Next week the Netherlands goes to the polls to elect yet another globalist lackey government to join all of the other globalist lackey governments that are so keen to continue with the liberal dream of the annihilation of humankind. However, I would wager that you, dear reader, were not aware that such an election was about to happen. I presume that your liberal compliant local media have been somewhat complacent in informing you of this impending political event.

I have this presumption because I live in the Netherlands and I barely know that an election is on the cards. There are no placards, nor billboards, nor any type of advertising at all. The only consistent referral to the election is that workers in the voting process will be exempt from the Chinese pox lockdown while they go about their election business. But the election itself has had about as much fanfare as the Tokyo Olympics.

Most tellingly is my contact with the Dutch themselves. I have a lot of contact with the Dutch through my work, and most of those that I meet and work with are mid to high level professionals. Not one of them has spoken to me about the election. It is a complete non-event. They’re not even talking about it among themselves. This election amnesia is also baffling when you take into consideration the fact that people in general are mightily pissed off that a two week lockdown to flatten some sort of curve is still ongoing one year later. So you would think that an election would be just the ticket to get all of this Dutch blood boiling.

Not so. Apparently all of those hookers and cheap weed must rub out the desire of strong and earthy Dutchman to spit on their hands, roll up their sleeves, and hoist the black flag that heralds a good old fashioned revolution to wipe the slate clean. And why would they? The Netherlands is a spectacularly wealthy nation. Whether that is because of the EU or in spite of it is the subject for much discussion that I will not enter into here. The short of it is that the Dutch are extremely comfortable and most of the social conversations that I have with them involve them telling me how much their real estate has increased in value since the last time I spoke with them.

Far-right leader Geert Wilders is projected to increase the number of seats that his party holds. His party, the PVV, have released a fifty page manifesto, which is slightly longer than the single page that they produced for the 2017 election. In this, the PVV are attempting to broaden their appeal from the single platform of multiculturalism is bad and send all the Muslims back home, to economic and green issues. As such, they have revealed themselves to be quasi-socialists who just don’t like those dusky foreigners.

Three pages are dedicated to climate issues, while centre-left economic issues also play a prominent role, with the party now advocating a rise in the minimum wage, as well as increased housing and assistance for the elderly, together with a reduction in medical fees and the retirement age.

Wilders will again get to second place, but as before his party will most likely be sidelined as the first place getter will make deals with anyone but him in order to form a government, leaving Wilders to remain on the sidelines while shaking his fists impotently at the sky.

The Dutch have not had a good time of it these past twelve months, as has most of the planet. But at heart they are comfortable and lazy in their present political outlook. They have it too good to want to really mess with the status quo, and as long as their leaders allow them onto the café terraces this summer, then they will be content to remain ensconced in that not quite yet boiling pot.

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