The Friday hawt chicks & links is late, by about two weeks. We are living in tumultuous times and your humble author has been keeping his head down and getting on with things. So, not much time to capture the links and hawtness goodness that you all crave for. But here we are and we will see if it has been worth the wait.

The biggest drama is the disputed United States election. As I no longer get my news from the mainstream media I have had to rely on other sources to pick through the surplus information. My go to sites are Vox Day and Nourishing Obscurity, and on Gab it is Roissy and Neon Revolt. Sure there are other sources that are worthwhile, but these are whom I choose to put my trust. Not only that but they either do the very hard work of sifting through all of the noise or they have people doing that for them. Either way, it is a win for me.

Trump is fighting hard. One thing is for sure and that is over the next eight weeks either the truth will come out or it will be buried. After this time there is not much to hope for. So this is the moment of watching and praying. Both sides now need to push everything into the middle because the side that comes in first runner-up is liable to pay a severe penalty, justifiable or not. These are games for the big men but I suspect that some are only now beginning to understand just how big the stakes are; they will be coming to the worrying realisation that they are in over their heads.

So sit back with the cold November rain rattling your windows, the wind blowing a fateful moan down your chimney and your faithful hound tensing at every gust, and contemplate the many tidbits that await you when you click to see more below. Life is worth living.

Julian Walbridge Rix (American, 1851-1903), “Twilight scene with stream and redwood trees”

Julian Rix was an American landscape painter of the late 19th century. He would have toiled in obscurity if not for the fortunate support of a wealthy patron. In this scene a small campfire illuminates the gloom of a dusk on a stream bed. If they’re spending the night they had better hope that it doesn’t rain upcountry.


Let’s start with the Donald. James Higham has done a sterling job of collecting information, as I noted above. Here are his latest posts at the time of publication.

Saturday too

e. -On December 14, 2020, Certified Electors from each state, cast their ballots for the President and VP. What many do not realize is they vote in their home state and their vote is sealed and NOT “counted” until January 6th. Crucial point.

f. -Now, the SLs have the Constitutional authority (under Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 and 3 U.S. Code § 2 and § 5) to appoint their own slate of Electors, loyal to President Trump, if they deem their state’s “POPULAR VOTE IS CORRUPTED”.

g. -In other words, the State GOP Legislature of Georgia, for example, can “conclude that the popular vote has been corrupted” and appoint a “competing slate” of electors, loyal to President Trump. For example, 20 Biden Electors from PA & 20 for Trump.

A Republic, not a Democracy.

h. -The precedent for this is the 1876 Election when SC, LA, FL and (1 EV from OR) each sent competing Dem and Repub Electoral votes, sealed, to the archivist in D.C.

-Keep in mind, NOTHING is “counted” yet. Another crucial point.

i. -On January 6, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution specifies that the “President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.”

j. -That means that in the case of disputes about competing electoral slates, the President of the Senate—Vice President Pence—would appear to have the ultimate authority to decide which to accept and which to reject. This is supported by 3 U.S. Code § 15. Hence, Trump wins.

k. -This is a de facto check on the Electoral College, which few realize because it only happened in 1876.

Sunday too

Across the pond, DJT was elected on the basis he would boost the US economy [assuming a level playing field] and drain the swamp. To him, they were not idle words. But then we saw what happened.

Possibly the greatest thing he’s done, other than return to policies of sanity, is expose the corrupt. Not just corruption per se but who the bstds are and here’s one right now:

What follows are a long line of screenshots of Twitter posts by various actors in the unfolding drama. Screenshots are a good idea as links have a tendency to disappear, as I have found on some of my old articles. So screenshots for me from now on as well.


Why is Tucker cucking?

What is ridiculous about Carlson’s statements is that one cannot reasonably be expected to provide the sort of evidence that is required to be conclusive in a press conference in front of a bunch of journalists who are totally incapable of understanding it. As both Powell and Giuliani have stated, they have the evidence and will be providing it in the appropriate venues. They have even described, in some detail, what that evidence is.

The statistical evidence is literally right in front of everyone. FFS, I knew there was voter fraud in Hennepin County by simply looking at the documentary evidence of the vote totals; it is unlikely to the point of complete impossibility for Joe Biden to have won 25.2 percent more votes than the average of votes won by Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton in three elections at the same time Donald Trump won 13.6 percent more votes than the average won by himself, Mitt Romney, and John McCain.

