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Lifting heavy weights and fighting the System

Readers of this website who lift will no doubt be familiar with Mark Rippetoe and his Starting Strength program for strength training. Mark has been working in the industry for close to fifty years, and in that time he has built up a small but core business which focuses on searching out and working with truth as opposed to spin or fads. I have read a number of his articles and one thing that I have taken away is how perplexed he is at the success of corporate gyms that push pretty lies. Planet Fitness advertises free pizza with their memberships which is ludicrous on many levels. But still they do well despite people who go to these types of gyms not achieving any gains unless they pop some magic pills.

Mark wrote an article a few months ago on the state of the industry due to the lockdowns imposed by our clueless overlords. He is hopeful that this crisis will cause the failure of the globogyms and that his training programs which actually work for people will prevail.

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First, do Harm

Roosh has written a great article on the sad reality that Western medicine is dead. Medicine was once a religious based institution to relieve suffering. Today it is a big business that seems to do everything but cure its patients; (why would you, seeing as a cured patient is no longer a paying customer of your deadly and expensive drugs).

Many drugs that were heralded to alleviate a disease, despite the studies allegedly proving their claims, turned out to cause serious health damage while providing no curative effect, and so the entire foundation of modern medicine becomes shaky, held up only by vested financial interests that want to keep selling you expensive treatments.

I have received a great deal of direct feedback over the years concerning my first book, Pushing Rubber Downhill. One of the more debatable sections of the book is the chapter that details a serious illness that struck me as a young man and my successful efforts to cure myself.

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Boomers move to France – have no plan

Reader Andrew shared this link that details the truly heartbreaking story of middle-class Australian boomers with not too many brains and even less money, who moved to France to retire while assuming that everything would run according to their wishes. Life in the form of severe blows from a cricket bat to their imperfect thought bubbles, had other ideas.

At first blush it might seem a bit rich for Australians to be crying poor after choosing to retire on the other side of the world in France. But a number of older, expatriate Australians are distressed to find they have no ongoing means to support themselves due to the lack of a social security agreement between Australia and France.

It turns out that these older expatriate Australians are all women, at least going by the information that I could glean from the article. Boomer womensz making poor life choices and then crying that not one, but two governments should now save them. Does it get any more delicious than this?

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Searching for beauty

I have felt a strong affinity to Europe from the first time I arrived there over twenty years’ ago. The reason for my enthrallment is because Europe is beautiful. It is still beautiful now if you know which areas to avoid. I am not talking about natural beauty; that in itself is a worthy part of Europe, as I particularly value the softness of the landscape. No, what I am referring to here is man made beauty. The beauty of the villages and towns; the beauty of the architecture; the beauty of the old roads that meander their way around contours in the land; the beauty of the art and the music. The beauty of the religion.

In essence it is the harmonious balance between man and nature that encapsulates Europe. For a thousand years the European man valued beauty. Even the great factories of 19th century industrial era Britain were built beautifully. They might have indeed severed the connection of rural man to the land but even the great industrialists of that period still valued making something that lasted, both in the products that they made and in the buildings in which they created them.

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The womensz will eat themselves

What a week it has been for the womensz in the poor befuddled nations that make up the Anglo-Saxon world. In Great Britain, being a misogynist is officially now a crime. Of course, that this law was pushed through by misandrists is beside the point. At the moment the shit is only flowing in one direction, baby. And sitting right at the bottom of the waterslide shit show are the mens. This comes right on the heels of some drizzled old hag of a politician proposing that a curfew be set up specifically for men.

The problem with this curious proposal is that it presupposes that women need protecting from men. If that is the case then not only does it throw a bucket of cold fish on the whole equality charade, but it suggests that if a curfew is to be arranged then the logical subjects of such a great controlling should in fact be the womensz. After all, they are the ones that need to be protected, so it makes sense that they should be the ones to be locked up at night.

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The battle between the physical and the spiritual

The only reason that I came back to God was due to my divorce. That event in my life caused me to question many things. The biggest upheaval was that it dragged me kicking and screaming out of a state of being comfortably numb. I was cruising in a spiritual sense. The more that my marriage continued, and the more that my wife and I became increasingly successful as the result of our secular team, then the more that I became of this world.

I look back on the immediate days after my wife left me and the emotional state that I was in, and I can now observe a man who was being dragged kicking and screaming into the spiritual world very much against his will. It was only a couple of years ago but now it is as if I am looking at a different man entirely. Back then I would have given just about anything for things to have returned to what they once were. Today, there is nothing that I could be given to return to that former iteration of myself.

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There is no ultimate human Doctor Evil

The other week I had a conversation with a very smart and practical guy that I had met through work. He is at the top of his game and it is a very big game indeed. We recognised in each other both a high level of competence and also an absence of dick swinging, and as such we were able to relax and speak comfortably. At one point he asked me why I bothered maintaining such a high level of performance when I could obviously tone it back by 50% and still be way in front. I replied that then there would be nothing in it for me. He countered with the fact that most people would be fine with that. I replied that most people are morons.

He both smiled and sighed at the truth in what I had said. I saw by the look on his face that he believed the same thing himself but was hoping that perhaps I had had a realistic alternative. He is in his late sixties and in his entire professional career he could come up with no other viewpoint than this one when contemplating the work ethic of people or how to motivate them. It is connected with how you educate really smart kids – you get the hell out of their way.

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This is what happens when geriatrics and chicks are in charge

Before the date of March 2020, the term lockdown was only used to describe a situation in a prison, a location where individuals are held against their will by a government under the force of law. In that sense the term was appropriate for its new utilisation, where it describes the same set of conditions but leaves out the expensive walls, guards and the small matter of the prisoner having to at least had the semblance of breaking a law and undergoing a trial by jury before his eventual incarceration.

Governments the world over have essentially made prisoners of their entire respective populations. Not only that, it appears that the only method for the presumed guilty without evidence to regain some small measure of their freedom is to submit to receiving a bizarre cocktail of hastily prepared biological slop that seems designed to alter the recipient’s DNA in the largest medical experiment in the history of the world, an experiment that would have made doctor Mengele blush with embarrassment at its brazen medical and social overreach.

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There’s a Dutch election, dontcha know

Next week the Netherlands goes to the polls to elect yet another globalist lackey government to join all of the other globalist lackey governments that are so keen to continue with the liberal dream of the annihilation of humankind. However, I would wager that you, dear reader, were not aware that such an election was about to happen. I presume that your liberal compliant local media have been somewhat complacent in informing you of this impending political event.

I have this presumption because I live in the Netherlands and I barely know that an election is on the cards. There are no placards, nor billboards, nor any type of advertising at all. The only consistent referral to the election is that workers in the voting process will be exempt from the Chinese pox lockdown while they go about their election business. But the election itself has had about as much fanfare as the Tokyo Olympics.

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So apparently Milo isn’t gay now

The news this morning that greeted me with my morning coffee is that Milo is no longer gay, has repented and gone back to the Catholic Church. I then proceeded to read the linked interview where he outlines his retreat from his former life of devotion to youth and lust. To say that I found it unconvincing would be to say that I find the Great Victoria Desert a little sandy. Is this an uncharitable position for me to take; an un-Christian position? Quite possibly, perhaps even certainly. But I have a nose for grifters and this one still has that unmistakable odor.

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