To understand why the western world has gone completely bonkers over what is simply a common flu virus, it is necessary to take a step back and observe the bigger picture. The virus and the reaction to it are merely symptoms of a much greater and underlying malaise. It is the war on patriarchy, a process that has been going on since the late 60s, that has brought us to this point. Put simply, the women and their weak male proxies are in charge and their best reaction is to panic while putting their faith in self-declared experts.

In the playground, no child may get hurt and the rule of play is that it must be fair as adjudicated by the female teachers. The child that diligently saves his pocket money while his contemporaries waste theirs, must then share the toys that he buys with those same dilettantes that wasted their money and who thus enjoy the fruits of having it both ways. This is done under the watchful eye and omniscient threat of those caring and protective women. The schoolyard is the true socialist paradise.

The laws of the female ruled playground are arbitrary and capricious. Most of all, the females in charge will feel no hint of responsibility for the consequences of their actions or decisions on those in their charge. After all, they were simply “doing their best” in a “difficult situation”. If one child comes off worse than the others then that is the cross that must be borne. By someone else.

Women rule on a macro level the same way that they do on a micro one.

The rise of having to constantly assess risk both in the workplace and organised amateur activities is another side of the same coin. Nobody can possibly get hurt and if someone is hurt then someone else must be made to pay. That someone else must always come from the private sector. The public sector is off limits to responsibility for one’s actions.

If a government cannot be made to pay for the consequences of its actions but at the same time there is no useful stooge onto which the blame can be pinned, then the only recourse is to prolong the misery and act as if what has happened is normal. The hope is that memories will fade as the rules are gradually relaxed, like a hot bath slowly settling to a point that is lukewarm while its inhabitants happily splash about with only an inkling of the change in process.

Women rule based on feelings, emotion and a desire to protect their charges, even if the cure is worse than the cause. The number of deaths caused by the hysterical over-response to the virus will never be known. Businesses destroyed, homes lost, families torn apart, lives ruined. The social isolation brought on by the lockdowns can also be taken into account, as must the postponement of critical medical care for real and present illnesses.

None of this matters in the female scheme of things. All that counts is whether or not they can feel satisfied with a job well done. The premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, is probably the best incarnation of this female malaise in action. Andrews is not a strong man, far from it. Looking at him one gets the sense of the kid in the playground who was picked on for stirring up factions in an attempt to wield power while ingratiating himself. The female teachers would have loved him. This is the sort of man that can succeed today but he governs from a distinctly female mindset.

He is not alone. The number of world leaders that can be called patriarchal makes for depressingly slim pickings. Trump, of course, is one of them. Witness his fast release from hospital after picking up the dreaded flu while he exhorted the nation to get back to work. Putin is another, as is Bolsonara of Brazil. There are a few others but the rest are simpering manlets desperate not to offend anyone anywhere at anytime. But above all, desperate not to take any risks or make any decisions for which they may be held responsible. Hence the relying on faceless and unaccountable experts to make their decisions for them.

This virus is not the problem. The reaction to the virus is the real issue. And that reaction is a direct result of the long war on masculinity that has left us with simpering cowards and female fools with their pudgy hands on the levers of office. Until we stand up and rid ourselves of this feckless lot and return real men to the halls of power then it matters not if we survive this crisis because the next one down the line will probably finish us off for good.

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