The Friday hawt chicks and links notes the passage of this week with a wry raise of a weary eyebrow. The hated and diseased dwarf that straddled the halls of the Supreme Court went to her Master far below. Conservative publications around the world mourned her passing with solemn tributes that praised her dedication to the murder of unborn innocents as a fitting tribute to the pagan feminist cult. Conservatives must always be seen to be doing their perceived right thing, no matter how self-defeating or destructive.

Trump is all but certain to raise up another female to replace the one just dead. Apparently she is made of the right stuff, one of our own. If that were true she would be stoking the fire in her home’s hearth. Instead, she has dedicated her life to destroying it by following the deceitful promises spread in part by the woman that she wants so desperately to replace. And although she is apparently on our side now, she is a woman and this seat is for life. In later years when she inevitably becomes embittered then we will see which way she leans.

But Trump plays the card that he must before the election. A woman, even a conservative woman, is the only choice acceptable to the strident minority. He cannot afford the distraction over the next several weeks. He knows his enemies and their plans better than we do.

Vox Day often talks about people taking the ticket. It is an effective analogy to draw the line between good and evil. We talk about taking the red pill to open our eyes to that which is around us. But in reality, it is the active choice to take the blue pill that separates us from our enemies. To take the ticket is to swallow that blue pill, to partake in the earthly pleasures and power that extract their inevitable price all too quickly. But it is also to check out and be subsumed by that which the powerful produce to enslave us. That is another way to take the ticket; the passive way. You give yourself over to your phone, or to porn, or to any of the many other modern snares to ancient vices.

Your willingness to not take the ticket is all that stands between you and the other.

Carlos Sebastián Pedro Hubert de Haes“La canal de Mancorbo en los Picos de Europa” (1876)

I’m a sucker for 19th century romantic landscape realism, particularly when mountains are involved. Carlos de Haes was a Spanish artist who was born and raised in Belgium, an early example of multiculturalism, otherwise known as, ‘you can take the boy out of Spain but you can’t take the Spanish out of the boy’.


This comment by a reader at Vox Day’s site caused me to delve deeper:

If I had once piece of advice to anyone who is starting out, it is to read two small pieces. The first is the Prince by Machiavelli, for that is how the world typically works. The second is the piece “Innering” by CS Lewis, for that is the price of the first.

To my personal disappointment I realised that I have never read The Prince. It is easily available to download so I did. It is remarkable in its brevity. An entire chapter resides in a single page, which means that it must have taken a very long time indeed to write.

I then found the aforementioned essay by C.S. Lewis – The Inner Ring

And the prophecy I make is this. To nine out of ten of you the choice which could lead to scoundrelism will come, when it does come, in no very dramatic colours. Obviously bad men, obviously threatening or bribing, will almost certainly not appear. Over a drink, or a cup of coffee, disguised as triviality and sandwiched between two jokes, from the lips of a man, or woman, whom you have recently been getting to know rather better and whom you hope to know better still—just at the moment when you are most anxious not to appear crude, or naïf or a prig—the hint will come. It will be the hint of something which the public, the ignorant, romantic public, would never understand: something which even the outsiders in your own profession are apt to make a fuss about: but something, says your new friend, which “we”—and at the word “we” you try not to blush for mere pleasure—something “we always do.”

And you will be drawn in, if you are drawn in, not by desire for gain or ease, but simply because at that moment, when the cup was so near your lips, you cannot bear to be thrust back again into the cold outer world. It would be so terrible to see the other man’s face—that genial, confidential, delightfully sophisticated face—turn suddenly cold and contemptuous, to know that you had been tried for the Inner Ring and rejected. And then, if you are drawn in, next week it will be something a little further from the rules, and next year something further still, but all in the jolliest, friendliest spirit. It may end in a crash, a scandal, and penal servitude; it may end in millions, a peerage and giving the prizes at your old school. But you will be a scoundrel.

That is my first reason. Of all the passions, the passion for the Inner Ring is most skillful in making a man who is not yet a very bad man do very bad things. My second reason is this. The torture allotted to the Danaids in the classical underworld, that of attempting to fill sieves with water, is the symbol not of one vice, but of all vices. It is the very mark of a perverse desire that it seeks what is not to be had. The desire to be inside the invisible line illustrates this rule. As long as you are governed by that desire you will never get what you want. You are trying to peel an onion: if you succeed there will be nothing left. Until you conquer the fear of being an outsider, an outsider you will remain.

