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Month: January 2021

The benefits of prayer

It has been gratifying for me to read so many comments and emails from readers who have returned to God in these tumultuous times. In that sense, we are fortunate indeed to be alive in this moment so that our souls may benefit from a return to faith. Not only that, but the internet as a resource enables us to both discover true information and find like minded men so that although we may be physically alone, we are not so spiritually.

I do not argue with those who comment or email expressing negativity or disdain for my faith. To do so would be hypocritical as I myself was in that same position only a couple of years ago. And I know that anyone who argued with me back then or who would have tried to ‘make me see the light’ would have only caused me to further strengthen my outer atheist defenses.

I did not return to God because of political and social upheavals, but rather due to personal circumstance following the collapse of my former secular marriage. I will not lie; not a day goes by where I do not think of my ex-wife. But if I examine myself in a spiritual and moral sense then I find that I am light years away from where I was only a year ago. As it was my decision to return to God, and provoked by sheer desperation, I did not make any demands that He prove His own existence to me.

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Little men

A little man commented on this website yesterday.

How you feeling now, Adam?

To answer his question, I’m feeling fine. I trust that things are happening in a way of which at present I do not understand. In that sense my position is unchanged. It is called faith and hope.

But little men do not like to have faith nor do they like to hope, for what consumes them with fear is the possibility of being wrong and appearing foolish to other men. They must always be right for in being right lies the conceit of righteousness, or so they believe. They risk nothing and thus they gain nothing. So they hate those that risk and they hate even more those that do so in a public manner.

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We know no despair

I posted a link on Gab to one of my articles last week. It got some likes, it got some reposts, it got some comments and it got some retards. The prevailing characteristic of the retards was their belief in the awful Donald who had betrayed them. This was somewhat amusing as that was the main point of the article that I wrote. I don’t usually post my articles to Gab but I did this time as a form of social experiment to test what I had written, which was confirmed.

But it got me thinking.

The level of despair among those who had professed to believe in Trump is off the charts. They have no faith, they have no hope, and they certainly have no charity. They were fair weather followers. When things were going well, happy days. When things look bleak, throw the guy you’ve professed to follow under the bus. Good on you, Ann. Just like a woman.

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Called it … again

What will characterize this election is the amount of fraud involved.

Moi, August 2020.

The best of times

The events of the past few weeks have not disappointed my own expectations. The commentary has been a wild mix of views from all sides. I am sure that what the media is putting out is their usual lobotomized screed aimed at keeping the normies safe and secure in their NPC world. I am also sure that hardly anyone knows what is really going on. All of this is smoke and mirrors as it always has been if you are even a passing student of history. Everything has always been manipulated, and the more that we are certain that something is true then the less we can be certain of that comfortable conceit.

A great deal of ire has been directed at Donald Trump by supporters of the nationalist right. This comment from Gab is fairly typical:

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Book review – Reclaiming the Catholic Church

Reclaiming the Catholic Church is the latest book by Giuseppe Filotto. The subtitle of the book is, ‘The True History of Vatican II and the Visible Remnant of the Real Catholic Church now that the Vatican is a Pederast Infested Hive of Imposters’. It is a companion book to Filotto’s previous work on the subject, Believe! which I reviewed here. Weighing in at a hefty 500 pages, Reclaiming the Catholic Church is to Believe! what The Lord of the Rings is to The Hobbit. It is a thorough expansion and deeper examination of the topics and ideas presented in the former work.

Filotto’s thesis is that the Catholic Church was systematically infiltrated by Freemason heretical imposters over the 19th and 20th centuries. The Church was aware of the great danger posed by these imposters, with Pope Pius X and Pope Benedict XV committing to the publication of the Code of Canon Law in 1917. This Code set out for all time the comprehensive codification of Latin canon law.

But in 1958 the infiltrators succeeded in raising one of their own to the Papal Chair. As a result of this, the heretical Vatican II Council was held in order to address relations between the Church and the “Modern World”. What it did in practice was to upend two Millennia of Church doctrine and revert the Mass into a bastardised form of Protestantism known as the Novus Ordum. The Church has been in a crisis ever since, both internally and externally. Some external factions have sought to “recognise yet resist” the teachings of Vatican II. Others have gone much further, with the Sedevacantists and Sedeprivationists arguing that since 1958 the chair of St Peter has either been vacant or has been filled by an imposter.

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