We use a great many pejoratives to describe the left. Many of these are familiar to most of my readers; labels such as SJWs, progs, feminazis, the prog left, NPCs, the woke, globohomo and many others. There are also terms that are not so common but add up to the same thing. I’m thinking along the lines of prog scolds, suburban thugs, POX, among others.

The key to the effectiveness of this sort of thing is in how best it describes our enemies and in how much they hate it. NPC was a great meme example of this in action as it sent the left into complete hysteria, such was its accuracy. But in the scheme of things this sort of labeling is somewhat counterproductive in that it disseminates our enemies into many seemingly disparate groups, when in reality they are all of the same agency; the same underlying foundation; of the same fruit.

So we need to call them for what they are. And what they are, are Marxists.

Marxism has just about as bad a rap as Nazism. The two are fruits from the same loins. On the streets of the Weimar Republic the Nazis battled it out with the Marxist communists for control of the country and the Marxists lost. But the Marxist refugees from that struggle fled overseas, mostly to the United States. And there they laid the foundations for what we now see today; a Marxist takeover of the country which has been on a slow burn for fifty years. And because the United States is a global cultural entity, countries such as Australia have also fallen into the same trap.

While Marxism has infected and destroyed many nations, most times it has been at the end of a gun. Once a nation was under control then the cultural destruction was applied retrospectively. Examples of this include but are not limited to Russia, Cuba, North Korea and Cambodia. But there are very few examples of Marxism being successfully applied as a stealth tactic without the overt political violence and the subsequent mass killings. One example of this in action is Venezuela. This Marxist takeover of the country was a slow burn that was openly celebrated in its various phases by Western Marxist agitators such as Sean Penn, Oliver Stone and Australian writer Phillip Adams.

But accuse any of these individuals of actually being a Marxist and the protests and indignation will leap to the fore. And that is because Marxism still has somewhat of a bad look.

Venezuela is an excellent small scale example of what a future of Marxism looks like for those Western countries currently struggling with the issue of whether to take the plunge. A future of collapsed infrastructure and the majority of the population reduced to scrabbling in garbage bins in order to find something to eat while attempting to avoid being murdered by the police or any number of criminal gangs profiteering off the collective misery.

Black Lives Matter is itself an openly Marxist organisation, staffed and run by committed Marxists. So too any of the almost numberless homosexual organisations. You can add any feminist group, any group committed to equality or tolerance of any sort, as well as the majority of the 40,000 odd Protestant sects.

Calling these people and organisations for what they are; Marxists, helps shine a holy light on their unwholesome activities. It is easy to hide your nefarious deeds behind a veneer of wholesome politically correct feel-goodery such as “social justice”. But accurately representing yourselves as committed Marxists tends to be a turn off for the average normie.

The other bonus of labeling them in this manner is that the louder and more strident the subsequent protest then the more accurate is your accusation. So let us do away with the confusing cornucopia of labels that we currently use to describe our enemies. Instead, let’s go back to basics. Our fight is against Marxism and that is what our enemies are. The sooner that we identify them correctly then the sooner that both sides can take off the gloves and we can get down to ridding the earth of their unwholesome pestilence once and for all.

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