As Catallaxy Files reports, the ABC is having one of its many daily meltdowns, this time over the unproven claim that hordes of the right wing naughty boys have taken a break from saluting Nazi flags to instead target perennial doughnut consumer and never funny Magda Szubanski in her part for the inept government Covid ad that instructed all Australians to get with the program or else Magda will sit on you.

What we’re really seeing a lot of is what we call volumetric cross platform online abuse which is coordinated by ostensibly white extremists and conspiracy theorists. The whole idea is to create an avalanche of hate directed towards specific targets, usually women…

Here is how modern propaganda works for those who have been stuck under Magda for the past couple of decades.

  1. Dream up some far-left nutjob useless response to a perceived problem.
  2. Pin the blame on straight white men.
  3. Get a bunch of chicks, preferably unattractive and lesbian, (but I repeat myself), to get the message out.
  4. Act surprised when your divisive rhetoric goes down like AIDs in a gay bar.
  5. Immediately shift back to the offensive claiming that the problem is not your original message but the rampant misogyny that is the source of all bad things. Bonus points if you are able to mention the patriarchy a couple of times.
  6. If your token female was a person whose skin color is not the same as the girls you have around for your Sunday brunches then you can also immediately claim that this was systemic racism.
  7. Call up your female contact at the MSM outlet of your choice, the one that you invited to a couple of your brunches so she thinks she has a chance of getting in with the in-crowd.
  8. Get her to invent sources claiming numberless amount of online extremists and hoodlums are out to get your featured female dancing monkey.
  9. Go and give some of your girlfriends some Cartier gold watches off the $7.4 billion expense account. After all, you’ve all earned it.
  10. Deflect any criticism of this nefarious behavior as misogyny, (see point 5).

The fact that I even know how to spell misogyny without looking it up on a spellcheck goes to show just how normalised this sort of thing is now.

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