There have been some issues with the website over the past few weeks which I want to mention briefly. My site uses a WordPress skin but it is privately hosted so I cannot fall foul of the woke brigade. Last week the site went down for about 12 hours which was caused by increased traffic. It hurts to be popular. So we increased the server load for the site which costs me money but that’s okay as I don’t do internet begging.

As an aside, I cannot for the life of me understand the mentality of bloggers who start up a site, work to make it popular and then suddenly start demanding money for their services. Nobody asked you to set up a website. So don’t start moaning after the fact and trying to guilt trip your readers into giving you money, you worthless cheapskates.

Anyway, yesterday and today the site went down a couple of times again. This one we’re not so sure about as the traffic numbers are the same. It could be something innocent or it could be nefarious. Either way hopefully we’ll have it fixed soon.


It has been identified as DOS attacks. So someone doesn’t like me. Boo hoo.

Makes me feel good. Means that I am on target, as usual.

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