A couple of months ago, Soundcloud, the site that hosts my podcast episodes, decided to go all in with the Marxist terrorist anti-Anglo extortion racket called black lives matter, (hint: they don’t). They proudly displayed a large black banner across their main page. I took a little affront to this. As in, I did not renew my yearly subscription which came up a few months later.

They have sent me a number of reminders to give them another 100 odd bucks, but I have refused all their entreaties. Then they took down most of my episodes, which is fine by me; I still have them securely saved in a couple of locations.

But now in an all out effort to get me back, they are resorting to outright fraud. And not just fraud, but really stupid obvious fraud.

I clicked on my Soundcloud homepage today and what did I see? A bunch of BLM terrorists perhaps? Not so lucky. I got a bunch of listens. Apparently.

Wow. I mean, look at that. The fans are just gunning for me, right? I must be finally getting out there. Hoo boy! Time to give Soundcloud some more money!

I wonder which episodes of the pitiful few which they left up all these new fans listening to?

The search for truth episode has just taken off! Which is kinda bizarre as I thought that episode sucked big fat donkey balls. But an extra 600 odd listens. That can’t be sneezed at. Where could all of these new fans be coming from?

Fall City, Washington is going off at the tits! Holy smoke, batman! Look at all of those “listens”.

Fall City is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in King County, Washington, United States. Located 25 miles (40 km) east of Seattle, the community lies along the Snoqualmie River. The population was 1,993 at the 2010 census.

So a city with a population of less than 2000 people has managed to garner me over 600 listens in 3 days?

It’s official – Soundcloud are a bunch of lying shits. I can’t wait for their Poz lives matter dung heap of an excuse for a company to go down in a screaming banshee infused prog left fire of complete crap. May you all lose your jobs. May all of your homes be foreclosed. May you all have to resort to giving blowjobs to third world invaders in order to scrounge enough cash for your cheap meth habit.

I mean, Seattle? Really? If it was Houma I might have believed you.

Nah. Those Cajuns are all too busy fishing, drinking beer and lying about their mamas.

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