Last week’s Friday hawt chicks & links was a tribute to the Woodpile Report. I was a little worried that readers might consider my tribute to be a bit uppity or out of place. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction, both in the comments and via email. It seems that I did an okay job, which was somewhat of a relief. You never know which way these things will go. In fact, I never know how anything that I publish will be received or what the reaction might be. Viral posts are never planned, by any writer. If you try to deliberately hit a nerve you will almost be guaranteed of missing. Most times the viral posts are those done off the cuff, a quick five minute throwaway before you hit the sack. Might as well get something up before I turn in, that sort of thing.

And then you get up the nest morning and the world has gone crazy, online world that is. It’s a decent analogy for life. You can do all the planning that you want but most times you need a dash of the absurd to hit the ceiling.

Anyway, I received many requests for me to continue the format dedicated to Ol’ Remus. Once again, this does not sit well with me. It feels blasphemous, as if I am trying to ride on his recently deceased coattails. But the requests keep coming and sometimes you need to give people what they want. So I will continue the format, for now. While it still works and while it is still acceptable. If I get push back then I will drop it. The important thing to note is that Remus dedicated his entire week to writing the Woodpile Report, whereas I try to get at least three or four other pieces out during the week as well as a podcast. Plus, I am not retired. Work wise I normally approach sixty contact hours in a week. So this will never approach the length or breadth of what he managed to achieve. He also had a good many decades of worldly experience on me, whereas I am just a spring chicken novice in comparison.

So take it with a grain of salt. If the format brings you comfort, satisfaction, joy and a sprinkling of illumination then it will have achieved its purpose. That is all that I offer, nothing more. And with that, on with the show.

Johannes Vermeer – A View of Delft, 1660.

One of Vermeer’s best known works, it is a masterclass of light and shadow. The sun is rising to the right of the viewer. Note the buildings in the background of the center of the painting; illuminated by the morning sun while those in the foreground remain in the shadow cast by the clouds. I have seen it in person in The Hague, and much like Proust, I am of the belief that I have been able to view one of the most beautiful paintings in the world.


We see today how progressives attempt to rewrite history to suit their own ends. Is that behavior unique to our time, or has it been going on for 4000 odd years?

In the framework of our hypothesis that, between the eleventh and the fifteenth century, Rome invented or embellished its own Republican and Imperial Antiquity as propaganda to cheat Constantinople of its birthright, it makes sense that Rome would also invent or embellish a pre-byzantine Greek civilization as a way of explaining its own Greek heritage without acknowledging its debt to Constantinople. To explain how Greek culture had filled the world before reaching Rome, Alexander the Great and his Hellenistic legacy were also invented.

Alexander is a legendary figure. According to his most sober biography, due to Plutarch, at the age of 22, this Macedonian prince (educated by Aristotle) set out to conquer the world with about 30,000 men, founded seventy cities, and died at the age of 32, leaving a fully formed Greek-speaking civilization that stretched from Egypt to Persia. Sylvain Tristan remarks, after Anatoly Fomenko, that the Seleucids (Seleukidós), who ruled Asia Minor after Alexander, bear almost the same name as the Seljukids (Seljoukides) who controlled that same region from 1037 to 1194. Is the Hellenistic civilization another phantom image of the Byzantine commonwealth, pushed back in the distant past in order to conceal Italy’s debt to Constantinople? Such hypothesis seems farfetched. But it becomes plausible once we realize that our chronology is a relatively recent construction. In the Middle Ages, there existed no accepted long chronology scanning millenniums. If today Wikipedia tells us that Alexander the Great was born on July 21, 356 BC and died on June 11, 323 BC, it is simply because some sixteenth-century scholar declared it so, using arbitrary guesswork and a biblical measuring tape.

The study of history has recently been as discredited as any other field in the blight known as higher education. Does this mean that everything that we know is false, or at least highly manipulated? It behooves the modern man to acknowledge that having an agenda is not limited to our modern day enemies. Perhaps the real lesson is not that history is suspect. Rather, that we should be concentrating on an agenda of our own.


Boris Johnson reveals himself as a squiggly man for the ages.

3 million Hong Kong Chinese are to be granted unrestricted right of entry into the United Kingdom

On 3 June 2020, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote in the Times newspaper that if China imposed its national security laws on Hong Kong residents, the British government would change its immigration rules and allow any holder of a British National (Overseas) passport in Hong Kong to come to the United Kingdom.

