The Friday hawt chicks & links comes quietly back to your various functioning devices. For now our communication lines are open. But who knows what the future may bring. Perhaps this humble website will eventually have to go underground in printed form in order to get out the good word to the true believers. The Hungarians and Czechs from mid-20th century Europe would have some words of advice on this matter, one would presume, among other nations who have felt the jackboot on the neck in recent times.

Our own jackboot has been long coming, but its weight is slowly settling down of its own accord. For nothing short of bloody revolution can stop it now. It has a mind of its own, a mob mind that will consume us and itself faster than a moth in a flame. My words are not meant to discourage or to inspire feelings of hopelessness. But sometimes acknowledging the reality of a looming situation can do wonders for making people better prepared so that they are not caught wholly up in the net of becoming an unwitting victim.

So we vaguely sketch out the battle lines and wonder how it will fall. Which countries will go under quickly, which ones will make a fight of it and which ones will drag down those around them. And for all of those young men who for the past decade or so have been wishing that they had been born in a time when they could have real adventures, your wishes may about to become true. Lucky you.

But for now, we return to our regular program feature. On with the show.

Arthur Wasse – Sunday Morning, 1888.

Arthur Wasse was born in Manchester and moved to Germany in 1875, where he attended the Munich School and learned under the great masters Carl Theodor von Piloty (1826-1886) and Wilhelm von Diez (1839-1907). He established himself in the German town of Rothenburg where he painted in the Romantic style. Rothenburg was later used by the Nazi Party as the archetypal example of a fine German town.


The American Conservative has noticed that American conservatism is fiddling while Rome burns. Methinks that perhaps he is regretting his name choice for his website. He goes towards the point, but not far enough. Still, it is progress. Of the, ‘dragging you there by the scruff of your neck and shoving your face in the soup bowl until you get it’ kind.

And yet conservatism, in its dotage, cannot shake the nagging suspicion that it no longer speaks to the country it loves, in particular to those who have no living memory of the Cold War. This dawning realization could be amplified through probing questions: is America today more conservative than it was when the conservative movement began 70 or so years ago? Is conservatism itself as conservative as it was then? On the off chance that the conservative agenda were to be implemented, would it fundamentally transform the United States of America and lead to conservative hegemony (or would it simply save us money and buy us time)?

Across the board, the answer is a resounding no. Conservatism must therefore overhaul itself. If it refuses, then it should be left to die with the passage of time. A new Right, in any case, is already overtaking it.

This new right, which of yet has no name, is anchored in the realization that the conservative project in America today is fundamentally a counterrevolutionary one. We lost. They won. Painful as it is to admit, we no longer feel at home in our own country. In this progressive theocracy in which all must worship at the altar of Wokeness, conservatism, if one can still even call it that, is more about overthrowing than conserving. Burke’s edifying exhortation—“Spartam nactus es; hanc exorna”—must be altered to suit the times: Sparta was your inheritance, now reclaim her.

As such, this new Right has a decidedly unconservative temperament. It is spirited, manly, and combative. We fight with the same intensity, resolve, and clarity of purpose with which the Left fights. And we fight not to stem our losses, but to win. As Pat Buchanan once wrote, we “want to engage the Left on every front; to defund it; to drive it back into the redoubts whence it emerged decades ago. We want to return to their places of honor the republican beliefs, cultural norms and moral values we were raised with.”


Meanwhile back in Australia, land of the not free at all but hey, we’re used to it, convict style, the prime minister inadvertently let slip the truth, which he later walked back under public pressure, but never fear, you know where this is going.

Australians are likely to face mandatory coronavirus vaccinations if Prime Minister Scott Morrison gets his wish.

The nation is a step closer to gaining access to a vaccine, with the Federal Government securing an international deal to produce a vaccine frontrunner locally if trials succeed.

If that happens, Mr Morrison expects Australians will have to undergo mandatory vaccination.

“I would expect it to be as mandatory as you could possibly make it,” he told Melbourne radio station 3AW.

“There are always exemptions for any vaccine on medical grounds, but that should be the only basis.

They’ll use the usual methods to make it compulsory; any welfare payments, government childcare, international or even national travel, they have many options. Going to a gay bathhouse and playing hide the sausage probably won’t require it, however. One wonders why.


CNN labels the looting and burning of a US city as a ‘Fiery but mostly peaceful protest’. Using the same template we could label the atomic bombing of Nagasaki as a ‘fiery but mostly peaceful aerial reconnaissance mission’.

See, that right there is the key to the whole thing, and yet CNN, with its legion of highly skilled journalists, seems utterly uninterested in discovering what this “altercation” was about. How many readers have ever heard of a child’s birthday party turning into a 911 call? Whose fault was that and — oh, just by the way — what was Jacob Blake planning to do when he decided he needed to grab a knife from his vehicle? But not only do CNN viewers not get answers to these highly relevant questions, the questions themselves are never mentioned, because asking questions might distract from the important message: VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN!