To badly quote a host of others – I have no wish to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member.


Your long read of the week is titled, Suicide of the liberals.

In one memorable scene, the hero of ­Solzhenitsyn’s novel November 1916, Colonel Vorotyntsev, finds himself at a social gathering principally of Kadet adherents, where everyone repeats the same progressive pieties. He soon grasps that “each of them knew in advance what the others would say, but that it was imperative for them to meet and hear all over again what they collectively knew. They were all overwhelmingly certain that they were right, yet they needed these exchanges to reinforce their certainty.” To his surprise, Vorotyntsev, as if under a spell, finds himself joining in. It requires an effort to remind himself that what these progressives say about “the people,” whom they do not know at all, contradicts everything he has learned from his acquaintance with thousands of common soldiers. When Vorotyntsev ventures the slightest discordant observation, “just . . . one little thing . . . they were all on their guard. They fell silent, as they had been speaking, in unison, and their silence was aimed at the colonel.” He retreats and, as if hypnotized, repeats progressive pieties with the rest.

and another snippet:

Casting “unworthy, furtive glances at who liked what,” Berdyaev observed, these liberals illustrated how “moral cowardice develops, while love of truth and intellectual daring are extinguished.” Captivated by public opinion, they signed petitions they did not agree with and excused heinous acts, always observing the rule: Better to side with people a mile to one’s left than be associated with anyone an inch to one’s right. Educated society knew that one could not just abolish the police, as the anarchists demanded, and that socialism would not instantly cure all ills, but they assured themselves that progressive opinion must be right


The haughty pride of the elite.

What he is describing here is how the Left’s hegemony in academia, media, etc., gives them an almost dictatorial power when it comes to setting the terms of debate over important public issues. This is very much like the prestige once enjoyed by Communism, when the party could attract the support of such well-bred persons as Alger Hiss.

Even though the vast majority of Americans always opposed Communism, it was never popular among intellectuals to be an anti-Communist, and this allowed Communism to enjoy a certain prestige that it certainly never deserved. Meanwhile, outspoken anti-Communists like Richard Nixon, Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan were demonized by the fashionable media of their age, so that we can well understand why Chambers felt such a sense of doom when he left the Party.

Our only advantage, in situations like this, is that the corrupt elite are so arrogantly sure of themselves. Within their ideological echo chamber, the elites never hear any voice of doubt or dissent, so they believe they are on “the right side of history,” and assured of victory.


In 1993, Pope John Paul II visited Denver. This is a part transcript with father Malachi Martin about the event.

And the extraordinary about the Denver visit was that no matter what the media did, no matter what they did to take the light off John Paul II and his message and place it on the squabble between us and the secular powers over abortion, contraception — it didn’t succeed. For instance, the newsmen held a held a news conference and they had a group of young people from all over the world there. And they tried to get them wild up on the question of abortion and contraception, male and female priesthood, and women’s ordination. And the young people said, “We’re not interested, the church has spoken.”

And it’s all over, the media failed completely, and they did simply withdrew. They couldn’t understand it. They can’t understand it, and the fact was that these theologically unwashed media people, who are trying to claw their way at a 2,000-year-old Church, and they got nowhere. The Spirit of God was with those young people.

And similarly, after all the wave of articles emphasizing the the amount of Catholics who commit abortion and contraception, the amount of homosexuals that are in the church and the pedophilia, heaping and heaping all the offenses of Catholics in a huge pyre in front of the world. The fact is, the people stood back and said, “No, this is not the issue; there’s something else going on here, we don’t know.” And John Paul II himself, I must say, in his press, they’re very bad propagandists for themselves and perhaps that’s like Rhett Butler, he doesn’t give a damn. Perhaps it’s enough for him to state the truth and pass on because he is a good Pope. But so Denver does focus on the one man who is a key today.

You know, Bernard, I’ve often speculated that if the Papacy disappeared, if the enemies of the Papacy got their will and wiped out the Papacy, and made him just another Bishop in Rome, squabbling with other Bishops as they do in the Anglican Church, and the Orthodox churches, within a short time all Christianity will disappear because then the lodestone, the Lodestar for all churches is their difference or their coincidence with the Roman Catholic Church. Wipe that out — a big black hole opens immediately for every other Christian sect.


“Economy of words” gems

Severian at why the west.

