The Friday hawt chicks & links comes to you a day after the Marxist agitator in the USA was shot dead by police while resisting arrest. We know that he was actually resisting arrest because he was a Marxist and police are only ever going to shoot them if they’re doing something really bad. I mean, when every government agency is taking your side and quietly using you as their own personal shock troops then you’ve really got to do some quantum level of fucking up to get popped while the police are doing an arrest for the sake of it.

This guy was so sure of his own security in the scheme of things that he went on television to boast about his act of shooting a Trump supporter in cold blood. Is this the very first instance of a self declared murderer being given air time by a news channel and the cops haven’t even bothered to come and have a little chat with him? You couldn’t write this stuff. If you were a screenwriter making a pitch to the pedos in Hollywood and you came in with this very same exact chain of events as one of the plot lines in your movie, they’d look at you as if you were retarded.

So let me get this straight: you want a guy to randomly choose a Trump supporter, shoot him dead in cold blood while he’s prone, not get arrested nor even investigated, go on a news channel in the same town and openly boast about what he’s done and the cops still don’t do anything, then finally the cops decide that maybe, just maybe, they’re gonna take him in for questioning. At which he point he dies in a hail of gunfire.

Yeah, sure. The audience will believe that. No problem at all. What are you, high? Have you been sniffing your own product? Get outta here with that rubbish. That sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life. This is America, buddy. Can you believe that guy? What the hell was he thinking? Who let him in here in the first place? Someone find the guy that let that idiot in and fire his ass. I can’t even fathom what planet he’s on. Unbelievable.

Ivan Ivanovič Shishkin (Russian, 1832-1898), “Wilds” (1881)

A figure of national reverence in Russia, Shishkin specialized in forest landscapes, many of which he painted in the St Petersburg area.


Academics are suddenly really really worried about their freedom. When they say their freedom, they don’t mean yours. Also left out is the small fact of them using their own fettered freedoms to actively remove the freedoms of others through propaganda, academic dissent, globalist organisations, but most importantly through the poisoning of young minds, particularly those of young women who are the most susceptible.

Not only am I not upset by academics being worried about their freedom, I take it as a sign that we’re finally going back in the right direction, albeit from a strange source.

Being nonwhite leaves one protected in this environment only to the extent that one toes the ideological line. An assistant professor of color who cannot quite get with the program writes, “At the moment, I’m more anxious about this problem than anything else in my career,” noting that “the truth is that over the last few years, this new norm of intolerance and cult of social justice has marginalized me more than all racism I have ever faced in my life.”

The charges levied against many of these professors are rooted in a fanatical worldview, one devoted to spraying for any utterances possibly interpretable as “supremacist,” although the accusers sincerely think they have access to higher wisdom. A white professor read a passage from an interview with a well-known Black public intellectual who mentions the rap group NWA, and because few of the students knew of the group’s work at this late date, the professor parenthetically noted what the initials stand for. None of the Black students batted an eye, according to my correspondent, but a few white students demanded a humiliating public apology.

The article is littered with approval seeking and toeing the line to the same dark forces to which the writer is seemingly protesting. To call it tone deaf would be insulting to those who are hard of hearing.


The Australian Financial Review, a media outlet that has spent the last twenty years doing everything within its power to blindly suck on the proffered teat of China, belatedly wakes up from its two decade hangover and wearily looks around and suddenly doesn’t like what it sees.

Australia faces the music in China

Having to manage a very difficult relationship with its most significant trading partner is now any Australian government’s lot. Canberra is facing a much more powerful and intolerant regime, determined to extend its economic and political and military authority as far as possible – including through coercion and intimidation.

Manoeuvring the national interest across such dangerous terrain is high-risk. But Canberra’s messages can seem more contradictory than consistent.

It also presents a new social challenge for a country with more than 1.2 million citizens of Chinese ethnic origin. Australia has always been a proud, extremely successful immigrant society, and has accommodated the huge increase in Chinese students and other visa holders over the past several years.

Yet the political system has never previously dealt with the results of mass immigration, temporary and permanent, from a country whose intentions and policies are now effectively regarded – even if not officially – as too often hostile to Australia’s interests.