Hey Tucker, here is the evidence. Now, decide if you’re henceforth going to be known as Tucker Carlson or Tucker Cuckerson.

One thing that is now an irrefutable truth is that anybody employed in the mainstream media is not just suspect but not on our side. Before the election, Tucker Carlson was held up as the pinnacle of journalistic integrity as well as frequently being mentioned as a potential future presidential candidate. Now he has revealed himself as the enemy that he always was. Some are still attempting to justify his actions with suppositions that he has been threatened or blackmailed. This is ridiculous; if you are already taking their money then you are already participating in your own blackmail.

Let me repeat this because it is so important – anyone taking their money is in their thrall. You are not able to be part of it and simultaneously above it. You are just as dirty and corrupted except you are also a dupe, a hypocrite and a traitor into the bargain. If you are published in an MSM publication in any way then you are untrustworthy and should be shunned, at best. There is no getting around this. Likewise if you are employed at a university. If you succeed in that environment then you have been chosen and you have accepted the poisoned chalice. It is now that simple and that clear. Those who choose to stay are complicit in their downfall.


In Australia the Marxist left have been after the Army’s elite SASR for many years. This is because it is one of the few real threats to their long term plans to make the country into yet another version of the socialist workers’ paradise, comrades. Now, a political stunt masquerading as an investigation has found low ranking SAS soldiers to be guilty of “war crimes”in Afghanistan. I will not link the usual MSM fare on this subject as I have not even read it. But here is a noteworthy observation on the matter from a man who has been there and done that.

The nature of SOCOMD’s role in Afghanistan meant its units of SASR and CDO troops were amongst the most closely scrutinised in the entire theatre.

Everything they did was monitored, recorded, remotely obseved, questioned, lawyered, briefed, debriefed analysed and even micromanaged. By their own TF staff, as well as JTF staff onsite and in the UAE. The anecdotes from Mark Donaldson’s The Crossroads and ex-DEVGRU operator Mark Owen in No Easy Day should leave the reader with no doubt that there was extreme (and professionally welcomed, albeit grudging at times) scrutiny of every aspect of their work.

Ditto every Coalition SF unit involved in hunting Talib and other insurgent networks.

It is a physical imposibility that an entire JTF could be kept ignorant of the sort of massed malfeasance MAJGEN Brereton et al is accusing SASR and CDO Operators of. If you cannot even sneeze or drop a fart on camera without having to then spend several hours justifying these actions to a TF lawyer, then massed unlawful deaths are going to be impossible to cover up, unless the entire Chain of Command chooses to look the other way or declare ignorance because there is too much for it to do already.

Contrast this, then, with the fact that MAJGEN Brereton in para.37 of his report has effectively dropped sole responsibility for all alleged or actual criminality on the JNCOs and SNCOs running the small patrols at the sharp end. groups who did the shooting, and copped all the bullets, bombs and IEDs in return.

It seems then, that the ADF has adopted the ways of the civilian APS in regards to accountability- Those at the top are untouchable, and subordinates are only ever accountable to their superiors…

The end result will be not just that regiments such as the SAS will be discredited, but that good men will refuse to serve in them. This is the preferred outcome for which our enemies have been working.


“Economy of words” gems

Bruce Charlton

In 2020 there is nothing more false than a fact-checked ‘fact’

Dark Brightness

Their social welfare system is designed to keep public servants(sic) in salaries.


… winning is simple: don’t do the one thing they want you to do, that they have no power to make you do, and which they need you to do so that they can live a bit longer and you die — do not genuflect before any false gods.

Deep Strength

If you’re not being hated by the world for your views there’s probably something wrong.

Dark Brightness again

We are not told we will always be happy. But we are commanded to be faithful.

Jeff M

Why do so many writers fail to call leftists what they are: Terrorists?


Early 70s ad for the Jaguar XJS

The XJS came in a side by side V12 and a V6 version. The V12 was a notoriously complicated engine, and many were removed and replaced with a Chevy 350. These vehicles are beginning to follow the 30 year rule and are starting to increase in price, so now is the time to pick one up if you want to have the life of a glamorous skier with nowhere to put his skis when it’s time to return home.


Adam’s Notebook

The Unz Review – The Covidian Cult

The Other McCain – DNA of the Doomed

Soviet Man – The growing need for anti-fragility

John Wilder – Fight Club: A dystopia we can learn from?

