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Divide and Conquer.

Minneapolis burns, but natives of that city walk away in disgust.


Many people have asked me to speak about the George Floyd death/murder and the ensuing Minneapolis riots.  I have more or less resisted because I do not care.  Not because I do not care if an innocent man was murdered, but because Minneapolis (and Minnesota in general) is a failed city/state, full of leftists, parasites, communists, and race pimps, all pampered and enabled by self-loathing, pussy white people who want to bring about a socialist utopia.  I hate the citizens of Minneapolis.  I hate the people of Minnesota and I am merely biding my time until I can move.  This is merely poetic justice watching a potpourri of leftists (SJW’s, antifa, aggrieved black members of the community, spoiled rich kids from the suburbs-turned-virtue-signaling-activists, and simple thieves/looters) destroy a neighborhood/city that has voted-for and doted on leftist political causes EVERY SINGLE TIME.  You COULD NOT FIND A MORE PRO-MINORITY, PRO-SOCIALISM, PRO-SJW block of voters than Minneapolitans…who are now watching their city get destroyed by the same leftists they so enthusiastically supported and sucked the cocks of.  Meanwhile, the most cowardly mayor and governor in all of history stand by and do nothing, letting their most loyal constituents and neighborhoods burn.  It truly is an example of “Enjoy the Decline” and “Enjoy the Show.”  You get the government you deserve.

You get the rioting, looting, arson, and murder that you deserve.

Vox Day:

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The butthurt edition.

So much butthurt yesterday.

You’re really showing your ass with this one, Adam. Not only is it example # 81,304 of you just parroting what you saw on The Other McCain the day before, but you also have literally nothing to dispute the fact that Coulter is right about Sessions, and Trump, as usual, is stumbling over himself and doing everything in his power to get neocons elected instead of actual America-firsters

Okay, Pedro.

Do some research before you post. Ann is right on this one. Sessions has been consistently strong on immigration for years while Tuberville is an open borders squish. Trump has completely betrayed the people who voted for him.

The point was not whether Ann was right or not. Of course she can be right occasionally. The article was not titled, “Women are always wrong”. The point is that female writers are rubbish. End of story. So either these two are deliberately conflating the issue, strawmanning in other words, or they’re just not that bright. Which is it, fellas?

And as for linking to The Other McCain, damn right I will link to those guys whenever I can. They are my number 1 source of hits by a factor so large, if it were a monetary value I could go and buy that Jaguar XK8 that I want. 2001 version. 70,000km. British racing green. The coupe, not the convertible. I’m thinking about it. Because it would probably be a silly idea, but what’s life without a bit of silliness?

On with it.

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Ann Coulter is exhibit A of why women writers are rubbish.

My article on Lady Karen writers got a lot of hits, a lot of comments, and a good deal of distribution around the interwebs. Readers are obviously fed up with the feminine feeling frenzy being forced down their throats. I originally wrote about my disinclination to consume books written by women several years’ ago. Back then I got a lot of push back from guys about it. They were still of the inclination to give the gals a pass.

Not so much any more. It seems that the females tried to jump the shark, were poised in mid air, and then they started complaining about how sharks were evil patriarchy and that women were discriminated against by manufacturers of water ski tow lines. And now they’ve fallen into the water with the sharks. The only thing is that they haven’t yet realised that things have changed so they’re still complaining at the top of their voices while the shark swims up underneath them.

A few days after my article, The Other McCain cried out in dismay at the behavior of former darling gal of the conservative right/write, Ann Coulter.

Why is Ann Coulter doing this?

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Media Scum.

The Other McCain’s rule 5 Sunday offering this week featured Kayleigh McEnany in prime place. She’s the hawt and feisty lass who’s taken up the job of Trump’s press secretary. You’ve probably seen clips of her dismembering the media pack one excruciating piece at a time. Seriously though; why do people these days have impossible names? I had to look three times trying to work out if I had spelled her name correctly. And I still don’t know. This is probably why teachers are now so shit. They get all disheartened at the start of the day just doing the roll call and then they’re buggered after that. Who gives a toss about Latin American geography when you’ve just read out 30 names that rhyme with phlegm.

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Is there life after cats?

Although it is a well known and often sourced trope to predict a life of cats for women fully committed to the barren path of following their inner voices to a myriad of unfulfilling destinations, little thought is given to what lies after this. Or parallel to this.

Perchance it is because we do not care. That is right and without dispute. But as it so happens, I did chance upon a snippet of news from your average trustworthy news site, as trustworthy as that guy in the dirty van with the darkened windows loitering outside the school gates.

To understand what happens to western women after the cats, read on.

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Podcast #144 – The homeschooling episode.

