The other week I had a conversation with a very smart and practical guy that I had met through work. He is at the top of his game and it is a very big game indeed. We recognised in each other both a high level of competence and also an absence of dick swinging, and as such we were able to relax and speak comfortably. At one point he asked me why I bothered maintaining such a high level of performance when I could obviously tone it back by 50% and still be way in front. I replied that then there would be nothing in it for me. He countered with the fact that most people would be fine with that. I replied that most people are morons.

He both smiled and sighed at the truth in what I had said. I saw by the look on his face that he believed the same thing himself but was hoping that perhaps I had had a realistic alternative. He is in his late sixties and in his entire professional career he could come up with no other viewpoint than this one when contemplating the work ethic of people or how to motivate them. It is connected with how you educate really smart kids – you get the hell out of their way.

On my article yesterday on the foolishness of having the geriatrics and women in charge. Bruce Charlton posed me the following question:

But how could we have the first global government, imposing the same core policies everywhere on the planet – if the only leadership was coming from groups who are incapable of providing leadership and can only follow or be short-termist and selfish motivations (which are fissile in tendency)?

Such a massive strategy doesn’t Just Happen, and Keep Happening when entropy/ disorder/ fragmentation are natural and spontaneous.

If you reject the common-sense inference of a leadership at the top of the existing world bureaucratic structure (with a small number of people at the top – i.e. exactly a ‘conspiracy’) (operating under strategic demonic control); then you need to suggest an alternative source of global coordination and direction.

Of course it is possible that such a hierarchical leadership exists, conveniently with a Doctor Evil figure sitting at the very top. Such a figure is convenient in the sense that if you lop off the top dog then the rest of the rotten structure will come crashing down. To that end, this idea of a conspiracy is attractive because it not only provides a rational and easily understood explanation for what is going on, but also a clear way of defeating it. Get rid of those in charge and hey bingo, you’ve won. This is best encapsulated in the James Bond movies, and more recently in the Kingsman series of spy films.

Reality is far more chaotic and nebulous then this handy lawful-evil example. What we are presently dealing with is more akin to the mythological hydra – lop off one head and several more will grow in its place. And the heads are interchangeable because of the fact that most people are morons. By labeling them as moronic what I am saying is that they are greedy and lazy, and thus they exist in a constant state of susceptibility to the temptation of their base natures. Which means that they are easy to manipulate by their fellow mediocrities.

Post Alley Crackpot also left a comment on that article which nicely encapsulates my own viewpoint.

 … mediocre people tend to backstop other mediocre people, and a system of institutionalised mediocrity comes into being as an autopoietic system.

The few people who are part of it yet go against it are tolerated because even the most dim-witted understand that the system’s existence may only be justified if it at least occasionally produces results.

Thus there is little need for global coordination and direction as a hierarchy, but instead an improvised global structure exists via multiple platforms. This allows the combined systems to perpetuate a finely tuned mediocrity that may operate on aesthetic principles alone and that also exerts its power by excluding people who can question it.

This is essentially the argument of Reuven Kotleras’s “mobbing” and the Polymath Archives’ “inappropriately excluded” being observed from an operations research perspective.

Essentially all of the “ticket takers” who get their remit from Satan and his minions are the weak and the mediocre who would otherwise never be capable of exerting any power at all, and that because they recognise intuitively the necessity of maintaining their lies, they’ll also intuitively exclude everyone who can see the structure of them or who dares to speak the truth.

Within these various platforms, some organisations are more influential than others, the Freemasons being one of the best examples. But in the end there is no need for a supreme leader on earth as there already is one in the form of Satan, and he brooks no competitors. I have no doubt that this adversary very much prefers to use chaos and disorder that is channeled through a vast number of expendable human instruments rather than having a few choice humans at the top of the pile.

In the sense that the massive strategy against us is coordinated, it is coordinated in their collective opposition against God and Christianity, and thus it gives the appearance of moving with intelligent direction. Because so much is in play, often times these separate elements will overlap, again adding to an appearance of a guiding human hand behind it all.

In the end I believe this to be true because if the alternative explanation supplied by Charlton was accurate then we would be doomed and there would be nothing that we could do to defeat it. Our hope resides in understanding that our Enemy thrives on chaos and a willingness by humans to take the ticket. Thus, by turning to God, by trusting in his message, by openly living our lives in adoration of Him, by being fearless in the face of those who would persecute us, then we can triumph. We are not meant to be of this world or to save this world. We are here to learn and to grow, to save ourselves through God and to help save our fellow man. And of that there is no doubt because none of us live forever on this world, and so the only battle that counts is the spiritual one.

I give my all, all of the time, because I do it for the glory of God. I do it in spite of the masses who cannot be bothered but who expect everything of this world to be for them. I won’t take the ticket, but I will stand up and rub it in the faces of those that do. In the end, the ultimate level of anti-fragility is to believe in God and to know that what they do to you does not matter. All that matters is how you stand up to them and in whose name you do so.



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