The only reason that I came back to God was due to my divorce. That event in my life caused me to question many things. The biggest upheaval was that it dragged me kicking and screaming out of a state of being comfortably numb. I was cruising in a spiritual sense. The more that my marriage continued, and the more that my wife and I became increasingly successful as the result of our secular team, then the more that I became of this world.

I look back on the immediate days after my wife left me and the emotional state that I was in, and I can now observe a man who was being dragged kicking and screaming into the spiritual world very much against his will. It was only a couple of years ago but now it is as if I am looking at a different man entirely. Back then I would have given just about anything for things to have returned to what they once were. Today, there is nothing that I could be given to return to that former iteration of myself.

Francis Berger has written another interesting article which draws upon work by Dr Bruce Charlton and expands upon it. The topic is the difference between the spiritual and the physical world, how the global system attempts to trap us within the physical system, and how we can avoid the traps of the physical system while retaining our spiritual freedom. In other words, we need physical bread to physically nourish us; there is no avoiding that. But if our focus becomes entirely the physical bread, then when we physically die we will discover that we are spiritually dead as well.

The recognition that our mortal lives should not be solely defined by or limited to our stomachs – or any other natural necessity – is the driving force behind the spiritual imperative of system distancing. This spiritual imperative does not deny the reality of natural necessity, but opposes any force that attempts to use natural necessity (external forces) to subvert spiritual freedom (internal forces).

Natural necessity is an inescapable fact of our mortal lives. Without earthly bread, we cannot physically survive in this world. The key to system distancing is the understanding that the inescapable necessity of earthly bread to survive in this world should never eclipse the desire for heavenly bread to attain everlasting life.

The System is currently opposed to God and Creation because it has weaponized natural necessity in an effort to destroy spiritual freedom. The System believes it can crush spiritual freedom under the burden of earthly bread and pressing physical necessity, but it can only achieve this aim if we willingly abandon the offer of heavenly bread in favor of earthly bread.

The key point made is that we must willingly submit to the system for it to have power over us. Before the lockdowns the system did this obliquely; it encouraged a great deal of personal freedom which led people to a life of excess in many different forms. The ultimate goal of the system being to cause us to neglect and turn away from our spiritual selves in relation to God. Even those who did try to focus on their spiritual selves were often led astray by false spirituality such as the new age movement and other spiritual dead ends. That is where I was in my state of being comfortably numb.

But much like I was catapulted into a sharp refocus as a result of a great personal crisis, so the world has been thrown into a great crisis as a result of artificial manipulation by the system, (whether that being organic or pre-determined is still to be identified, as the discussions on my last few articles have shown.) Many people affected by this in a negative manner have no doubt fallen into despair as a result of them still being invested in the physical system. But I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of people in my general circle who are making their first tentative steps on a spiritual journey back to God. In some cases it is no doubt a direct result of the personal crises in which they find themselves. But I have had people tell me that it was the overreach by the system that caused them to re-evaluate their spiritual position. The globalists may well have overplayed their hand.

The globalist system is very fragile and vulnerable to individuals who do not fall for its traps. Because it is attempting to obfuscate a spiritual battle with a physical battle, all it takes for people to defeat it is to not accept its terms. You win the game by not playing. And because it has no direct control over an individual’s spiritual salvation, because each one of us is ultimately free to see through the lies and to embrace God on His terms no matter what our physical reality may be, then the system cannot win. The system must rely on falsehoods, lies and misdirection. Those are its only weapons. That is why it comes down so quickly on people who utilise effective rhetoric against its methods. While I might not agree with the behavior of an individual such as Milo, there is no disputing the effectiveness of his own methods against the globalist system.

In the end, you are free inside your own head. And you are also free in the way in which you comport yourselves with others, whether it be by word or by deed. Thus we can be of this physical world but simultaneously not of it as we can refuse the temptations, false promises, and untruths which the system attempts to force upon each one of us. The red pill journey is simply the process of peeling back the many veils and coming to the realisation that none of it matters once we are dead and gone. But what matters after we die is very important indeed. Judging by the amount of energy which the system invests in misdirecting us from the true path, it would seem that the system by its own actions validates the concept of life after death. And our decision; and in the end it is always up to each of us to decide, whether to accept the spiritual battle and choose God or to turn our backs on Him and choose the physical world, is all that matters in the grand scheme of things.


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