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Month: February 2021

Update on that Rush guy

Reader Ted left a prescient comment on my piece about Rush from yesterday:

I don’t really have any opinion on Rush or Adam’s articles as it’s not a topic I know about and I havent listened to Rush either. That said, from reading the article and then the comments so far , the commentators haven’t really addressed Adam’s main argument. Adam’s main argument was that Rush was out for himself and didn’t mentor any people coming up. So far the commentators have tried to defend Rush but haven’t addressed Adam’s main argument making me think Adam is right about this….

Ted is on the money here.

I don’t need to listen to someone, or to watch someone, or to read someone, in order to evaluate the effect of his output on the world around him and the way in which he maneuvered through that world. Part of that observation will include examining valid criticism from people on the same side.

But if you as a reader intend to evaluate what I write and the argument that I am making, then perhaps it would behoove you to read what was actually written.

But this sort of inability to approach the topic at hand is typical when you’re up against people who don’t like having yet another one of their sacred cows busted. And while I do understand that frustration, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to go along with it.

Death of a Boomer

Rush Limbaugh died last week, may he rest in peace. Rush is an unusual name; I do not think that I have ever come across it before. I never listened to him as I don’t listen to radio shows or podcasts; I find them tedious. I knew of Rush though as he was often held up as the Great Conservative Dream by Americans that I came into contact with. And then there was his association with Donald Trump. So when he died there was a lot of proclaiming that Rush was the greatest thing ever for the right.

But I have my doubts.

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Lifting the veils

My piece the other day on your role in this spiritual war was cross-posted by our friends over at XYZ Magazine. A reader left a comment with a relevant question that needs to be addressed so as to continue the present theme.

You say, “you have to lift the veils from their eyes. You need to help them to see” – and I agree wholeheartedly – but how? It’s not like our churches, schools, bible colleges, study groups, or any other training is teaching anyone how to do this.
How do we lift the veils from their eyes? How to we help them see?

And in the mean time how do we keep the hope of salvation of our people alive while we do so? Will we have to wander the wildernesses of the world for another 1600 years before we have learnt our lesson not to follow the evil of the Amalekites merchants who we have allowed to rule over us? Without practical advice on /how/ to lift the veil from our peoples’ eyes it’s all just more platitudes.

There’s only one thing worse than platitudes and that’s moral platitudes; can’t be falling into that ugly trap. So I have a few words to answer this important question.

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Greasy Pole #16 – The put it on paper episode

In this long over-due episode of The Greasy Pole the great Adam Piggott
and The Great One, Himself talk about:

The weather.
The Wuhan.
The womynz.
The six million.
The Amsterdam.
The rules.
The hard tyranny or the soft tyranny.
The water cannons.
The experts.
The British.
The Nazis.
The turning on other citizens.
The election.
The problem.
The Gab (which never did load).
The vagina.
The POX.
The advantages of putting it on paper.
And many many tangents which will offend the snowflakes and delight
the deplorables.


Your role in this spiritual war

On my post about none of us having the luxury of being bystanders, reader Rabuti stepped up and took his criticism like a man. But he also had a valid question as to how a real resistance is supposed to take form. Are we merely to be cannon fodder, to sacrifice ourselves uselessly against the many weapons of the enemy?

But what is someone actually supposed to do in this instance? Attend a protest? Attack a cop? Drink an endless coffee as an excuse for not wearing a mask? Share a meme? All nice, but the elite don’t care and will just carry on with their merry scheming.

Because there is no organised opposition and no “safe harbor” to conduct operations from there is very little one can do. I understand where the objection to my post comes from, and beleive me I do everything I can think of to oppose tyranny short of criminal activity (which just gets you locked up and taken out of the game). But we don’t have a lot we can realistically do. Quietly accumulate resources and reserves of strength is about it.

I have put much thought into this conundrum over the last few months. And I believe that I have the semblance of an answer.

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No bystanders

My article yesterday on the gate being wide elicited the following comment:

Freedom is an illusion. I know that’s a cliche but it seems possible to say it now with clear understanding of what that means rather than sounding like a philosophical jackass.

When the forces of stupidity are this immense they are unfortunately probably insurmountable. Withdrawing from society while hoping the farce collapses in on itself seems the most sensible course of action. Luckily I’ve been an introvert my whole life and am used to entertaining myself indoors.


To which came the following reply:

“Withdrawing from society while hoping the farce collapses in on itself seems the most sensible course of action.”

Likewise, thinking that you’re going to be able to ‘lay low’ and ride this one out is an illusion as well. They will come for you. You will have to pick a side. “When they came for […], I did not speak up…”

You fail to understand: in a spiritual battle, there are no civilians. God tests us all. You are trying to walk through that wide, easy gate thinking you are going to somehow Dodge the coming battle.

Bardelys the Magnificant

Wide is the Gate

This morning I came across a wonderful article titled, Argument and Debate are now a Waste of Time.

I no longer have any interest in discussing anything to do with the world with people who are not at least open to the fact that we are in the midst of a spiritual war and that the battle is over souls.

That is just the opening sentence; the remainder of the piece lives up to expectations. The pretend pandemic was orchestrated to oust Trump, that much is clear for anyone who chooses to see. But the unintended consequence of this great lie has been to identify in stark relief the true nature of the world today; that we are indeed in such a spiritual war.

This is not merely a consequence of our enemies going so big that the lies could no longer be hidden. Rather, it is merely a quiet observation of how modern civilization has approached the topic of potential imminent death. Western civilization has recoiled with horror and complete overreaction to such a reality. Our leaders and elite have been unanimous in their panic, and the populations have been almost as unanimous in their belief in whatever crazy controls the same elite invent for their pretend protection, just so long as they will be able to continue to live and enjoy their worldly baubles.

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Lesbians don’t exist

The Other McCain wrote a droll piece concerning a couple of crazy women with updates on their dating prowess, or lack of, over the last few years. But it was the second of the two seductresses and what McCain had to say about her that caught my eye.

Now that I’ve actually seen the photos, I believe it, even though I find it impossible to understand. How does someone go from being a lesbian cause célèbre at 19 to being a heterosexual housewife at 27?

The reason for this strange and seemingly inexplicable state of affairs is quite simple: lesbians don’t exist. They are made-up fantasy roles for women who have believed the Moloch propaganda and fallen for the modern fad of homosexuality. I am not the first to declare that lesbians are imaginary; as far as I know it was that perennial pervert Milo who first came up with it. I have known a few lesbians in my time. They all eventually ended up with men after they came to the realisation that lock-jaw wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

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