The biggest takeaway from the recent US election is that the system is rigged and the rules of the game were only ever used in one direction. While the letter of the law is important, it is the spirit of the law which governs whether a populace is accepting of the laws which apply to them. And the spirit of the law, along with the letter of the law, have been irrevocably broken. This is not restricted to the USA. It is applicable to every Western nation on earth, because the USA is the world empire and the seismic events that occur in the center of the empire send shock waves throughout the entire system.

Riot police called out across the Netherlands as trouble flares for the third night

The Chinese-Biden pox hysteria was specifically designed to sabotage Trump. That almost the entire world jumped on board is stark evidence of the dog wagging its tail. The globalist elite were so desperate to get rid of Trump that they burned down their house in order to save it. The house that they burned is the rule of law, and the consequence of that deranged fanaticism is that the other side is beginning to understand that all bets are off.

A brilliant example of this that is still unfolding at the time of writing is the manipulation of the Game Stop stock price. The brief story is that a large globalist hedge fund took a position to short the stock of Game Stop. A bunch of redditors discovered the position and decided to stick it to the globalists and burn the whole rotten edifice down. To that end, they began buying the stock; lots of the stock. And they pushed up the price by over 180%. By the terms of their position the hedge fund has to close the trade this Friday. At the moment they are already looking at a loss of over $13 billion which will result in the loss of the fund, and there are still three trading days to go.

What makes it even more delicious is the additional benefit to those buying the stock – their profits are through the roof. One redditor who sunk over $50K into the enterprise is now up $22 million. The name of the likely doomed investment group is Melvin Capital. Concern trolls are aghast at what is going on, with social media full of desperate pleas for sanity from Wall Street traders and the like. They think that these stock manipulators are burning down the house, but what they don’t understand is that the house is already ashes – the redditors are merely demonstrating both the new lawlessness of the land and their intention to act upon it.

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