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Month: September 2020

Book review – The poor man’s guide to financial freedom

When the Australian gentleman who writes under the deeply ironic pseudonym Nikolai Vladivostok contacted me to look over a book he had written on financial advice, I did my usual inward groan and went outside and shot a few kittens in the kneecaps for the hell of it. The reason for this unusual behavior is that I get quite a number of book manuscripts sent my way to ‘have a look over’. The reason I hate these unsolicited advances are twofold: the books are invariably rubbish and written very badly indeed, and they are always, always about 100,000 words longer than they need to be.

Fun fact – when I launched my own first book, I too sent it out to people to read and promote it for me. The difference was that I had worked with two editors on the book, (in other words it was amazingly high quality), and I said that I would pay them for the time it took them to read it. Thus was launched my stellar writing career.

Anyhoo, I have some small respect for Nikolai so I gave it a look. And my feedback was far different than anything that I had given before. I told him that it was too short, far too short and that he needed to beef it up. And Nikolai followed my advice to the letter.

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The Friday hawt chicks & links – The mystery edition

The Friday hawt chicks & links comes to you very late this week, but better late than a poke in the eye with a dull spoon. This week brings us the news that God has moved on from drowning the world and has decided to go with the burn it with fire playbook instead. The west coast of the USA has been overrun with mostly peaceful fires that began completely spontaneously as a result of someone looking at me funny down at the pub last night.

Western Rife Shooters is puzzled at the preponderance of these combustions within artificial man made boundaries.

And Mexican ones by the look of it. Who can possibly understand what is going on. It’s a mystery.

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Don’t mention the jihad

Just cartoon idiots

There is a scene in the television series The Pacific where US marine drill sergeant John Basilone gives his marine recruits a verbal lesson in making the mistake of underestimating their enemy.

In the scene he disparages the idea that the Japanese soldier is the caricature portrayed in wartime propaganda and advertising – “a buck-tooth cartoon dreamed up by some arsehole on Madison Avenue to sell soap.”

For the last few years we have held the same conceit as regards to our own enemy shock troops at Antifa. But it is a mistake along the same lines.

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The Friday hawt chicks & links – The unbelievable edition

The Friday hawt chicks & links comes to you a day after the Marxist agitator in the USA was shot dead by police while resisting arrest. We know that he was actually resisting arrest because he was a Marxist and police are only ever going to shoot them if they’re doing something really bad. I mean, when every government agency is taking your side and quietly using you as their own personal shock troops then you’ve really got to do some quantum level of fucking up to get popped while the police are doing an arrest for the sake of it.

This guy was so sure of his own security in the scheme of things that he went on television to boast about his act of shooting a Trump supporter in cold blood. Is this the very first instance of a self declared murderer being given air time by a news channel and the cops haven’t even bothered to come and have a little chat with him? You couldn’t write this stuff. If you were a screenwriter making a pitch to the pedos in Hollywood and you came in with this very same exact chain of events as one of the plot lines in your movie, they’d look at you as if you were retarded.

So let me get this straight: you want a guy to randomly choose a Trump supporter, shoot him dead in cold blood while he’s prone, not get arrested nor even investigated, go on a news channel in the same town and openly boast about what he’s done and the cops still don’t do anything, then finally the cops decide that maybe, just maybe, they’re gonna take him in for questioning. At which he point he dies in a hail of gunfire.

Yeah, sure. The audience will believe that. No problem at all. What are you, high? Have you been sniffing your own product? Get outta here with that rubbish. That sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life. This is America, buddy. Can you believe that guy? What the hell was he thinking? Who let him in here in the first place? Someone find the guy that let that idiot in and fire his ass. I can’t even fathom what planet he’s on. Unbelievable.

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The enemy within

One of the striking features of industrial affairs in Australia is the power and obstinacy of militant unions. The state of Victoria is particularly enslaved to construction unions which exponentially increase the cost of commercial projects, while the maritime industry has been devastated nationwide by the stupidity and greed of the maritime union over several decades.

The situation was not helped by Margaret Thatcher’s war against the unions in the United Kingdom. Thatcher was determined to rid her country of the poison of union dominated industrial relations and she succeeded. But the cost was borne by other countries. British union ringleaders and officials finding themselves without their parasitic jobs needed to discover other pots of honey waiting in the far reaches of the globe. Many of them chose Australia, to its detriment.

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Bottoms versus boobies.

Stab yourself in the face with a meat cleaver and then get yourself on one of them porn sites and see what pops up on your flickering screen. Betcha it’s gonna be exciting, with some hawt chicks doing the nasty with the requisite male porn stars. As far as I’m concerned, all porn is just gay. As in the big homo. If you’re watching it then you’re a voyeur on men’s intimate parts while they get it on with women who just might have been around the block a few times. Sounds pretty gay to me. And Satanic.

Anyhoo, one of the main porn sites conducted a poll. It’s important to keep in mind that there is no breakdown of respondents. In other words, a high proportion of the respondents are most likely chicks. And chicks vote with their own interests in mind. So if they have a big fat stonking backside then they’re gonna vote for the bottom club.

So let’s take a peek through the peepshow at the poll results of bottoms versus boobies.

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