I will be writing a future post on this article in more detail.


Australia is fracturing along state lines. The symptom is the virus; the cause is vastly more complicated. I have hopes that this could precipitate the long awaited secession of Western Australia from the rest of the nation. Then it would be a case of cleaning house. In Victoria, the population is coming to terms with the realities of getting an election wrong.

Victoria has all the hallmarks of a police state

This time last year, the idea that any Australian police force would arrest and handcuff a pregnant woman at home in her pyjamas, in front of her children, in a provincial city, for a Facebook post, would have defied credulity.

The pandemic, however, has brought an incremental erosion of civil liberties, especially in Victoria. The heat has been turned up gradually, to the point Victorians are living a dystopian nightmare. House arrest for 23 hours a day, working (if they still have job) at home while they homeschool children; an 8pm curfew; isolation if they live alone; no visiting friends or family. Many people, understandably, are too fraught to add another worry — the encroaching police state — to their burdens.

Others, alarmed that their state has crossed a dangerous line, are outraged. Professionals at the coalface, such as the medical practitioners who have signed a letter noting the dangers to citizens’ physical and mental health posed by restrictions, are increasingly concerned for the sick and vulnerable.

Apart from the Aussie accent, the only moment in the exchange with police at the Ballarat home of Zoe Buhler, 28, that felt remotely Australian was her partner, James Timmins, 21, appealing to police: “This is a bit unfair, come on, mate. What about she just doesn’t do the event?”

The couple are worried about the health of their unborn child. Ms Buhler offered to take down the offending post, which promoted a “Freedom Day Ballarat” planned for Saturday, but to no avail. The police also said they were obliged to seize any mobile phone or computer: “Any device in this house we’re taking.”


The great virus scam marches on towards its intended goal; the forced “vaccination” of all of the plebs on the planet. This includes you. Who knows what the vaccine will contain nor what its real intention will be. They want to depopulate the world of its plebs, right? Hell, they’re on record with stating that as their ultimate intention. They’re testing and modifying herd behavior with the mask nonsense. All the morons enthusiastically taking to mask wearing would have been first in line to get a free SIM card in Kingsman. The vaccine won’t make your head explode, probably. But we might see the birth rate droop dramatically.

The biggest scam in history

A good friend calls me from vibrant Mombasa to tell me that all this is a new 9/11 orchestrated by the most powerful companies in the world. That the new virus is nowhere near as deadly as malaria. That it is being blown up to curb our rights, that the goal is to sterilize a large part of the population to make a more sustainable planet, that the expected vaccine carries an on-off control chip in our lives…

As a good plutocrat pirate, my friend hopes to circumvent the mandatory vaccine with some Kenyan black-market certificates, at least to be able to travel freely.

Who knows? It is as if there is an attempt to establish a new robotic nightmare religion. The new gurus of cyber-onanism claim that nothing will ever be the same again. Artificial intelligence is encouraged as much as natural intelligence is diminished. Algorithms dictate actions while denying free will. These are the times of the aseptic homo deus, a nanotechnological creature who pretends to live for 200 years cholesterol-free, and whose mortal sins are smoking a cigarette, drinking a toast in the bar, or having sex freely—that means permanent confinement against vital intoxication!


“Economy of words” gems

From Gregory Hood on Gab

American conservatism – an entire movement dedicated to fighting for the economic interests of oligarchs who hate you and want to replace you.

From Roissy

No hero was ever baptised in the tepid waters of pragmatism.

From Vox Day

They are the heroes for the next generation because they didn’t do the sensible thing, they didn’t do the pragmatic thing.

From incoherent rambler at Catallaxy Files

I have $1 that says that the evening news (ABC, 7/9/10) (BIRM) will paint this as: far right extremists launch attack on innocent police horses!

From Scott Klajic

If you are a single guy and can’t find a woman–talk to an older, wiser, married couple that has been together through all kinds of crap and are still in love. They have the answers.

From Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi says she got “set up” by a Beauty Parlor owner. Maybe the Beauty Parlor owner should be running the House of Representatives instead of Crazy Nancy?

