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The Friday hawt chicks & links – The fate of the world edition

The Friday hawt chicks & links returns after a short hiatus brought about by overwork on the part of your own humble collector of interesting tidbits and natural beauty. We might skip a week here and there, but the hawt chicks & links is there for you when the going gets rough. This is the final weekend that precedes the US election, an election which I have not dedicated very much space to in the hallowed pages of this minor corner of the internet.

What has surprised me though in this election cycle is the behavior of the dark forces arrayed against the world and epitomized by the Democrats. Call me naive, but I had expected them to learn somewhat from their disastrous result in the last election; to come at this battle with new and improved tactics in order to stymie the assault to their nefarious plans headed by Trump. Instead, they have seemingly learned nothing. Once again they march into the hail of machine gun fire in straight rows, confident that their last defeat was a minor aberration brought about by defective healing crystals sold to them by their Chinese overlords.

Trump will win and win handily. But the Democrats and their Soros-backed Allies have not been planning for an election victory. Rather, they have put all of their energy into combating an election defeat and thus to seize power in a post election coup which will allow them to rewrite that pesky constitution which has been such a thorn in their side. The riots that occurred over the summer were but a test case in order to hone their tactics and sniff the air as to the public reaction. They will pump their foot soldiers with inflated hopes of a deserved Democrat victory, all the while knowing that such a conventional victory is not on the cards. Flush with bitter disappointment, in the days and weeks after the election their tattooed and blue haired cannon fodder will wind themselves up into a frenzied state of anarchy.

And the world will watch and hold its breath.

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Shakespeare would be jailed under Yousaf

When I heard the news this morning that the Scottish parliament was considering passing a bill that would prosecute people in their own homes for hate speech I made an immediate assumption based on my deep personal bias and intolerance, a bias and intolerance which I cherish as it has saved me more than once from a sticky end, such as when walking down some sewer ridden Kampala back alley and a man steps out of a boxing gym and asks me if I’d like to sleep with his sister.

But before we get into my deep and valuable prejudices, let’s get an idea of what we’re talking about.

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The Greasy pole podcast #15

The Great One and I go at it on current events while doing our very best to not mention the you-know-what.

Barrett is the golden calf

Amy Barrett was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice today.

Tonight the Senate voted, 52-48, to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The rhetoric from Democrats was so over-the-top that viewers of CNN or MSNBC might be forgiven if they believed that, upon her confirmation, Justice Barrett immediately obtained the power to cancel everybody’s health insurance and much else besides.

The Democrats were not over the top. Not even close. What they did to Brett Kavanaugh two years ago was over the top. But then Kavanaugh is a white man and it’s been open season on them for quite some time.

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China has bought all our politicians

The news is emerging that the Biden crime family allegedly sold out to the Chinese government for fast cash and minors. Hunter Biden’s dad getting the nomination was the worst thing that could have happened to Hunter as it shone the light on his nefarious and traitorous activities.  Now it appears that the Pelosi family did the same.

Of course, this comes lukewarm on the trail of the Clinton crime family antics. But for all the bravado from Trump that Hillary should be in jail, four years later she remains free and living in luxury.

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No jab no fly

If I wanted to get back to Australia anytime soon I would most likely have to catch a train from Europe through Central Asia and then sign on as an able seaman on some dodgy bulk carrier braving its way through pirate infested waters. Sure, the first flight back to Oz from Europe since the whole Chinese pox scam landed yesterday carrying a hundred or so Australians who managed to find some way to board the plane. Perhaps a special pass was required that they got at some bar with a negro tinkling away on the ivories. If not now, perhaps that will be the way in the future. Maybe I had better start looking for an Ingrid Bergman or even a Lauren Bacall to hang on my arm to get me through the gate.

Ha ha, don’t be silly; they literally don’t make women like that anymore. Actually, that’s a mighty fine excuse to once again post the shot of Bacall waltzing her way across the floor.

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Bring out your misogynists

As Catallaxy Files reports, the ABC is having one of its many daily meltdowns, this time over the unproven claim that hordes of the right wing naughty boys have taken a break from saluting Nazi flags to instead target perennial doughnut consumer and never funny Magda Szubanski in her part for the inept government Covid ad that instructed all Australians to get with the program or else Magda will sit on you.

What we’re really seeing a lot of is what we call volumetric cross platform online abuse which is coordinated by ostensibly white extremists and conspiracy theorists. The whole idea is to create an avalanche of hate directed towards specific targets, usually women…

Here is how modern propaganda works for those who have been stuck under Magda for the past couple of decades.

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Is the pope a Catholic?

pope francis is big time into sodomites. After all, who is he to judge? The rumors that The Vatican has been turned into a degenerate hive of homosexual drug fueled orgies might have something to do with his support for the rainbow facist brigade. Now he has declared his support for homosexual civil unions.

Gay couples deserve legal protections for their relationships, Pope Francis said in a new documentary. Also in the film, which premiered in Rome on Oct. 21, less than two weeks before the U.S. presidential election, the pope condemns the Trump administration’s child separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border, which he calls “cruelty of the highest form.”

The filmmaker, Evgeny Afineevsky, asked Pope Francis during an interview for the documentary about the place of L.G.B.T. Catholics in the church. Francis reemphasized his belief that L.G.B.T. people should be made to feel welcome in the church.

“Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family,” the pope said. “They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable because of it.”

So sodomite lover francis thinks that homos have a right to a family. One presumes that his use of the word family instead of something like relationship or union implies that the pope reckons that the homos should have access to little children as well.

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Strange days in the land of the free

It’s just a few weeks out from the US election and to say that things are getting weird is somewhat of an understatement. The timing of the media release of Hunter Biden’s laptop data has been superb. Stacy McCain wonders if Biden can really win this way.

Never in my life have I witnessed anything quite like this. The Biden campaign announced that Biden would be in seclusion until Thursday, when he is scheduled for the next debate with President Trump. So they’re taking the candidate off the campaign trail for four full days. Meanwhile, Trump is doing multiple rallies every day — with massive crowds of thousands — and yet, we’re told, Biden is ahead in every poll

If it keeps going this way then Biden won’t even be in the running on the big day of the vote. It will instead be his diversity picked deputy, some Indian female woke blow-in who has spent her life speaking down to those horrible whites whose country she has been forced to endure.

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And lesbians rule over them

On the result of the recent New Zealand election I wrote about the overwhelming number of women that were standing for election and why this is a very bad thing. The Bible is clear on this as well in the passage from Isiah:

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

But I wonder even if the good Isiah had any inkling of the fate of foolish nations in the future who didn’t just choose women to rule over them, but lesbian women.

NZ overtakes UK’s record with most gay MPs in parliament.

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