I received a letter from a reader, which I will as always keep confidential. However, as I was replying I thought that my reply could be of benefit to others in a similar situation. I will not post the reader’s letter but a part of it will be beneficial so as to put my response in context.

My question to you is how can I move forward as a man given my past? I would like help from maybe a priest or a pastor but the left has shut down all churches and places of worship in the United States essentially, and I believe I need to be guided in the right direction. I know if you have committed one sin in the eyes of God, you have committed all sin and you merely have to ask for forgiveness since that’s the reason Jesus died for us, but I feel there is something missing. So far I have been hitting the gym and lifting weights, and focusing on my job to pay for school and my school work. Do you think there is anything more I can be doing to better myself than I am already attempting to do?

My response to him below the cut.

Thank you for your thoughtful email. It sounds like you have had a rough time of it, so welcome to the club. It also sounds like you have come to a personal revelation about Christianity, so welcome to the club too on that account. That you have come to this realisation at such a young age is to your immense benefit and personal advantage. You are a great deal further ahead than you believe yourself to be. That does not mean that you should be satisfied, nor complacent. It merely means that things are not so bad as they seem. And in any case, nothing makes much sense we are in the middle of doing it.

Now to your questions.

Hell does exist, and it is earth. This is Satan’s realm, after all. We are tasked here to grow and learn so that we may pass onward and be of benefit to God in the next stage. We each must face the greater challenges of the world, but we each must also face our own personal spiritual and moral challenges. You cannot have one without the other, and you cannot succeed in only one of these two aspects in order to progress. You must persevere and succeed in both.

Satan is the father of lies, and so he fills the world with untruths. Some of these might seem obvious in retrospect, but when you are in the middle of them they are not obvious at all. And in any rate, the bigger the lie, the more that people believe in it. Global warming, the Covid con, leftism and Marxism in general, feminism, the cult of personality and countless other lies are paraded before us on a daily basis. We are pressured to believe in these lies and to propagate them. If we do not proclaim our allegiance to the lies then we are persecuted. The journey of the red pill is the modern incarnation of what we must do in order to succeed in this regard. It is like stepping stones across a ford; first from one and then to another we must pass, but we cannot skip any of the steps. All that differs is how long it takes each of us to pass each step. You might hop lightly across one step while I wallow upon it for decades, and vice versa in another situation.

Witness the path of individuals on the manosphere from PUAs to hard core Christians. If you follow the steps then it leads inevitably to where it must certainly go. But there are countless false trails and that is the world of lies. So you must always seek out and embrace truth above all else. God is truth. Everything else is not Him. At present I cannot attend mass because the church is filled with people wearing masks. The priest himself wears a mask. They are willing participants in the lie. I will have no part of it.

And then there are our own individual journeys. We are all sinners. There is no escaping it. This week I have sinned, every day in fact. Small sins to be sure, but sins nonetheless. The only one above sin is Jesus Christ. So we sin and we repent, and we try to do better. I can see that for myself; since I have gone back to Christianity I am better able to recognise my sins and to improve myself so as to move past whatever stage of sin I find myself locked within.

But we must not willingly engage in sin, let alone identify with it. That is what homosexuals do. This is one of your personal sins and you must move past it. Your own personal circumstances do not give you a free pass to sin. In fact, this is undoubtedly one of your challenges. Here are two articles that I have written on homosexuality that should help you. Keep in mind that I wrote the first one before I returned to the Church:

On homosexuality

Homosexuality is not good for you

You should also read Believe by G. Filotto. In it there are links to real Catholic churches.

Book review – Believe!

Understand that we are in an active fight that has been ongoing for over 500 years. There are no easy free passes. And once you understand what is really going on, you would never desire a free pass. Being granted such a thing would mean that you would have failed.

As for what else you can do to better yourself, I would strongly advise becoming educated. That means educating yourself. Read and reread the classics. Start with G.K Chesterton and move on from there. Purchase physical copies of these books as in the years to come they will be precious and may have to be hidden. Build your own personal library. Become financially astute, you can read Soviet Man’s book for help with that:

Book review – The poor man’s guide to financial freedom.

What you should eventually aim for is a wife and children, your own mini church as a reflection of God. Today with so many pitfalls this is one of the hardest things to achieve, which makes it so much more important as a goal. There is an abundance of literature in this corner of the internet but first and foremost you should seek a woman who also desires freedom from the lies. Choose wisely.

Finally, we are social creatures. Find a real Catholic church and immerse yourself in the associated community. If it means that you have to move, then move. I have moved all over the world, it isn’t so hard.

I am gratified that you have found value in my work. You are on your journey and it means growing and becoming strong. Inner strength above everything else. Which only counts when the going is difficult.

Best Regards,

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