Is homeschooling a good or bad idea. Well, the media hate it, so …

Kim’s post mentioned in the episode, and the Jeremy Clarkson documentary about the greatest raid of all.

Slow walking.

to become a philosopher, start by walking very slowly.

Nicholas Taleb.

I do not have a favorite book, nor a favorite album, nor a favorite work of art. I do have a favorite city, Venice. And I also have a favorite film: The Great Beauty, which I have written about before.

The protagonist of the film is also my favorite; Jep Gambardella. Jep is a man of inaction. He displays his inadequacies with aplomb. He would never explain, nor regret. He truly wishes those around him well, while acknowledging with a fatalistic smile that the very same people would like nothing better than to see him fail.

But above all else, he walks slowly.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The universities are for losers edition.

The Friday hawt chicks & links returns and we are sure that your mediocre lives will benefit as a result. It’s what we do. Thank you. You’re welcome. No, really. We don’t want to gush. How embarrassing. Are these for us? You shouldn’t have, but you did anyway.

Have him taken out and shot.

Now, where were we? That’s right; assuming all of your genders.

We’re going to continue on the theme of universities that we got going with, (for the 2577th time), yesterday. This morning a casual perusal of various feeds provided the hawt chicks & links with a feeling of slowly sinking into a very warm bath while maidens fanned our head with olive branches and a giant slave slowly poured oils of wondrous scent into the steaming water.

In other words, we’re right again.

How does one handle being right so very often? It’s difficult, but we manage. What’s not difficult is being right. You see, to be right, all you have to do is to say the opposite of whatever it is the media is pushing. Trump won’t win becomes Trump will win. The market won’t crash becomes the market will crash. Invest in housing now becomes if you buy a house in this time you seriously need your head read.

That’s all you need to do. That’s what we do at the hawt chicks & links and our track record over the last several years is pretty damn fine. But we’re getting slightly off track. We were talking about universities. Today we spotted these two articles. Now, both are behind paywalls that we cannot be bothered circumventing. But that is okay as we only require the headlines to understand the forces at play. The media is beginning to change its awful modern tune. (Note; this is one of the few times that the media can end up being sort of right. Think of them like a broken clock in that way).

On with the show.

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We couldn’t fix Humpty Dumpty; nor can we fix universities.

James Higham links to a piece lamenting the decline of universities and he has some general thoughts on the matter.

His list of collegiate “BS” is correct. It’s also predictable. One does not need to read the article to know exactly what it will argue. This is 2018. We have not only seen dozens of articles and journalistic accounts of the crisis Smith describes; entire books have been published to chronicle the sins of modern university life.

The university system still has its defenders, but they are few and far between. Most folks who look at the state of American universities recognize that the system is broken. Few offer ideas on how to fix it. This conversation would improve greatly if less folks wrote long lists of their complaints about universities and more folks wrote long lists of ideas on how to improve them.

It’s telling just how ubiquitous these long lists of universities’ failings have become. Just a few years ago, any criticism of the university system was met with stony silence from the world at large. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.

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Lady Karen Writers.

SovietMan decided to see what all the fuss was about and give lady writers a go. But as he found out, even books by the gals written almost a century ago are infested with the usual tropes. They do call them tropes for a reason.

So many annoying female clichés are present in this book that if it weren’t on Kindle I’d throw it out the window.  There’s the Apex Fallacy – of course the husband is some kind of famous philosopher.  Blokes who are not famous somethings do not exist.  There’s the Solipsism – why should the little wife, or we, care about the husband’s groundbreaking work?  That’s what men are supposed to do – to bring home money for their ladies and shower them with reflected prestige.  The details of how they do it or how difficult it might be don’t matter.

Feelz – we have to know exactly how every character is feeling.  Who is uncomfortable.  Who is proud.  Who feels neglected or jealous.  In painstaking detail.  Because how a person, especially the main lady, is feeling at any given time must be pulled apart and analyzed and no one ever says ‘toughen up, princess’ like they should.

There’s Toxic Masculinity, back before it had that name and was just called Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.  The male brutes do not bother to notice all that vitally important emoting going on when they speak too harshly or directly or focus on the practical rather than fluttering around like tipsy homosexuals, making sure everyone’s alright.  Especially those fragile ladies.

And then Virginia comes through with my pet misogynistic peeve, and probably the main reason why I will never marry: Martyrdom.  The poor mother, the only one of these animals who focuses on caring about everyone else!  So hard working, so pure, so unappreciated!  Just like ME, the lady reader thinks.  My husband doesn’t appreciate ME, either.  And my daughter didn’t even eat all of the sandwich I made her which I knew was her favorite.  And Jenny from marketing is such a BITCH.

That’s his reaction to a booked called To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolfe. She wrote it in 1927, which was when all of the womens started to get out of control. It’s been a downhill race since then.

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