Johnson admitted that “This would amount to one of the biggest changes to our visa system in history.”

This radical change to immigration rules was required according to Johnson “to uphold our profound ties of history and friendship with the people of Hong Kong”.

This is a direct interference in the internal affairs of another country, as the article correctly notes at the end. Wars have been fought over much less. It has also already been noted by many observers that the same courtesy of asylum and paper citizenship was not extended to our Anglo blood brothers in South Africa, suffering active persecution at the hands of their black oppressors, a situation that was directly engineered by foreign intervention against the RSA.

There has been a little too much interference going around these past decades. Time for a resorting of the pack.


Roosh articulates why most relationships using game are doomed to fail.

Game is a secular tool and therefore any woman you get from it will also be secular. The more that game “worked” on your woman, the more secular she is, and if you successfully used game on a self-described “Christian” woman, she may need to examine her faith. All secular unions that involve game or physical attraction are transactional, driven by temporary feelings of happiness, pleasure, and pride. Such a relationship may give you a high amount of satisfaction in the short-term, but those feelings will quickly change. The eyes will start to roam, the desire for something novel will grow, and the cold heart will move on to something more exciting, causing the relationship to deteriorate or end.

With this article, Roosh sticks a gigantic stake in the coffin of that for which he once stood.


Two years ago, Theodore Dalrymple pondered whether free speech was in the process of being silenced in Britain.

Considerable efforts were made to bar Hopkins from speaking at the event. When I arrived in Lewes, posters in many windows proclaimed that Lewes wanted no hate speech. A town councillor had argued that the invitation to Hopkins should be withdrawn. The council had the right to ask for this because it owned and ran the venue, a deconsecrated church; and the councillor argued that the demonstration against Hopkins would be so violent that her appearance would constitute a threat to health, safety, and public order. On legal advice, however, that this argument was blatantly political, the council, with not a single Conservative member despite the town’s evident prosperity, voted overwhelmingly for the invitation to stand.

It turned out that the councillor who had argued for the withdrawal of the invitation was sympathetic to the demonstration against Hopkins, so that in essence his argument had been almost a threat: if you do not do as I say, like-minded people will react violently, and since you have been warned, such violence will be your fault. Do as I say, or else: the new democratic principle.

The verdict is now in; Dalrymple was right to be greatly concerned.


A hardcore leftist comes to the realisation that she was a fool her entire life.

Their Christianity particularly defeated me. Especially the revival thing, for along with participating in the Great Awakenings, in 1859 they started camp meetings in Grimsby Park on Lake Ontario, where revivals ran all summer long for decades. This was an ecstatic Christianity I knew nothing about. So I started to go to revivals, which today take place largely in black communities. I was pretty much the only white person in congregations of a thousand or more, and they treated me like a sister come home. Those revivals – and they are vital, exciting, and filled with extraordinary music and spirit – dragged me out of the Buddhist passivity that is the only approved spiritual attitude on the left. No one who is even a little open to the idea of God can go to these gatherings and not be suffused with grace.

This final lesson popped me right out of the cultural left where I had made my home. It was now clear to me that our contemporary story tellers were telling lies. They had utterly corrupted our idea of our country and culture, religion and past. They misread the very ground of human character. They had taught us that with few exceptions, we came from exploiters, oppressors of natives and blacks. All the “great” writers of our time read to me now as depressives caught in an almost demonic fiction, charlatans who had seized the criminal and disaffected and made of them the norm that must be defeated and replaced by another system. And that system was inevitably command and control socialism.

The left is not at all concerned with those of us on the hard right, their natural enemies. Their entire system is focused on attempting to stop their own ardent believers from waking up from the spell.


“Economy of words” gems

From Herodotus, some time ago, if you believe history

The worst pain a man can suffer: to have insight into much and power over nothing.

From Cringe Panda on Gab

It’s funny that the people who say George Floyd’s past shouldn’t be held against him are the same people holding this country’s past against people who weren’t even alive then.

From Vox Day on Amelia Earhart being an inspiration

She died childless and alone, presumably of starvation, on an uninhabited island. So inspirational!

