Amy Barrett was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice today.

Tonight the Senate voted, 52-48, to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The rhetoric from Democrats was so over-the-top that viewers of CNN or MSNBC might be forgiven if they believed that, upon her confirmation, Justice Barrett immediately obtained the power to cancel everybody’s health insurance and much else besides.

The Democrats were not over the top. Not even close. What they did to Brett Kavanaugh two years ago was over the top. But then Kavanaugh is a white man and it’s been open season on them for quite some time.

Barrett was the smart pick by Trump, no doubt about it. The smart short term pick. Politics is short term but occasionally it has long term consequences; such as nominations to the Supreme Court. Barrett will be around long after Trump is gone. She has plenty of time to reveal her tune. As she will, because all women are like that, dontchaknow?

The Democrats could only muster a very feeble protest to the nomination of Barrett. Which is astounding when you consider the timing, just a couple of months before the presidential election. Not only that, but Barrett’s nomination supposedly turns over the Supreme Court to the Right. You would think that a much more lusty and effective defense to such a nomination would have been forthcoming.

And yet, there was nothing in comparison to what occurred when Kavanaugh was put up for the job. It’s like the difference in WWII between invading Russia or Denmark. One of these things is not like the other. The Marxist Left could offer nothing in the way of a real defense. Absolutely nothing.

Because Barrett is untouchable. Because she is a woman. She is above the pale. She and her kind are the inheritors of the world. Men, white men, straight white men, straight white Christian men; they are the enemy. They are the persecuted. They are untouchable in a different manner.

Perhaps Kavanaugh will be the last straight white Christian male to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Too much hassle to go through all that again. Better to bring in one of the gals. Or perhaps a darkie. Or even both in the one package. Make things easier for ourselves. You gotta get with the times, you know. It’s not like it used to be, no siree. We got a lotta pressure on us to get our nomination through. We can’t be horse-assing around none.

The Barrett nomination is indicative of our dark and fallen times. Conservatives are celebrating it, of course. Why not just bring out the golden calf and be done with it?

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