The key to Marxism’s enduring appeal, as we all know, is that it provides a one-size-fits-all excuse for losers.

Weka at Darkbrightness.

History belongs to the children born, not the children stilled in the womb or never conceived.

PA paraphrasing something he read on Gab.

The war against the peoples of the West is, at its heart, a war on the White woman. White men are collateral damage.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the New York Times.

I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

Currency Lad at Catallaxy Files.

Donald Trump’s intuitions about – and achievements in – foreign affairs have proven to be remarkable and historic. He makes Henry Kissinger look like Kevin Rudd.

Late 1970s GM Holden ad for the Statesman

GM Holden was the Australian car manufacturer operating under the global GM name. The Statesman was their top of the line executive model for the period which featured ceiling to floor carpeting and a 308 V8 engine as standard issue.

Adam’s notebook

Ace of Spades – Left wing white women are Hysterical Psychotics Who Need to Be Slapped and Pumped With Thorazine

Park’s Pipes – The diplomat 1202, my dream pipe.

Revolver – Never Nikki: The Definitive Rundown of Why Big Tech’s Neocon Puppet Should Never Set Foot in DC Again

ABC News – Canberra radio newsreader Beth Rep told to pay transgender activist Bridget Clinch $10,000 compensation for discrimination

Taki Mag – Being nice to black people

The Guardian – ‘An indictment of South Africa’: whites-only town Orania is booming

Australian Financial Review – Why I was right about Victoria’s police state

The Other McCain – Election fraud already underway?

Mundabor – SCOTUS: Look at the bog picture

Catallaxy Files – Andrews: It was the sheila’s fault

Borepatch – How to read Pravda

Wilder Wealthy & Wise – The silenced majority: How the left censors the right

Stuff you may want to think about

Jorge Montojo – Too many politicians: Riduzione alla Italiana!

The Italians have voted to reduce their number of politicians by 30 percent. Bravo! Millions will be saved in salaries, pensions, and official allowances of privileged deputies and senators; and, most important, they will stop seeing the mugs of so many incapable politicians. They announced that the measure will be effective in 2023, but I suppose that its splendid capacity for the dolce far niente will extend it even more than Brexit.

Hopefully the same referendum will soon be extended to the rest of Europe, which is dangerously drowning in a dictatorial web of bureaucracy. Especially Spain, where the political class is considered in the polls as one of the major problems instead of the solution. As Julio Camba wrote: “In Spain, the councilman steals like the ox moos.” And every year there are more! The public apparatus grows as much as the private sphere weakens.

Brendan O’Neill – In defense of Cuties

Have any of the people who are bursting a blood vessel over Cuties actually watched it? Ted Cruz? Fox’s Laura Ingraham? Even the normally sensible Tulsi Gabbard, who has described it as child porn? They can’t have. Because if they had they would know that Cuties isn’t a movie for pervs that relishes in sexualising its child cast. On the contrary, it’s a sensitive commentary on the problem of sexualisation and how bad and sad it is that young girls feel pressured into roleplaying as sluts. If you’re worried about the sexualisation of kids, you shouldn’t be condemning Cuties – you should be watching it and taking it seriously.

Adam’s note: the only possible conclusion to this is that O’Neill has most certainly partaken of the ticket.

Gregory Dipippo – Father Anthony Cekada RIP

It was announced earlier today that Fr Anthony Cekada has passed away after suffering a stroke several days ago. He will be known to our readers as the author of Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI, and The Problems with the Prayers of the Modern Mass, a study of the systematic omission of certain doctrines (such as miracles and hell) from the prayers of the post-Conciliar Missal. Fr Cekada was a sede-vacantist and believed that the Mass of Paul VI is invalid, positions which we reject without reservation, but this does not change the value of his work for the study of the liturgy.

Adam’s note: we note your public rejection from yet another ticket-taker.


Mitcham, South Australia 1916 

A World War I troop train loading troops at the Mitcham Railway Station, with its destination being Outer Harbor to begin their journey to join the war. A basic training camp was located close to this location.


Friday, 16 October 1942, Stalingrad Oblast, Soviet Union

The German soldier has been identified as Hauptmann Wilhelm Traub, Kommandeur of Pionier-Bataillon 305/305. Infanterie-Division. He was reported as missing in action on the 5th of January, 1943. Note that he is holding a captured Russian PPSh-41 sub machine gun, a prized trophy in the bitter street fighting of Stalingrad.


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