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Month: April 2020

You gotta get with the program.

Step one on lock down crack is to wear pants. Hitch ’em up high and make goddamn sure that they’re belted. A set of pants not belted ain’t no pants at all. ‘Round here we got strong views and dispositions on individuals not getting with the pants at home regime. We gone to setting people at their doors, finding out what they’re up to, finding out what they’re wearing. Jeans ain’t gonna cut it in these trying times. We looking for decorum, people. We need to know that you’re taking this here crisis seriously. This ain’t about individuals. This is about the system and the system needs to know what the system doesn’t know, so we gotta get in there and get in good, dig around somewhat, see what we can come up with, what dirt there is laying around.

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Podcast #140 – The Barbeque episode.

I rank the best countries in the world for BBQing. Sure to cause some general angst.
Speaking of general angst, I might mention something about Boomers. Just sayin’.

Easter and Truth.

Rollo has a new article titled, The Red Pill Path. It is primarily concerned with the concept of truth and the journey to discover such truth as regards the interpersonal behavior of men and women.

In a praxeological context, the Red Pill is a ‘loose science’ concerned with the understanding of the underlying motivators of why we do what we do as men and women. It doesn’t get everything right, but it does ask the right questions. It’s these questions that make believers uncomfortable. The beauty of The Red Pill as a praxeology is that we get to write those questions and conclusions down in pencil, not ink, to be erased and edited as new information changes them.

In other words, we’re finding this stuff out, experimenting with this, challenging that, and attempting to come up with underlying concepts that hold up when faced with brutal reality.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The great clean out edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links comes to you on an actual Friday which is due to your proud and overconfident host being officially on holidays which I have taken due to this whole global virus meltdown. At least a week off and maybe more depending on what my employer needs. These are difficult times but I am optimistic at how things will turn out. The thing is that due to crony capitalism our economies haven’t had a good clean out for a very long time; we were well overdue for a seismic economic event that would wipe the slate clean and allow fresh green business shoots to emerge. This is how economies work best, but due to mass regulation and the propping up of noncompetitive companies and corporations by government, (the aforementioned crony capitalism), the clean out has been artificially deferred for decades.

Take Virgin Airlines as an example. The Australian branch is breaking down the government’s doors in an attempt to pry $1.4 billion out of the Australian taxpayers. Let them crash and burn. If you haven’t had a bit of fat tucked away for unforeseen events such as this then why should anyone else look out for you? Companies complain about government interference in their business but then run crying with their empty cap in hand when things get tricky. You can’t have it both ways and the best way is for no government involvement at all apart from that of a most basic level.

Anyway, this is Good Friday which is always a very important time in the year. Jesus Himself once undertook a great clean out of vested interests that culminated in the events of this Holy weekend. So have good cheer and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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George Pell was always innocent.

In the run up to Cardinal George Pell’s High Court appeal against his conviction and jailing for child abuse which had supposedly occurred over 30 years’ previously, there was a cacophony of objection from the two principle media outlets that conspired with the Victorian Police on his conviction; the Nine Network and the ABC. As their opinion writers and talking heads put it, such an appeal was an utter waste of time, not because Pell was guilty but because of the anguish that it would put his unknown accuser through.

As always, the ideological left are all about transparent feelings. Believe all victims. Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, a sociopathic ideological crusader for the Left, was a key player in the years long persecution of Pell. On Pell’s conviction he said;

“The notion that if you don’t like a verdict, you can just say they got it wrong, that’s not how ours system works,” the Premier said.

“What’s happened here … is that a victim has been believed. And that’s thrown a whole lot of people into absolute disarray,” he told ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine.

Well it turns out that our system thankfully does work like that. Obviously for budding Stalinistas like Andrews it would be much more convenient for their vile agendas if once convicted by an unjust system the victim can rot forgotten in a jail cell. But in Australia at a Federal level we still have the rule of law, the Westminster System, and that runs on facts, logic and precedent as opposed to feelings.

Yesterday Pell was exonerated by the Australian High Court in a 7-0 decision. It was an utter repudiation of the Victorian government orchestrated persecution of George Pell. And what was the reaction of Premier Dan Andrews to this humiliation?

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The working from home sucks edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links is late because I couldn’t be arsed yesterday. I’m working from home, which means the entire day in front of the computer and I am going batshit crazy. I want to be back outside, walking around, yelling at people, making the world a better place. But all I can do now is yell at the two ducks who keep wanting bread whenever I step one foot out onto my deck. The other day the female one actually came into the house through the open door. I mean, what the hell? This is supposed to be a wild duck. How stupid can you be? Don’t they know that there is a plague and that I may be forced to consume them at any moment?

I want traffic jams. I want 5am alarm calls. I want to be busting my balls all day making the impossible happen in a way that looks like I’m cruising. I want to be hustling at the end of the day so that I can make it to the gym at a semi-reasonable hour which will leave me just enough time to get home, cook dinner, watch the strangely addictive TV game show Pointless, and then fall into bed at 9pm. Is that too much to ask? I said, is that too much to fucking well ask?

Here’s your hawt chicks & links. Get the fuck outta here.

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The Big Bug.

There’s a scene in the movie The Big Short where the guys who were betting against the banks suddenly understand that it’s not a fair game. The key line is the following which you can also find in the attached clip.

“I guess you don’t realise how clueless the system really is. Yes, there’s some shady shit going down but trust me, it’s fueled by stupidity. Look at yourselves. You know, you pass yourselves off as cynical people but you still have some faith in the system, don’t you.”

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The great Boomer plague.

My article yesterday about not adding fuel to the fire upset a few people. I assume because I added fuel to the fire. I think that some of that was a misunderstanding. The final paragraphs of the piece contain its pertinent points.

Our great handicap is that so many of us are conditioned to looking to government to solve our problems.

My issue is that people are continuing the practice of believing that government will save us or condemn us. But we’re beyond that, far beyond. We live in a tyranny of the minority who pressure and advocate supposedly democratic governments for their own ideological goals against the silent majority. Government hasn’t been working for years so why would anyone expect it to start functioning now in the midst of such a crisis? As I stated,

What we must do is batten down the hatches and rely on ourselves and family and communities first. We must find ways to get things done.

The screaming at the sky is beyond useless so look to yourselves. We are powerless in the face of governments so there has to be another way, and perhaps this virus is providing us a glimpse of the possibilities. But Brendon O’Neill is one of those who believe that we are heading into the government-mandated oblivion and that something must be done or not done. And what he wants is for us to start respecting our elders because they are Boomers. No, seriously; he is.

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