The Other McCain has written an article about his ancestor who fought for the Americans in the revolutionary war, and who looked suspiciously like the late Heath Ledger. McCain makes note of the fact that the American rebels were constantly attempting to recruit their countrymen, while the British were actively engaged in preventing this from happening.

On the afternoon of May 29, 1780, after a pursuit of nearly 150 miles, Tarleton’s dragoons caught up with Buford’s rear guard in the vicinity of Lancaster, S.C., near the North Carolina border. The fight that ensued was a decisive British victory, in which the Americans claimed their troops were slaughtered after they surrendered, so that the battle became known as the “Waxhaws Massacre.” The result of Tarleton’s victory thus proved a disaster for the British in two ways:

  • Reports of the “massacre” served as a rallying cry for the Patriot cause in South Carolina, with a desire for revenge inspiring men to join the cause who might have stayed out of the war.
  • His easy victory led Tarleton to become overconfident.

As the year 2020 draws to a close, another rallying cry is beginning to be heard around that nation as people openly pick sides and disavow those who are attempting to remain bystanders on the sidelines.

Vox Day posted a piece about the furor surrounding an American coffee company that has distanced itself from the American patriot, Kyle Rittenhouse.

Black Rifle didn’t cuck, it didn’t throw The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus, it didn’t disavow him, and it didn’t rush to make a donation to BLM in order to purchase a hall pass from the enemy. It just pointed out, correctly, that it was being unfairly attacked for something it didn’t do that was unrelated to its mission. Save your rhetorical fire for enemies, deserters, cucks, and traitors, don’t waste it on neutrals. Ignore them, because there are no shortage of better targets out there.

TL,DR: If you like the coffee, then drink it. There is no reason to boycott them. But then, there is no reason to go out of your way to support them either. They’ve made it clear that they won’t stand up for anyone, so you don’t need to stand up for them.

Then something happened in the comments that I can’t remember seeing before – the readers overwhelmingly disagreed with Vox. A sample:

Black Rifle has been selling their coffee by pretending to be one of us.

You’re right they have every right to try to stay neutral, but like Chik-fil-a, it has been and will be perceived as “Sorry, patriotic Christian Americans, you’re on your own, we just want your money.”

There is no longer such a thing as neutral. Good or bad, that’s the current situation.

It was so overwhelming that Vox posted an update where he walked back his original opinion.

Over at Gab, more information about this coffee company emerged:

A bunch of fun-loving spec-ops dudes got together and built a great brand. It’s as American as apple pie. It’s heartwarming. Is it true?

Let’s look at the facts:

1) Hefer and Best both worked for the CIA. In the past, this wouldn’t have bothered me .. a lot of former spec-ops dudes go that route for the money.

2) They’re both jews. This, I wouldn’t have suspected (especially of Best). That being said, I’d have given them a pass simply for being former operators. You gotta have a certain mentality and resilience that is just not very dirty-sneaky-jew like to succeed in that environment.

3) Their company (more like companies) became wildly successful in a pretty short amount of time. Even this is not enough to make me stop and scratch my head. After all, good people still work their asses off, and get a break every once in a while. Hell, their commercials are hilarious, and Best in particular is a FUNNY guy. Every military guy I know has bought their product, and some will go out of their way to have a cup of it over anything else.

So why am I suddenly suspicious?

We already know that the left take no prisoners, and consider those trying to remain neutral enemies. Maybe lower priority ones, but enemies none the less. It is only those of us on the right who respect the idea that, say, a Christian baker might not want to make a cake for a gay wedding.

The people backing Kyle are exactly American patriots who believe in defending our communities, self defense, the 2A, etc. Every military, or LEO guy I know is 100% behind The Kenosha Killer.

And so, one has to wonder, how does BRCC’s stance make sense? If they support veterans, LEO’s, and patriots, then why don’t they back the person who embodies that patriotic spirit?

Are just one more deep state money laundering operation? Are these jews simply suckering us into supporting their brand with displays of over the top patriotism that they don’t actually believe in?

When civil wars begin to move towards the pointy end of the conflict, staying neutral becomes somewhat of a health hazard. As in the American Revolutionary War, the two sides are beginning to coalesce their supporters and allies. Many will attempt to remain neutral well beyond the point where it is impossible to do so, and that may result in people finding themselves in enemy territory when it all kicks off.

A cursory examination of the opening months of the Spanish Civil War will leave the reader in no doubt as to how that went for people on both sides. Remaining neutral is just what the enemy wants us to do as the more people who do so the better they are able to strengthen their forces, as well as actively identifying the useful idiots among them. Better to stand up courageously now than to cower in fear later on when the choice becomes moot.

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