Captain Capitalism – Making it illegal to pass shit tests

Didact – Admit to your screw ups like a man

Of Two Minds – How we institutionalized incompetence

Mundabor – Voting, done properly

Roosh V – Men treat women as gods


Stuff you may want to think about

Pedro Gonzalez – Forgotten Again

Asked why the Trump campaign conspicuously neglected its white base in Florida (and everywhere else), one Republican operative said: “you’ve got to kind of recognize that old white men are dying.” The spiteful spirit of Williamson and Kristol-style “conservatism” evidently also haunts many supposed champions of the new “populism,” and not just in Florida.

“The decided view internally was that white working class men lacked an alternative,” a senior White House official told American Greatness. “There was no need to develop policy that would improve the social or economic conditions in America’s industrial communities. They voted for Trump once, they’d do it again,” this official said of the campaign’s thinking. “From late 2017 foward, the goal was to make the Republican Party the vehicle for blacks and Latinos. They wanted to build off of white working class men and discard them, not build an electoral coalition around them.”

The white working-class “is the ‘forgotten man’ demographic,” A Republican close to the campaign told American Greatness. “The focus on left-wing identity politics has already robbed these people of a home in the Democratic Party, but now also the GOP,” the source reported, referring to the campaign’s pandering. “In the final critical week, instead of holding events focusing on mobilizing cops, miners, steel workers, the campaign focused on PRIDE events in blue-collar areas under Richard Grenell and Jared Kushner, which actually alienates many of these people.”

The contradictions between how Trump won and how he governed and campaigned suggests perhaps the campaign did actually adopt this cynical strategy.

RJ Stove – Atheist convert

All Dad’s elaborate atheist religion, with its sacred texts, its martyrs, its church militant; all his ostentatious tough- mindedness; all his intellectual machinery; all these things turned to dust. Convinced for decades of his stoicism, he now unwittingly demonstrated the truth of Clive James’s cruel remark: “we would like to think we are stoic…but would prefer a version that didn’t hurt.”

Already an alcoholic, he now made a regular practice of threatening violence to himself and others. In hospital he wept like a child (I had never before seen him weep). He denounced the nurses for their insufficient knowledge of Socrates and Descartes. From time to time he wandered around the ward naked, in the pit of confused despair. The last time I visited him I found him, to my complete amazement, reading a small bedside Gideon Bible. I voiced surprise at this. He fixed on me the largest, most protuberant, most frightened, and most frightening pair of eyes I have ever seen: “I’ll try anything now.”

(Years later, I discovered—and was absolutely pole-axed by —the following passage in Bernard Shaw’s Too True To Be Good, in which an old pagan, very obviously speaking for Shaw himself, sums up what I am convinced was Dad’s attitude near the end. The passage runs: “The science to which I pinned my faith is bankrupt. Its counsels, which should have established the millennium, led, instead, directly to the suicide of Europe. I believed them once. In their name I helped to destroy the faith of millions of worshipers in the temples of a thousand creeds. And now look at me and witness the great tragedy of an atheist who has lost his faith.”)

The Saker – Understanding the outcome of the war for Nagorno-Karabakh

The best thing for Armenia, objectively, would be to become part of Russia (which Armenia was in its recent past). But that is not going to happen: first, Armenian nationalism is as blind and as obtuse as ever and, furthermore, Russia would never accept Armenia into the Russian Federation, and why would she? Armenia has exactly nothing to offer Russia, except a difficult to protect territory with potentially dangerous neighbors. No, Russia never lost Armenia – it was Armenia which lost Russia.

The Other McCain – Oh, Please, Give Me Another Unnecessary Lecture About Classical Liberalism

Whenever I denounce liberalism, invariably someone will pop up to say, “But what about classical liberalism?” As if I never heard the term!

And if, by the steady leftward drift of the Democratic Party, they have long ago abandoned even the pretense of liberalism, so what?

Nowadays, we usually speak of “the Left” when describing the activists and ideologues who dominate the Democrats, but is “liberal” no longer meaningful to describe Democrats? Would it be better to call them “progressives,” as they now more often describe themselves?

Discussing terminology like this is a colossal waste of time. Yes, I know that Friedrich Hayek never called himself a “conservative” and preferred to be called a “liberal,” but so what? Why do you feel compelled to lecture me about “classical liberalism,” as if I were a schoolboy in need of your tutoring?


St Goar, Germany March 26, 1945

Soldiers of the 89th division crossing the Rhine under heavy fire. The division suffered heavy casualties in its efforts to take the east bank.


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