The Friday hawt chicks & links comes to you very late this week, but better late than a poke in the eye with a dull spoon. This week brings us the news that God has moved on from drowning the world and has decided to go with the burn it with fire playbook instead. The west coast of the USA has been overrun with mostly peaceful fires that began completely spontaneously as a result of someone looking at me funny down at the pub last night.

Western Rife Shooters is puzzled at the preponderance of these combustions within artificial man made boundaries.

And Mexican ones by the look of it. Who can possibly understand what is going on. It’s a mystery.

Peter Nicolai Arbo (Norwegian, 1831-1892), “The wild Hunt of Odin” (1872)

Peter Nicolai Arbo was a 19th century Norweigan historical painter. His best known work was mythical rather than historical, although perhaps the lines between the two idioms are more sketchy than we think. This particular painting is popular among Scandinavian heavy metal enthusiasts.


The Covid crisis, manufactured or not, has thrown an awful light on our leaders and revealed those that have been found wanting. Australia is not only one of those nations that has suffered as a result; it has led the way on showcasing political leaders that would be hopelessly out of their depth in a kiddies’ wading pool. Victorian premier Dan Andrews has put some of the worst African and communist leaders to shame with his calculated misjudgements. And his enthusiastic bully boys and girls have been the local rozzers.

We have witnessed the spectacle of a young and pregnant mother being handcuffed in her own home, another internet protester having his front door bashed in by heavily armed police, an elderly lady with her companion, sitting quietly on a park bench, being accosted by a police posse (one of whom snatches her companion’s phone), and the spectacle of a journalist from Rebel Media, (Good Heavens, what a dangerous individual!) being crash tackled by a gaggle of just-following-orders goons that brought to mind First Beast Napoleon setting the dogs on Animal Farm‘s dissenters.


The pushing of the few remaining sexual boundaries proceeds apace with the release of a French film which can only be described as pedophilia without the really up close bits. But in the world of up is actually down, if Trump is against it then it must be good in the eyes of the criminally stupid.

The symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome are astonishing, and this tweet by Sonny Bunch shows how reflexive it is — whatever Trump supporters are for, #NeverTrump must be against, and vice-versa. So if conservatives are angry about Netflix promoting a French film that blatantly sexualizes 11-year-olds, well, #NeverTrump must join liberals in defending this film or, at least, not automatically condemning it.

You see the nuance in Sonny’s “smart take” — he’s not exactly defending the film, but rather declaring the “conversation surrounding” it to be “remarkably dumb.” This is sort of like saying that you’re not pro-Hitler, just critical of the “conversation surrounding” the Holocaust.

My own take on Cuties (“New Joe Biden Campaign Ad Released”) was deliberately lacking in nuance, because the facts available about the film — the plot summary and preview trailer — were sufficient to recognize this movie for what it is, the French dog returning to its perverse vomit. There is a well-documented history of pro-pedophilia among French intellectuals, so when I see the camel attempting once against to insert its nose into the tent, I recognize the insidious evil for what it is.


One of this week’s headline stories was the white woman who pretended to be black so she could get ahead in the academic world. Sure, there’s some outrage. But a couple of points have been entirely glossed over as usual. For a start, what does this say about the academic world that someone would have to pretend to be black in order to succeed professionally?

And the other point. Well, let’s look at the story first, this time from Brendan O’Neil at Spiked.

The most shocking thing about the Jessica Krug scandal is that people are shocked by it. Sure, Krug’s behaviour was immoral, deceitful and cynical. For a white Kansas-born academic to pretend to be a North African-descended black woman or a Caribbean-descended black woman from the Bronx – she liked to mix it up – is out of order. But it isn’t shocking. Not today. Not in an era in which people are more often rewarded for their identities, especially if it’s a victim identity, rather than for their achievements.

The thing is that Krug is not white – she’s Jewish. Even O’Neil got this wrong. Why is this notable? Well, when was the last time that you heard that 6 million whites got dispatched at Auschwitz?


So Marxist agitators are setting forest fires throughout the USA. I know what you’re thinking: weren’t lefties all for the environment? Don’t be silly. The environmental movement was co-opted by the Marxists after the fall of the Soviet Union left them with not many places to hang out and come up with new batshit crazy ideas. So they’ve been faking it for a few decades now. Forest fires are nice and all, but when it comes to Marxist damaging the environment, you can’t go past renewable energy scams.

You grind up the trees to make wood pellets which count as a “green” “carbon-neutral” energy source. Except the forest is gone (hey, it will grow back in 30 or 40 years, although it will be fast growing pine and fir rather than old growth hardwood – but eggs, omlets, amirite?).

It seems that wildlife has declined by 25%. Yay, environmentalists!

What’s funny is that this keeps happening.  It seems that this has been going on for years.  Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence.  Third time is, well, you know.


“Economy of words”gems

From Vox Day

There is a reason that “Boomer” is now used unironically as an insult by the two youngest generations, and that reason is that being a Boomer is observably synonymous with narcissism, selfishness, short time preferences, indifference to one’s posterity, technological and temporal cluelessness, lack of gratitude, and generational identification.

From plzbepatient on Twitter, (I don’t have the link).

“Battle lines have been drawn. Society’s fate hinges on what people hate more: racism or child porn.”

From Westray 928 on Gab

Just as I lead my own march onto the golf course, the library, the weight room, and out into the hiking trails because I will no longer waste my weekends with this horseshit. It was a mistake to ever sit and watch other men do things.

From John Derbyshire

Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.

