I went shopping on the weekend, got my groceries but also picked up a nice pair of grey woolen trousers. Hand made in Italy, of course. Got some bread from the French bakery around the corner, some vegetables from the crazy lady who has amazing vegetables shop where I found what I think are the best quality figs I have ever had. Went to the record store but didn’t buy anything. Also went to the butcher and my chicken guy; it was roast chicken on Sunday. This week I will make a nice stock from the leftovers.

At no point did I wear a mask. One shop asked me to wear a mask and I courteously declined. It is “strongly advised” by the government here in the Netherlands to wear a mask which means that I am not wearing one.

If you wear a mask when you don’t legally have to then you are an active and willing participant in the Great Lie. You are willingly doing Satan’s work. People who do this are either too deeply immersed in the lie, too cowardly to do anything about it, or usually a combination of both. The NPC meme that caused Marxist heads to implode was right on target. But the mask wearing is even better as it allows me to accurately identify those whom I stand against. The mask covers but by doing so it also reveals. The mask is a fitting metaphor for our times.

I observe willing and dogmatic mask wearers with interest. These would have been the same people who collaborated with the enemy during the Second World War. The British can no longer make fun of the French for being collaborators, as based on the mask wearing and the rush to browbeat others into joining the ranks of the fallen, the British if they had been invaded would have probably got into bed with the enemy more than any other nation.

My attitude when not wearing a mask is to have no attitude at all. Indeed, I look upon mask wearers as strange creatures from another world, the world of the fallen and insane. It is only a pity that the government did not encourage branding as then the identification would go far beyond the time period of this current invented crisis. Being able to positively identify your enemies is a most valuable tool.

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