From Catallaxy Files on the second lock down underway in Australia

So there you have it: young Victorians who go outside will die unless they’ve been vaccinated with Marxism.

From John Wilder on the struggle

It was then I decided that getting everything I wanted would have been the worst possible thing for me. Instead, getting a tougher life made me better.

From Nassim Taleb

They read Gibbon’s Decline and Fall on an eReader but refuse to drink Chateau Lynch-Bages in a Styrofoam cup.

1934. Scott Tissue Towels ad.

Scott Paper was funded in 1879 and was the first company to market toilet tissue sold on a roll. The company was bought out in 1994 but the name still exists today. With hindsight it appears that their fears of Bolsheviks in the office bathroom were somewhat justified.

Adam’s notebook.

Mundabor – In case you think Trump is in trouble.

PJ Media – High school teacher fired for stating that Trump is our president on social media.

The College Fix – Rutgers English department to deemphasize traditional grammar ‘in solidarity with Black Lives Matter’.

Adam’s note: Higher education is a scam propped up by an overabundance of marks and government funding. The only way is to continue to go down until a full implosion of the entire sector, which will be followed by disbelief that such an outcome could have ever occurred.

Hot Air – Biden versus the most interesting man in the world.

This is Europa – The sinister cabal behind race-mixing commercials.

The Other McCain – ‘Supreme Gentlemen’ syndrome.

The Outline – The sickening business of wellness.

Ace of Spades – Washington Post settles with Nick Sandmann for undisclosed amount.

The Unz Review – Being totally ‘disappeared’ by Google.

Stuff you may want to think about.

Samizdata – Why they fear their lying eyes.

cult conversions … occur by using doctrine to resolve some core emotional vulnerability. … A… clear sign that one is dealing with a cult indoctrination … is making the mark live up to contradictory demands. You must understand racism and admit that you cannot understand racism. You must admit to your complicity in racism and pledge to do better knowing that it is impossible to do better. You must be an ally but accept that you will always do your allyship wrong. … these impossible and paradoxical demands dramatically deepen commitment to the cult … The concept of “white fragility” in the antiracist Woke cult is exactly this sort of emotional shakedown. … Lead the mark to take a step further in, coach them into rationalizing why that step was good, and then repeat with a further step. … when the mark rationalizes these objectively bad decisions and the cognitive dissonance that doing them causes, they nearly always rationalize themselves much further into the cult.

The Z Man – Simulacra and Simulation.

The thing about political murder is it is not irrational. If you truly think the only way your people can survive is to abide by a certain set of rules, then anyone trying to undermine those rules is a direct threat to your survival. Bargaining with such a person or offering them leniency would be no different than bargaining with a killer. The fact that political opposition is not the same as violent assault is the deception. The partisan has become convinced of something that is at odds with reality.

Compounding this strange conflict of realities is the fact the people in each are highly similar to one another, but seemingly incapable of seeing the reality of the other as the other perceives it. The people sure the hospitals are war zones, for example, look at images of empty hospitals or the statistics on hospital layoffs and it has no impact on their mental processes. It’s as if that information is invisible to them. In fact, it just confirms to them that the other people are dangerously insane.

The Other McCain – The demonic mobs of Antifa.

What motivates anti-police riots in such Democrat strongholds as Portland and Chicago? It is illogical to believe that the left-wing lesbian mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, is an agent of white supremacy and that Chicago’s police force represents “systemic racism.” Likewise, the rioters in Portland are living under an all-Democrat government led by Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is entirely supportive of the Antifa mob’s goals. The irrational nature of such “protests” — their lack of any legitimate grievance or any demand more coherent than “defund the police” — indicates the disturbed mentality that inspires them.

1920s – Lithgow Worker’s Club, Lithgow, New South Wales.

My paternal grandfather came from Lithgow; my father grew up in the town. Grandad was the heavyweight boxing champion of the Royal Australian Air force in WWII. He told me stories that in the 20s, a stranger walking into this club would have to fight the toughest guy in the bar to get a beer. It didn’t matter if you won or lost, so long as you stood up for it.

May 1940, Sean, France.

Wehrmacht troops pinned down by French forces. The common consensus is that France upped and surrendered as easy as you please. The reality for German forces was far different. The Germans suffered 160,000 casualties, including over 50,000 dead in just six weeks.


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