The hawt chicks & links comes in this week with a great deal of sadness. The Woodpile Report is no more. Ol’ Remus succumbed to cancer a few weeks ago and only the final page remains in place, a fitting testimony to a man who posted to the end. Remus followed his wife to God as she passed away only a few months prior. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and lasted three weeks. I have no doubt that he refused all medical treatment; from his writings he was not the sort to prolong the agony. The just get it over and done with type, pull the band aid immediately and no wincing. Or are ya some weak kneed city slicker?

Some of his many hundreds of reports have been collected on another site. I went through a few but they lacked the magic of reading them in their moment of time. I will read them no more; it is something that has gone and cannot be replaced. His dry wit, piercing intellect and unending curiosity coupled together with a beautiful writing style made him unique. I am proud to have been linked to on The Woodpile Report. When it happened I knew that I had passed a test. A rite of passage if you will.

So this edition of the hawt chicks & links is dedicated to Ol’ Remus. And you would be wise to follow his eternal advice to stay away from crowds. You never want to discover that you’re the last remaining optimist.

Unknown internet shitposter, Bacon Starry Night, 2019

Constructed as a solemn tribute to pork products, and a damning indictment of modern art, Bacon Starry Night is also an offhand insult to Muslim infidels. Nothing is known of the Unknown Internet Shitposter, hence the name.


A young Winston Churchill was deeply suspicious of a new fad called ‘universal compulsory education’. Over a century later his views hold serious weight.

If “reformers” insisted on compulsory education, however, this required answering the question of what children should be taught, and Churchill’s prescription was entirely correct, including his suggestion to require “singing of patriotic songs.” If nothing else, schools ought to teach children to love their country, and the project of instilling patriotism in young minds would, at least, tend to ensure a supply of young men willing to volunteer for military service. What better purpose could Lieutenant Churchill of the Fourth Queen’s Own Hussars have in mind for England’s youth? You see that civilian “reformers” — generally a meddlesome bunch of middle-class women, then and now — might imagine all sorts of social benefits from universal education, but the true statesman must ask of any proposed reform, “How does this advance our national interest?” Great Britain had an Empire to govern and to defend, and if this small island was to maintain its place in the world, every resource had to be devoted toward that purpose.

Modern formal education is a feminised product. The end results speak for themselves, and universities are the crowning glory in this pie in the sky fantasy land. Modern education produces feminised men and masculinised women, much as sport does. In the past there was no such thing as education; it was instead known as learning, and it was usually restricted to those in the priesthood. The nobility got with it only when they were recovering from glorious wounds obtained on some distant battlefield.

Recalling my own school years, the majority of my peers simply shouldn’t have been there. The girls because they needed to be with the women learning how to cook, rear and sew. And the boys because they needed to be out making stuff and cutting another piece of sod from the turf. As for myself, I was bored out of mind as the classes progressed at the pace to accommodate everyone, not least the teachers themselves. I used to amuse myself by writing English papers entirely plagiarised from supposedly well known works, which the literature teachers would fawn over and give me straight As. The best part was when I decided to teach some of my peers how to do it as well. We graded our female English teachers on how gullible they were. Fun times.


Philip Jenkins examines the 1870 Franco-Prussian War and its effect that still reverberates down through history.

The Commune provided an object lesson in the class war, but it also reshaped European religion. Echoing the earlier French Revolution of the 1790s, the Communards persecuted and murdered Catholic clergy, most famous of whom was Archbishop of Paris Georges Darboy. Again, that set a precedent for future leftist regimes entranced by the Commune’s example, whether in Mexico, Russia, or Spain.

But the message for many Christians, and above all Catholics, was just as powerful, in suggesting the impossibility of reconciling socialism or secularism with religious faith. Commune memories became the ideological basis of Catholic politics of the most reactionary kind, which in France at least led to decades of frigid national polarization. Catholic grief and fury found material form in the towering Basilica of Sacré-Cœur, which was built to expiate the sins of the Commune, and to commemorate the martyrs.

Reinforcing those lessons were affairs in Italy. Before 1870, the newly formed Italian state dreamed of acquiring the city of Rome, where the Papacy survived under the protection of French arms. When the French garrison withdrew, Italy conquered the city and took it as the national capital, leaving the popes as effective prisoners in the Vatican until a new political accommodation could be worked out in 1929. Surrounded by secular and progressive Italy, the popes wrestled with how they might confront this threatening modernity. As in so much else, 1870 marks a pivot in European history, for conservatives as well as radicals.


Roosh notes that the goal of corporations is not to make money.

For the longest time, I believed that corporations existed simply to make money for their owners and shareholders. They are the basis of “free-market capitalism” that produces economic growth and an improved standard of living for everyone. Without them, we’d be impoverished, lacking in soul-nourishing jobs and meaningful consumer products. I no longer believe this to be the case. Corporations are actually the main vehicle that the elites use to control and enslave humanity.

The world’s first corporations, the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company, were created to establish trade with the Far East. They just wanted to make a bit of money from spices and other exotic goods, right? But look at what they accomplished: subjugation, mass killing, the enslavement of local peoples, and a persistent system of divide-and-conquer rule over many centuries. The real objective was power; money was only needed to fulfill that end. The corporations worked with the government but also separate from it to achieve its power objective in a way that was more efficient, more nimble, and less costly than if the government acted alone.


