We picked up a little troll on the blog, a montyesque flea that spent yesterday evening buzzing around with its bum on fire. It particularly took umbrage to my post on the muslim infidels.

On the same website, if you would have cared to look, there is a section called “Changes to measures after 28 April” Seriously, you don’t have to go to college to learn navigating a website! And by the way, you are not Dutch, probably just a bigot bogan. So how come you are so worried what the Dutch put on their government website? Come back to Australia, where there is a paddy wagon waiting for you.

As Weka notes, the appeal to authority is a classic Karen move.

I note that Adam is called a bogan. And that he will be arrested by the authorities if he returns to the village of the damned. For the Karens always appeal to authorities, not having the courage to confront directly. She forgets that each Sabbath is a high and holy day for a Catholic such as Adam, and since April 28 there have been the Saint’s Days in that Church for Catherine of Siena and Pius V

A few days ago the Karen also previously stated that I must be descended from scum convict stock. It intended this as as accusation; I take it is a source of pride. The fact is also completely lost on this Karen that immigrant muslims seem very concerned with what the Dutch government puts on its website. Perhaps in the world of Karens some immigrants are more equal than others.

Karens themselves are the biggest bogans in the world and the biggest bigots in the known universe. They are only able to utilize slurs with which they are intimately familiar so small is their worldview. Because their worldview is so restricted and their experiences so futile, once again they project and assume the same in others.

Easy to say from a first world sofa. Just visit some third world country to understand what life is without any health and safety compliance. But a dumb bigot like yourself would spew anything with half a mouth open.

The Karen’s experiences with the third world are limited to watching reruns of Go Back where you came from and World Vision commercials. People even remotely familiar with my work know that I spent a good deal of time working in deepest darkest Africa. But facts are anathema to the internal logic train of the perpetually outraged. The Karen is most probably so mad because it hasn’t been able to visit its long suffering hairdresser in weeks.

We’ll see how long it sticks around and also how long I’ll put up with it. But while it’s here it provides us with the reassurance that that which we write about is not only accurate but understated. Much the pity for the world in which we live.

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