. Theodore Dalrymple has had similar musings on the subject.

No one can be certain of what the future will bring, and one must never underestimate the power and effect of amnesia in human affairs: What obsesses us now may be forgotten tomorrow, and insofar as lessons are learned from experience, they are often the wrong ones. But for the moment it does seem as if air travel in its pre-COVID incarnation is unlikely to resume precisely as before. The middle seats of rows may be removed; cheap flights, which made it as cheap to cross half the world as to take a taxi to the airport, will be a thing of the past. Airports that had passing through them every year the equivalent of the population of a fairly large country will be much less crowded or frequented, and no future passenger will be much the unhappier for it. I have met no one who said, “I am really looking forward to going to the airport because it has such a lovely atmosphere and it is delightful to mix with such crowds of people.”

I have always found mass tourism a little puzzling. To go to the effort of traveling, which is increasingly onerous and unpleasant, and then to demand the same kind of food as you have at home seems distinctly odd to me. Cultural tourism is a bit odd too. People who don’t give a moment’s thought to the visual arts for, say, three hundred and fifty days a year suddenly experience an urge to join a procession, a bit like those caterpillars that congregate by the million and devastate the countryside, through a famous art gallery, say the Louvre. They make a beeline for the pictures they have been told to make a beeline for, and when they get there they can’t see them for all the others who are doing the same. It can’t be enjoyable; it is more like performing a bureaucratic duty, like ticking off a box on some footling form devised by a committee of bureaucrats. Compared with this, coal-mining must be fun.


Here’s an article on how the Soviets cultivated citrus trees in freezing environments. But reading it I kept thinking of that old Russian joke about this era in their history:

“We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”

So did they work or didn’t they, because the fruit tree report seems to go against that grain.

Imported citrus varieties only survived in a few isolated points along the Black Sea coast, which enjoyed a particularly favourable microclimate. To better prepare citrus fruits for cold, Soviet citrologists followed a method called “progressive cold-hardening”. It allowed them to create new varieties which were adapted to local ecological conditions, a cultivation strategy which had originally been developed for apricot trees and grapes.

The method consists of planting a seed of a highly valued tree a bit further north of its original location, and then waiting for it to give seeds. Those seeds are then planted a bit further north, and with the process repeated further, slowly but steadily pushing the citrus variety towards less hospitable climates. Using this method, apricot trees from Rostov could eventually be grown in Mitchurinsk, 650 km further up north, where they developed apricot seeds that were adapted to the local climate. On the other hand, directly planting the seed of the Rostov apricot tree in Mitchurinsk proved unsuccessful.


PA has written three posts exploring the history of game and PUA and where we are right now with it all.

PUA re-evaluated.

One interesting thread I pick up on from former PUAs who are now Christian is the idea that women don’t have to be Gamed. Now that is a bombshell, and I am not saying this in disagreement. I do agree that success with women, properly understood, does not require Game. What does that mean? Wasn’t this a blue pill cuck churchian talking-point that many — including me in my commenting career — once took a flamethrower to? Well, it means two things.

One: as long as you make an idol of woman, you are her slave. Even if the manner in which you idolize her is “tight game” and bangs. Two: the blue pilled cuck churchians made the same idol of woman that PUAs made. The difference is that the “tight game” idolaters assume a woman’s animal nature and cuck-churchians assume a woman’s sinless nature. Both views are in conflict with the truth.

Game and “Be-Yourself”.

“Be yourself” meant “keep on with your Blue Pill lies”. So if you want to timidly hand a sappy love poem to a girl you like, just do it. The old advice was flipped by Red Pill commenters into “be your best-self,” and from there Red Pill-based self improvement commenced.

“To thine own self be true” — it means, as an ideal, that you be who you are. Subtractive Game means that you unlearn bad habits, discard stuff that’s incongruent with your nature, that you practice self-discipline, you know who you are. Timeless values. I do not believe in Additive Game and perhaps Sentient and I disagree solely on the level of semantics. In my usage, learning facts and tactics is not additive; attempting to transform yourself into something you aren’t is an attempt at Additive Game. And as noted earlier, the effective study of game is a subtractive process, not an additive process.

Fake It till You Make it is also additive if you’re trying to practice behavior that’s not part of your innate character, and it doesn’t work if you are trying to make yourself something you individually aren’t designed to be. There wasn’t a single word that nailed down the Gamma Male until Vox Day’s sociosexual hierarchy (SSH), though people had been aware of the phenomenon going back to the Old Testament, with the Book of Proverbs calling him “fool.” Another word that people used for the Gamma Male is “phony.” I’m sure each of you knows that guy with the superficial Alpha qualities whom no one takes seriously because he’s a puffed-up, belligerent phony.

Additive Game turns Deltas into Gammas. “Be your best-self” for that Delta means “work with what you’ve got.” And that’s essentially a subtractive development.

Get the girl.

To close this series on a light note, see these Game fundamentals in the featured video:

Don’t look for trouble, win when trouble finds you

Have a country of your own, with pool halls

Be loyal to your people, earn their loyalty

Who will patrol the trespasser if not you

Build attraction on natural chemistry

Be kind to everyone, even the moon

Embrace the power of silence

Carry yourself with dignity

It’s not over ’til it’s over

Don’t be a monkey

Hold your liquor

Get the girl


Speaking of girls, it’s now time for the hawt chicks. To start off, let’s consider a hawt chick from 80 years ago in a black & white photo. Now, whenever I see old black & whites of chicks the last thing that I think is that they’re hawt. But this one was rather different. It’s a shot of an unidentified Russian female soldier in WWII. Hawt damn, son. Definitely not a redhead.


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