“Economy of words” gems

From Weka at Dark Brightness

A true prophet will preach correction. That is generally hated: he is seen as not a team player, rude, harsh, and cruel. Those who allow people to live in their vices and smoothly waste their lives on the way to perdition are seen as kind, loving and tolerant.

From CH

Fox News insiders bitch about Tucker Carlson “demonizing black Americans” after Fox News spent weeks of air time demonizing White Americans for the death of Fentanyl Floyd.

From Gimli on Gab

We need to start terrifying our politicians. They need to know we see them. They need to be more worried about us than they are eager to take whatever “reward” has been promised them for betraying our country.

From Vox Day

In the meantime, I will patiently await my Quasi-Nobel Prize in Economics for creating the Labor Mobility proof of the impossibility of free trade.

From Z Man

In case it is not obvious, a business built around the phrase caveat emptor is not concerned about the safety of anyone, even the employees.

From The Imaginative Conservative

Abstract law or the worship of a document is not sufficient for guidance of a people, nor are the paltry checks of public shame and dread enough to deter criminality.

1939. Craven A ad

The Craven ‘A’ was the first machine-made cork-tipped cigarette and named after the Earl of Craven whose family were close friends of the company.

Craven A was a massive success in the UK and other cork-tipped brands were launched by the other major tobacco companies. The competition eventually faded away as did Craven ‘A’ in Britain.

Adam’s notebook

XYZ Magazine – Labor calls to cancel white people

American Digest – The scourge of whiteness

Daily Caller – Democrats Seek To Outlaw Suburban, Single-Family House Zoning, Calling It Racist And Bad For The Environment

The Daily Mail – Eating red meat will SPEED the aging process

Adam’s note: The war on red meat to weaken the underclasses is following its steady trajectory

The Gateway Pundit – Three churches have burned in just over 24 hours but you wouldn’t know it if you watch national news

Nourishing Obscurity – The American civil war

Catallaxy Files – Universities begin throwing armies of casuals under the bus

The Other McCain – White lives don’t matter: Democrats encourage murderous racial hatred

Captain Capitalism – Up to 28% of women have children to more than one man

Stuff you may want to think about

Fred Reed – The Unz Review:

What happens when you throw onto the labor market millions of Mexicans who cannot be buffered and women who do not want to be rebuffered? Easy. The oversupply drives wages down. The Mexicans do for five dollars an hour what had been done by whites for twenty. Women got generally the same pay as men, and did the jobs as well as men. But there were lots lots of them, which gave employers a negotiating advantage.

Wages went down. Some of the decline took the form of loss of benefits, so it didn’t always look like a pay cut. Retirement went away. Workers were turned into “independent contractors” meaning on their own for medical care and so on. Soon it took two people to maintain a family, not one as before. Now people live paycheck to paycheck, maxed out on credit cards, with no savings and little hope. This has produced joblessness, deplorables, Donald Trump, and riots.

Men of the West – American posterity:

Our time on earth is limited. We can make a mark on our day in our time, but the future is beyond our grasp. Our children, Lord willing, will have a lot more time after we’re gone. Our children are like arrows that we can shoot into that American future. If we have raised them well, they will hit their marks and make us proud.

To all my fellow Americans and Men of the West, we must fight in the present and also plan for tomorrow. Get married, have babies. Teach them what it means to be an American and a Man of the West. If you already have babies, have a couple more. If you can’t have more, adopt a couple. If you have grand babies, make it a point to teach them your values and remind your adult children why your culture and heritage is important.

If you think you can’t afford children, just know that no one can afford it. When you have kids, your priorities change and it becomes easier and easier to afford them.

John Wilder – Meaning: Do it right:

Many of the spiritual, social, and political ills the world faces right now stem directly from the minimization of religion and the urbanization of population.

Big cities are dehumanizing. Do you know a person on your city council? Do they know you by name? Do you have their cell phone number in your cell phone? Do you have proof that they plagiarized in high school? Do you know what happened at Uncle Tom’s cabin, and what’s down in the wishing well? Would they pay attention if you called them on a Tuesday afternoon?

Steve Sailor – Our new religion of race:

In accordance with our culture’s declining intellectual prowess, our new creed is a very simple faith, with one black-and-white dogma:

Blacks are best and whites are worst. In 2020, all you need to know is who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

Everything else follows inevitably. For example, whites are sinners and must be disciplined, while blacks are saints and must be indulged.

As you may have noticed, the spelling of the word “black” has recently been subjected by the mainstream media to “reverential capitalization,” much as in Victorian translations of the Bible, pronouns that refer to God were capitalized.

The point of newspapers now capitalizing “Black” but, pointedly, not “white” is to make clear that blacks are of a higher caste than whites. An Aryan conqueror in ancient India would have immediately understood the purpose of the symbolism.

1920s. Jarrahdale, Western Australia

Jarrahdale was a logging community just 50 kilometers South of Perth. It was burnt down by bush fires and rebuilt several times. After the logging industry was killed by greenies, the soil was harvested as a resource, shipped overseas from ports near Perth. Today it relies mostly on tourism and goodwill.

July 1940, Great Britain

Spitfire pilots pose with the wreckage of a Junkers JU 87 Stuka which they had shot down as it was attacking a convoy. The Battle of Britain was just beginning to hot up.


That then is my homage to Ol’ Remus. May he rest in peace. The addition of the hawt chicks is outside the bar of what he would have posted. Ol’ Remus had no need of Rule 5. Lesser mortals such as myself, however, do. Thanks Remus. You are already missed.


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