Tomorrow the USA formerly goes to the polls. I continue to be a fan and supporter of Donald Trump, as I have been from the first day that he stood with sixteen other hopefuls for the Republican nomination in 2015. He has done many great things in the face of near total adversity and internal and external sabotage. He has made many missteps but that is as it always will be with mortals prone to error, as we all are.

What he is most decidedly not is some sort of god-emperor, a moniker enthusiastically used by many on this side of the internet. This sort of hero-worship is not merely embarrassing, nor only self-defeating; it goes against the tenants of the Christian Church. There is only one Lord that we hold to save us from our sins and our plight on earth, and that is Jesus Christ. We do a disservice to Trump by elevating him in this manner, not to mention the disservice we do to ourselves and our own spiritual faith.

We pray that God will help guide Trump to a much deserved victory and that he will be blessed during the next four years with a healthy mind and body to continue his good work, missteps and all. But if he should stumble or be taken away then though this will be a blow it will not be the end. We should look to ourselves and to our Lord above all things. If anything Trump has shown that great things can be done by holding firm to your belief and your convictions. In that he is a receptacle of our Lord’s grace.

But in the end he is just a man, nothing more, as are we all. He leads by example but it is the hope and vigor that he has given so many around the world who were without voice that is the inspiration. We have found our voices and may we hold them loud and clear whatever happens tomorrow.

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