Just a quickie today as I have an early start. The Chinese pox continues its monolithic path through our risk averse societies – stay safe, everyone! I bet you didn’t here that inane slogan uttered in the landing boats approaching Tarakan. I mean, really: can you even imagine if a digger had said something of the sort? Would probably have been ditched over the side and told to swim back and join his communist mates on the docks back home.

Anyway, the Netherlands has a government website dedicated to giving us peons information related to how they’re currently screwing up our lives. It has an FAQ section, and I noticed that there is a tab devoted to religion.

So I thought that I would have a gander.

There are three bolded headings and information underneath each one. Here are the three headings in question:

Can I go to the mosque during Ramadan?

Can I organise an iftar meal to end a day of fasting?

Can I go outside after breaking my fast?

We have just passed through the momentous Christian event known as Easter, the most important time of the year for Christians around the world.

There was no mention of this as far as I was aware on the government website.

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