The Other McCain reports on the young man who shot three rioters while defending himself. What did Ol’ Remus used to say? Oh yes, stay away from crowds. Also, never bring a skateboard to a gun fight.

Jack Murphy slowed down video of Tuesday night’s shooting incident. A guy with a rifle was being pursued by the mob. He fell down, and was attacked by a man wielding a skaeboard as a weapon (which is standard Antifa tactics). He shot the guy with the skateboard, and then was approached by a guy with a pistol, and shot him.


Roosh examines the Toni Lahren meltdown.

She again refers to the worldly value of herself and the women she knows, not understanding that women prize material success and the stability it brings far more than men. Many times throughout her video she referred to her friends as having “something going on”—some material scheme or ambitious plot that is irrelevant to men looking to start a family. She also commands men to leave her alone and instead waste time on women who “haven’t found themselves,” insinuating that she herself is found and must therefore be treated as she wishes, not at all connecting that how she is treated is a reflection of her true value, not her perceived value, and that as long as we are far from God, we are not found but lost.


An examination of the high number of white women in the BLM movement. It’s a fancy paper citing way to come to the realisation that you need to get your womens under controls.

Dutton further notes the evidence that females are higher in mental instability than males and are particularly high in it, relative to males, when they are in the late teens and twenties. This is supposed to adaptive, because it means that they are likely to be anxious about the welfare of their children. But it also means that females—in this specific age group—would be attracted to Leftist ideas (as they are associated with mental instability); would be prone to periods of intense religious fervor; and would very high in “extrinsic religiousness”—that is outward conformity to the dominant religion.

In other words, young females would be especially prone to being sucked into revivals. It is simply that the nature of the dominant religion has changed.

Dutton shows that women born in the 1920s were more religious than men and thus more right-wing, because Christianity inculcated them with traditionalist vales. Women born in the 1960s were still more religious than men, but they were more left-wing, because the influence of the churches had broken down, meaning that female generalized empathy was no longer directed towards traditionalism.


“Economy of words” gems.

From CL at Catallaxy Files

I’m no anti-vaxxer (not that I consider anti-vaxxers to be any crazier than, say, Keynesians or climate changers) but I’m not being jabbed with some rush-job trash cooked up in the political equivalent of a meth lab.

From some guy called Oscar Wilde

Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.

From commenter TheMann at the Unz review

The bad news: America is finished. Not because of finances, not because of Racism, not because of imaginary Pandemics, but because of the Degeneracy of the American female.

From Vox Day on the plight of mixed race immigrants

If history is a reliable guide, they will either pass or die. No one really cares, because they belong to no one’s tribe.

David Hiscox on the blind acceptance of multiculturalism

Our grandparents warned us not to let in the wogs. But what did I do? I let in the wogs.

The Handsome Horse on Gab

the point of gaslighting is not just to make you crazy, it’s to neutralize you and knock your moral compass out of commission by instilling despair

1930. Lucky Strike ad.

The commercial was the first known example of a cigarette company using medically endorsed science to promote its cigarettes. British American Tobacco sent thousands of physicians a carton of cigarettes with the leading question of whether or not the sample were less likely to cause throat irritation that their competitors. On the plus side, the doctor is white. Today the same ad would have her wearing a turban.

Adam’s notebook.

Daily Time Waster – NBA players vote to go on strike rather than earn any money for their teams because racism.

New Criterion – The mob comes for the art world.

Adam’s note: this is rather laughable on the face of it as the art world was taken over by the Marxists decades ago. The only thing that they’re coming for are as many of the leftover goodies that they can get their dirty paws on before the rest of it all goes up in smoke.

New York Post – Japanese PM to resign over health concerns.

The Spectator – Belgium shows that elections do not matter.

Adam’s note: the article looks at this in a positive manner, yet all it does is reinforce the point that if your vote mattered then they wouldn’t let you cast it.

The National Pulse – Trump is responsibly bringing endless wars to a close.

Adam’s note: Name the last US president since Trump to not start a foreign war or intervention of any kind.

Middle East Forum – The reverse colonization of France.

Stuff you may want to think about

Nick Cave – What is mercy to you?

As far as I can see, cancel culture is mercy’s antithesis. Political correctness has grown to become the unhappiest religion in the world. Its once honourable attempt to reimagine our society in a more equitable way now embodies all the worst aspects that religion has to offer (and none of the beauty) — moral certainty and self-righteousness shorn even of the capacity for redemption. It has become quite literally, bad religion run amuck.

