A little man commented on this website yesterday.

How you feeling now, Adam?

To answer his question, I’m feeling fine. I trust that things are happening in a way of which at present I do not understand. In that sense my position is unchanged. It is called faith and hope.

But little men do not like to have faith nor do they like to hope, for what consumes them with fear is the possibility of being wrong and appearing foolish to other men. They must always be right for in being right lies the conceit of righteousness, or so they believe. They risk nothing and thus they gain nothing. So they hate those that risk and they hate even more those that do so in a public manner.

Bruce Charlton had an excellent short post up yesterday about this fear of being thought a fool. But being thought a fool is no handicap at all.

For anyone publicly to affirm the side of God, Good and creation; of truth, beauty and virtue; of spirit, soul and the supernatural – is (nowadays) to be generally regarded as a fool (as well as evil).

We should not be deterred by the fear of making a fool of ourselves in the eyes of Men – otherwise we have already joined the other-side.

Nearly everybody I respect as being on the right side in the spiritual war is, or would be, regarded as a fool by most.

All truth-seekers and truth-speakers must (here, now, 2021) be prepared to make fools of themselves: this is not an option. 

Conversely those who regulate their behaviour so as Not to be regarded as fools (and who advise others to regulate their behaviour likewise) are – by that fact – self-destined for damnation.

Not only do the taunts of the mockers not bother me, they fill me with gladness for they reaffirm my position. If those sort of little men are taking great pleasure in my foolish public hope, then I must be on the right path indeed.

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