1920s Barbasol ad

Barbasol started life in 1919 in Indianapolis. Its original shaving cream products were filled by hand. Barbasol shaving cream was standard issue to US servicemen in WWII. The company was purchased by Pfizer in 1962 but still retains its original brand name today.

Adam’s Notebook

The Other McCain – Why the panic in Biden-land?

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The Knights of the Republic – UN declares Christians are violators of human rights

Art of manliness – The science of facial hair

Forager chef – Wild berry frango recipe

The Rake – Brigitte Bardot: Queen of the Côte d’Azur

Stuff you may want to think about

Soviet Man – We are all paper citizens now

Almost 30% of Australians were born overseas.  Some of these, no doubt, are keen to assimilate and eventually become patriotic, dutiful, grouse Aussie shearers.  I’ve met Indians from Dubai who delight in our coarseness and have learnt to swear like troopers.  I’ve met game Vietnamese boys who play Aussie rules football.  I’ve met Kiwis who didn’t know they were Kiwis until they tried to apply for university.

I also know many migrants, especially from China and India, who move to Australia purely for the material advantage to themselves and their families.  They seek economic opportunities and start businesses in which they hire primarily their own kind, and often their own kin.  They endeavor to get their assets safely out of their home country.  They expect their children to marry within their own community and to remain aloof from the ‘Australians’.

Such people have no loyalty to Australia.  If they have any at all, it is to their own nation, whether they still have the old passport or not.  My second-generation schoolmates said they would never fight for Australia.  Fuck Australia.  They would only go to war for their own country – Macedonia, China, Cambodia, Tonga.  Yes, you got a little window into my teenage world.

Crisis Magazine – Security and the Sneak

At first glance it might appear that they have nothing to do with one another. Mobs march in the open while the petty little sneak works behind the scenes. One professorial sneak writes a scurrilous letter to the student newspaper to attack a colleague, but he hides behind a pseudonym. A different professorial sneak whispers backroom slander against a new hire, causing her to lose her job. A third professorial sneak coordinates efforts with an alumna, secretly, to try to get a colleague fired over the supposed offensiveness of the teachings of John Paul II. A fourth professorial sneak, caught doing it by the secretary, stuffs departmental mailboxes with slander. And it goes on, wearily now, year after year. Cowardice, backstabbing, hypocrisy, tale-bearing (plus tale-inventing and tale-twisting), secret dealing, all things underhand, indirect, two-faced, unmanly, and sly. Such is political life in academe. Mobs are not like that, are they?

Well, yes, they are.

James Higham – Important gains

First off, try this – into your browser, not search engine, type the word, all lower case, of the organisation a*t**a, then put a dot, then a com. See what comes up.

Adam’s note: for extra fun, see what happen when you type antifa dot org into your browser.

The Other McCain – For months, Joe Biden has given moral aid and comfort to the vandals

We will have to endure another two months of this back-and-forth, so my advice to everyone is, remain calm. Do not let yourself get stressed out over the daily drama of the campaign. Whatever happens in November will happen, and you’re not going to change the result by worrying about it. If the news is stressing you out, stop watching the news. If you’ve got a hobby — fishing or whatever — concentrate on that and relax.

John Wilder – If journalists were Pinocchio we could climb noses and be on Mars tomorrow

What is it?

It’s a list of stories where the media was so biased that they performed anatomically impossible acts to sell their stories. I have double this number of examples, but I consciously steered away from more sensitive topics where the media contradicted itself.


Well, I described one of the examples I had with The Mrs.

The Mrs.: “Don’t use it.”

John Wilder: “Why? I fact checked it. It’s legitimate. Both stories are still on their web site.”

The Mrs.: “It detracts from the message. It may be true, but people will just focus on the subject, and not the point you’re making.”

The Kalgoorlie super pit goldmine

The suburbs of the Western Australian mining town of Kalgoorlie now border the famous “super pit”, one of the world’s largest open pits that can be seen from space.

August 24, 1940 Hamburg, Germany

Captain Lindemann addressing the crew of the German battleship Bismarck during her commissioning ceremony. After sea trials in the Baltic, the ship sallied into the North Atlantic with its support vessels in order to wreak havoc on Allied commercial shipping.


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