The events of the past few weeks have not disappointed my own expectations. The commentary has been a wild mix of views from all sides. I am sure that what the media is putting out is their usual lobotomized screed aimed at keeping the normies safe and secure in their NPC world. I am also sure that hardly anyone knows what is really going on. All of this is smoke and mirrors as it always has been if you are even a passing student of history. Everything has always been manipulated, and the more that we are certain that something is true then the less we can be certain of that comfortable conceit.

A great deal of ire has been directed at Donald Trump by supporters of the nationalist right. This comment from Gab is fairly typical:

My expectations of Trump in November, 2016 were minimal: I expected that:

He would appoint patriots, not globalists, to his administration.

He would use the bully pulpit to keep any RINOs in line, going to war with the GOPe if necessary.

He would veto every spending bill until full funding for the border wall was included.

He would end DACA.

He would make mandatory e-Verify the law of the land, with harsh fines for businesses caught hiring illegal aliens.

He would fight for the first amendment rights of his supporters in the modern public square.

He would drain the swamp, and restore the rule of law.

He would realize the importance of message discipline and hire the finest communications team in the world to craft and communicate the MAGA message so as to make it almost impossible for the Lugenpresse to successfully distort or attack it.

He would reward his patriotic base for their loyalty and devotion by fighting for them every single day.

He met none of these expectations. He was the weakest president since Carter. The consequences of his failure are ENORMOUS and CATASTROPHIC and he DESERVES to be judged harshly by the patriots he betrayed and failed time after time.

This is not the type of individual that you want to have next to you in a fox hole.

We know that men in general today are weak. They are not physically weak; if you put a bunch of modern specimens up against men from several generations ago then the contrast will be astounding. Never before have so many men been so set on building up their biceps.

Rather, men today are spiritually weak. They have little backbone and when something does not go their way then they react in an emotional manner, in a feminine manner. I see this all the time in daily life. Physically they may blot out the sun but you could blow them over with a breath of emotional air.

And because men are spiritually weak then they must place all of their expectations on the “Great Leader” that they so desperately desire. And from that point on it is nothing less than a short term emotional roller coaster. Trump does something they perceive as good then they are on top of the world. Trump disappoints them in some way then he is the worst ever, literally the worst president since Carter.

Just because you say that you believe in God does not mean that you are spiritually strong. A man who follows the teachings of the bible would not be so enslaved to the outcome of short term events as the vast majority are today. A man who is spiritually strong knows deep within himself that this world is just an illusion, and that the real world is the Kingdom of Heaven. Our trials and tribulations that we face here enable us to become spiritually strong so that we may enter that Kingdom and be a worthy tool for God. And it is our patient bearing of these trials that separate us from those that will fall short.

You must trust in God. You must trust that He has His plan. And His plan is to ensure that as many worthy souls as possible are able to enter heaven. So He will create the circumstances on earth in order to maximise this outcome. If you sleepwalk through life, if you are never faced with anything of real trial, if you never encounter despair, then tell me exactly how you will become spiritually strong.

Trump was here to draw aside the curtain and calmly show us that everything that we thought was true and good was only a pile of lies. From government, to the media, to world organisations, to modern thinking and philosophies, to everyday people that you meet on the street, all has been revealed for what it is. The purpose of this time is not to return you to a comfortable life. It is to wake you up and force you to make a decision of whether you will continue to be woken up or if you will willingly crawl in bed with those of the grave. You know it’s not steak but it just tastes so damn good.

In regards to this burden Trump has been spectacularly successful. For a few of us, there is no putting the lid back on this box. The force of Trump has forced people to pick a side. Among your own family, friends and colleagues, you now know where they stand. You even know where complete strangers stand; driving alone in your car wearing a mask anyone?

The vast majority of people desperately want to remain comfortably numb. The individual that I quoted above is such a man. I am not talking about sides of left and right. I am talking about sides of good and evil, and neither political side has a monopoly on either of those binaries. If you want to remain a normie then this is the worst of times. But if you want to be roused from your slumber, shake off your lethargy and begin the process of becoming spiritually strong, then this is the best of times.

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