From Jim Goad at Taki mag.

Blacks don’t seem to have the slightest problem appearing in public and bullying and hitting and demeaning every white person within spitting distance.

1980s Aramis ad

Named after a Dumas character, the Aramis luxury men’s scent was introduced in 1964 and is still available today. In this 80s advertisement, the lady has her target pinned against the wall, but the nonchalant cad seems unaffected with his hands in his pockets.

Adam’s notebook

American Thinker – There is something very wrong with some in the top ranks of America’s military

Military strategy magazine – Anti-fragile adversaries: How to defeat them?

Vintage Château Heartiste – How to attract girls by doing almost nothing

The Bell Tower Times – Ms “Living her best life”

The Other McCain – Biden spokesman melts down after being asked simple question

Didact – Just as Cicero predicted

Richardson Post – Not so green

Catallaxy Files – How to overthrow the state

XYZ Magazine – Grandma arrested for protesting lockdown to save grandma

Stuff you may want to think about

Daniel Greenfield – Who’s really looting America?

A hardcover copy of “In Defense of Looting” will run you 21 bucks at Amazon and 28 bucks at Barnes and Noble. That’s just how capitalism works for the distribution and sales of a product from one of the biggest publishing companies in the world that’s part of the Lagardère empire.

Why is the largest publishing company in France pushing what Publishers Weekly called, “a provocative, Marxist-informed defense of looting” to Americans? Because it makes money.

Learn why private property is just a social construct for only 21 bucks.

“In Defense of Looting” quickly ended up a major topic of conversation on social media.

And that means Arnaud Lagardère, the head of the French empire that swallowed Little, Brown and Company, adds to his $220 million net worth and keeps the model he married, half his age, in the style she expects at his country estate. So what if a whole bunch of small businesses, many owned by immigrants and black people, get trashed and put out of business.

Occidental Observer – The war on white Australia

Results from the 2011 Australian Census reveal that, for the first time in that nation’s history, the majority of migrants are now arriving from Asia instead of Europe. Indians and Chinese have become the fastest growing sections of the Australian population. Between 2006 and 2011 the number of Australian permanent residents born in India increased by 100 per cent, those born in China increased by 54 per cent, while those born in the Philippines by 42 per cent. These startling figures do not even include those born in Australia to Indian or Chinese parents. The Census also revealed that other non-White immigrant groups are also expanding rapidly, including various African groups. All of this is dismal news for White Australians and, indeed, for White people everywhere. Unfortunately, these figures only mirror what is happening throughout the West, where White people are under demographic and cultural siege from race-replacing levels of Third World immigration and the official embrace of “multiculturalism.”

In just a few decades these malignant policies have transformed Western societies to the detriment of their European-derived populations and culture. It is a remarkable fact that this revolution in immigration and social policy throughout the West occurred at around the same time (1962-1973), and that in all countries these changes reflected the attitude of elites rather than the great mass of citizens. Changes in immigration policy and the imposition of multiculturalism were imposed on resentful European populations despite overwhelming popular opposition to non-European immigration. The driving force behind this totally undemocratic shift in policy was the Jewish intellectual movements and ethno-political activism that Kevin MacDonald documented in The Culture of Critique. For those aware of the pivotal role of Jews in driving the demographic and cultural transformation of the United States, the story of the Jewish role in radically reengineering Australian society will have a depressingly familiar ring to it.

Virtual Mirage – Valhalla

Modern male society is largely emasculated. There has been a concerted effort to do that since the 1960’s and when we look at the response people have to rioting and looting, I’d say that they’ve been largely successful. Look at the young men that universities turn out. Not all, but by in large – metrosexuals who are terrified of the very thought of drinking from an enemy’s skull. And what do women really think of that? Many have a difficult time finding a man – but there are a lot of biological males out there.

The trend needs to be reversed if we are to survive as a society.

I know that there are those of you who don’t believe that Valkyrie will take you to the Corpse hall when you die an honorable death (holding a weapon). But nobody is forcing you to believe one way or the other. Since few men die in battle (by percentage), the valkyrie business must be slow these days.

Aaron Clarey – How many people you will date before you marry

This subset of data is “# of people you will date before getting married.” It’s key to calculating the ROI of the pursuit of women because dating is a very costly and necessary endeavor (for men) in order to find a wife. Dating, however, takes on a very different nature for women because while it is a time investment on their part to go on dates, they actually profit from it economically as the majority of dates are paid for by men. Additionally, women do not “get dates” as much as they accept or reject them, further reduing whatever time investment they need to find a potential husband. This difference is made very clear in the number of dates the average man goes on before finding his wife compared to the number of men women date before finding their husband.

Average # of Women Men Date Per Marriage = 70.22
Average # of Men Women Date Per Marriage = 10.8

In other words, men date roughly 7 times as much as women, implying investment costs 7 times that of women.

But whereas a 7:1 ratio is very interesting in any activity between the sexes, there’s an additional interesting tidbit within the data. For whereas the female data is relative stable averaging around 11 men per marriage, the men’s data is slightly bimodal. The vast majority of men only manage 20 women to date before marrying (a majority of which is 10 or under), but another group of “serial daters” forms breaking the 100 and even 200+ line.

Yale, British Columbia 1882

Yale was the last navigable town on the Fraser river and as such was the stepping off point for miners and adventurers during the gold rush that occurred during this period.

1943, Brenner Pass, Italy

German Tiger E tanks during an exercise in friendly territory. This was a late production model that featured steel road wheels and Zimmerit paste on the armor.


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