My article on Lady Karen writers got a lot of hits, a lot of comments, and a good deal of distribution around the interwebs. Readers are obviously fed up with the feminine feeling frenzy being forced down their throats. I originally wrote about my disinclination to consume books written by women several years’ ago. Back then I got a lot of push back from guys about it. They were still of the inclination to give the gals a pass.

Not so much any more. It seems that the females tried to jump the shark, were poised in mid air, and then they started complaining about how sharks were evil patriarchy and that women were discriminated against by manufacturers of water ski tow lines. And now they’ve fallen into the water with the sharks. The only thing is that they haven’t yet realised that things have changed so they’re still complaining at the top of their voices while the shark swims up underneath them.

A few days after my article, The Other McCain cried out in dismay at the behavior of former darling gal of the conservative right/write, Ann Coulter.

Why is Ann Coulter doing this?

Former Donald Trump fan Ann Coulter yesterday went on an extraordinary Twitter rant, calling the president a ‘disloyal retard’ and a ‘blithering idiot.’
Coulter was incensed on Sunday after Trump tweeted ‘Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions’, the latest attack by the president on his former Attorney General.
The far-right pundit said Trump’s endorsement of Tommy Tuberville – Sessions’ opponent in the Republican primary – showed he was ‘the most disloyal human God ever created.’
The author of the 2016 book ‘In Trump We Trust’ went on to say: ‘I will never apologize for supporting the issues that candidate Trump advocated, but I am deeply sorry for thinking that this shallow and broken man would show even some remote fealty to the promises that got him elected.’

It’s not Trump that is being disloyal here. Projection much, Ann?

On my original article on lady writers, one of the names proffered by male defenders of the gals right to write was Ann Coulter. Probably because her book stating that Trump was simply the best president evar was published that same year. I have never read one of Ms Coulter’s books, and so with no experience of her writing in mind, I of course told the readers to go pound sand and that undoubtedly her scribblings were unadulterated rubbish. One has to be fair after all.

And a scant few years later she has been reduced to a demented harpy with shriveled up ovaries, screaming at the sky about orange man bad, her former infatuation having scorned her desperate and obvious pleas for personal attention.

The Other McCain is distraught that she is doing this.

If you feel differently, of course, you have the right to your own opinion, but I won’t argue with you about it, because I don’t enjoy seeing conservatives lacerating each other in public this way.

Ann Coulter is not a conservative; she’s a woman. Get it? Chicks value their feelings above all other matters, no matter how foolish it makes them look. If you thought that female fiction writers were not worth reading, then move out of the way for female non fiction writers because they’re the worst of an atrocious bunch. Nothing which they write is worth the value of the paper upon which it is printed. Either they wrote it entirely based on their feelings or their feelings will eventually subsume that which they had supposedly once stood for. In Coulter’s example it was both.

Women don’t stand for anything. They stand in the kitchen. Cooking a tasty meal of shark. It needs repeating, over and over again.

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