Cancel culture’s refusal to engage with uncomfortable ideas has an asphyxiating effect on the creative soul of a society. Compassion is the primary experience — the heart event — out of which emerges the genius and generosity of the imagination. Creativity is an act of love that can knock up against our most foundational beliefs, and in doing so brings forth fresh ways of seeing the world. This is both the function and glory of art and ideas. A force that finds its meaning in the cancellation of these difficult ideas hampers the creative spirit of a society and strikes at the complex and diverse nature of its culture.


Human Events – The woke police come for Dungeons & Dragons.

D&D now faces a new round of controversy akin to that of the ‘80s, albeit from a new faction of socially conscious culture warriors. BoingBoing, reporting on the controversy, claims that using “races” to divide the different human species “feeds into inherently colonialist tropes of race that have long dominated the fantasy genre,” and that its current owners at Hasbro and its subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, have made strides to “disentangle their role-playing games from harmful stereotypes—things like the essential racial traits of Orcs, which peg them as dark-skinned savages that are inherently evil and dumb.” The author refers to the blog The Public Medievalist, where Paul V. Sturtevant argues that Tolkien’s conception of “race” is a “huge problem,” citing another fantasy race, Hobbits, as an example of that problem

The Manhattan Contrarian – Gaslighting roundup.

Isn’t this a completely non-political topic that ought to be free of the gaslighting scourge? In today’s hyper-political climate, that’s just not possible for anything. The politics here are that everything important must be portrayed to the disadvantage of President Trump or of Republicans. But reality intervenes: the data (easily available at show that large Republican-run states (Texas, Florida, Georgia) have had less severe lockdowns and earlier reopenings than large Democrat-run states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois); but the Republican-run states have actually had far lower death rates from the virus. Try to find that out from the coverage in the New York Times. Instead you read over and over that there has been a recent “surge” in cases in the mostly-Republican states of the South and West, without any mention that the surge follows a vast increase in testing and has not been accompanied by a comparable surge in deaths coming anywhere near the rates previously experienced by the likes of New York. Meanwhile, New York — home to far more Covid-19 deaths than any other state — comes in for constant praise.

Tecnocracy News – Masks are neither effective nor safe.

In the summer of 2020 the United States is experiencing a surge of popular mask use, which is frequently promoted by the media, political leaders and celebrities.  Homemade and store-bought cloth masks and surgical masks or N95 masks are being used by the public especially when entering stores and other publicly accessible buildings.  Sometimes bandanas or scarves are used.  The use of face masks, whether cloth, surgical or N95, creates a poor obstacle to aerosolized pathogens as we can see from the meta-analyses and other studies in this paper, allowing both transmission of aerosolized pathogens to others in various directions, as well as self-contamination.

It must also be considered that masks impede the necessary volume of air intake required for adequate oxygen exchange, which results in observed physiological effects that may be undesirable.  Even 6- minute walks, let alone more strenuous activity, resulted in dyspnea.  The volume of unobstructed oxygen in a typical breath is about 100 ml, used for normal physiological processes.  100 ml O2 greatly exceeds the volume of a pathogen required for transmission.

The foregoing data show that masks serve more as instruments of obstruction of normal breathing, rather than as effective barriers to pathogens. Therefore, masks should not be used by the general public, either by adults or children, and their limitations as prophylaxis against pathogens should also be considered in medical settings.

The Old Curmudgeon – Nick Sandmann wasn’t supposed to survive. He was meant to end up like Mike Adams.

I was prepping Robert Oscar Lopez’s powerful piece on Mike Adams for publication when I realized something chilling. Reading how the left hounded that talented writer to suicide (if indeed he wasn’t murdered) I heard in my head the media headline that never ran. Thanks be to God.

“Racist Ringleader, Nicholas Sandmann, Dead at 17.”

That’s what the media mob wanted. They as good as admitted it. When powerful reporters call a young man’s face “the most punchable in America,” that’s what they mean. When columnists and activists propose “doxing” him, contacting every college he ever applies to, or job he tries to get, that’s what they mean.
When Sandmann’s own Catholic bishop threw him to the wolves, when his school suspended him, when “conservative” columnists at National Review and other venues denounced him as “bigoted,” they were writing him off for life. They were branding him on his face with the most destructive charge available in America. The charge that’s now burning cities and getting Trump supporters murdered.

Western Endeavour departing Perth on September 6th 1970.

Western Endeavour was the first train to run from Sydney to Perth upon completion of the standard gauge adjustment across the east to west coast line.

July, 1945. Tinian Mariana Islands.

B-29s of the 462d Bomb Group West Field lining up to take off for a mission over Japan. The Boeing Superfortress was a huge technological investment that was light years away from anything that had flown just a few years earlier.


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