James Higham links to a piece lamenting the decline of universities and he has some general thoughts on the matter.

His list of collegiate “BS” is correct. It’s also predictable. One does not need to read the article to know exactly what it will argue. This is 2018. We have not only seen dozens of articles and journalistic accounts of the crisis Smith describes; entire books have been published to chronicle the sins of modern university life.

The university system still has its defenders, but they are few and far between. Most folks who look at the state of American universities recognize that the system is broken. Few offer ideas on how to fix it. This conversation would improve greatly if less folks wrote long lists of their complaints about universities and more folks wrote long lists of ideas on how to improve them.

It’s telling just how ubiquitous these long lists of universities’ failings have become. Just a few years ago, any criticism of the university system was met with stony silence from the world at large. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.

And a few years before that, let’s say about 10 years ago to make things more precise, it was taken for granted that if you were at university then that meant that you were smart. Your inherent intelligence level was predisposed on the fact that you had been accepted. Graduating with a degree really had nothing to do with it. Yes, that was an important piece of the puzzle but it’s crucial to remember just how pervasive the attitude was that by merely walking through the gates of a university, you were the type of chap who could figure out how to sail a boat from the west coast of the USA to Hawaii if you needed to do so.

Because you were at university.

So you were smart.

So you were the best of the best.

So you were special.

Well, it turns out that if everyone is special then we’re going to have to get a lot more special buses. James wants ideas on how to fix the mess that these institutions have become. But it’s too late. You can’t fix something that is this broken. All you can do is to burn it down and to start again. A fresh start that nobody involved with the last mess would be allowed the opportunity to darken the doors of the new beginning.

Universities are now just a modern version of the Hitler Youth, but without the snazzy uniforms and the identifiable great leader. But the intent is the same; indoctrinate the youth in the socialist globalist propaganda of the day and then let them loose, while at the same time miring them in so much debt that they will have skin in the game to support the next official try at making communism perfect.

Actually, not letting in the old university staff is probably not good enough. Much better just to line them up against the wall. Or give them free one way ocean view helicopter rides.


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