As I announced on last week’s podcast, I have begun an affiliate program with a VPN provider called Goose VPN. Unlike begging for money on the internet, I believe in providing my readers with quality products that will be helpful for them. The bonus is if you purchase through my links then I get a cut. Many readers have written to me or left comments that they would like to support me in some way. After purchasing my books, this is the best way that I can get your support.

I use Goose on all of my devices for security and it works seamlessly. I also use it to great effect to stream broadcasts from other countries which otherwise I would not be able to view due to restrictions based on country. So I can watch the cricket in Australia for free without streaming hassles, for example.

This is done by using a drop down menu where you can select the point in the world from which you want to stream.


The menu gives you an idea of the number of connections you can choose.

You can choose from a subscription deal which ranges from monthly to 2 yearly. Or there is a special discount through my site where you can receive unlimited protection for as long as you want with a one time payment.

GOOSE VPN Lifetime Deal

Even if you don’t need it for yourself you can buy it as a gift for your out of control teenagers or other suspect family members. And you’ll be doing me a solid. So it’s a win-win.