A Merry Christmas to all of the fine folks out there that occasionally peruse this humble corner of the internet. You have probably noticed that it has been a little quiet over here this month. No, I have not succumbed to the sniffles. I am in good health and feeling fine and dandy, even in the midst of the second lockdown of the year. This latest version of nationwide house arrest came down upon us over Christmas, while the first version landed directly on Easter. But I am sure that is merely a coincidence. Ho ho ho.

This has been my first break in six years from writing on an almost daily basis. I took a break not from exhaustion but more from apathy. A few weeks back another site linked to an article that I wrote a couple of years’ ago. Out of curiosity I reread my own words. To my surprise it was rather good. So, well done Adam, old boy.

There are undoubtedly more of these articles here waiting to be rediscovered. But it got me thinking that for the most part these words are gone into the ether. If you were not here for that moment then you missed it. And for a writer, this scattering of ideas works against you. I have written on many topics but my own words are not in any sort of order. They are forgotten games in some random sports series played sometime in the past.

The other part is that in a sense I have said what needs to be said. Reacting to the latest outrage of our enemies is pure hokum that merely feeds them. We keep the monolith intact by observing it. And our criticism binds us to their destructiveness. In a sense we are ensnared just as effectively as the most dimwitted prog left socialist moron. It takes two to tango as the old saying goes.

It takes a great deal of energy and time for me to write the 600 words that normally constitute one of my pieces. The time and energy spent is not in the typing, but rather in the researching and devising. I must troll the internet for outrage. I must dwell in the house of the beast. And I spend far too much time there.

The effect of being apart from that world for the past few weeks has been noticeable. I spend more time reading books, of the dead tree variety. And I have been coming up with ideas for future books which I wish to write. The publishing world today is a mess of propaganda gibberish that rewards grifters and the insane. There are few writers that counter it and I should contribute more but I have not put out a book in four years because there has been no time for me to write. It is either the blog or books, and books stand the test of time. Books sit on a shelf and tempt you back to rediscover them. A random article on a blog from a random day, and a random month, and a random year is simply lost.

I am not ending the blog. Rather, my focus will be elsewhere. I will still post here when the mood takes me. And it is where I will announce my future publications. So stay subscribed so you will be kept up to date with important announcements.

It has been an interesting and rewarding run. I know that my writing has sharpened considerably while running this blog. My only hope is that I can continue to transfer that skill to the paper page. So once again, a very Merry Christmas to you all and God speed for the coming year.

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