Readers of this website who lift will no doubt be familiar with Mark Rippetoe and his Starting Strength program for strength training. Mark has been working in the industry for close to fifty years, and in that time he has built up a small but core business which focuses on searching out and working with truth as opposed to spin or fads. I have read a number of his articles and one thing that I have taken away is how perplexed he is at the success of corporate gyms that push pretty lies. Planet Fitness advertises free pizza with their memberships which is ludicrous on many levels. But still they do well despite people who go to these types of gyms not achieving any gains unless they pop some magic pills.

Mark wrote an article a few months ago on the state of the industry due to the lockdowns imposed by our clueless overlords. He is hopeful that this crisis will cause the failure of the globogyms and that his training programs which actually work for people will prevail.

One thing is certain: the industry has changed, and those of us who produce a higher rate of return on the investment of time and money by our clients will do better than the large expensive gyms full of machines and cardio who hire the merely-decorative individuals wearing the shiny shirts that say “Trainer.” If the globogym is closed long enough, truly committed individuals like us will figure out a way to build a gym at home, and will then have removed themselves from the market even if the place reopens.

It’s a nice dream but I am completely confident that this will not work out the way that Mark hopes that it will. Even if the globogyms fail they will merely be replaced with other globogyms. The globalist system is based on lies, some of which are pretty and some which are not. To succeed in the globalist system, in other words to succeed on a big scale, one must be dialed into the untruths. Rippetoe deals with truths and thus he will only ever be small time.

On my piece on the fraudulent medical industry, Bruce Charlton left the following comment:

You are correct, of course; and this was a theme of my professional writing from the late 1990s. But the key insight is that there is one system, one bureaucracy that links all the supposedly differently functional institutions to impose a single, over-riding concern that could be called leftism – but ultimately is evil (rejection of God and creation). Nothing, no activity, is exempt except individuals in particular situations who stand outside the System here and there (usually for limited periods of time).

For example – ‘Lifting heavy objects’ is not an innocent pastime as of 2021; but is an institutional part of The System and as such evil-orientated, and doing Far more harm than good. It is also strongly linked with other evil systems (as are all such things, nowadays.)

Writing about lifting heavy objects generically and positively is active advocacy of this evil. Very obviously so, when you consider the mass of people involved, and the effect on their spiritual state!

Lifting heavy objects could only be innocently motivated if someone did it privately, disengaged, without discussion.

So – yes medicine; but yes all other institutions. And there is no meaningful sense in which lifting heavy objects can be regarded as ‘good’ and spiritually opposed to ‘bad’ medicine!

I agree with Bruce in the context of the globalist system. One obvious example of this was the sudden rise of Crossfit from a backyard gym to an international phenomenon. Crossfit was the system’s misdirection so that the masses would be distracted from discovering correct programs of the type typified by Starting Strength. And if you understand how the system functions then the sudden rise of Crossfit and its ilk makes complete sense.

But in the context of serious practitioners such as Rippetoe who are dedicated to seeking out truth and sharing it with his clients, then I have to disagree with Bruce. Training with heavy objects greatly contributes to my ability to avoid the medical profession altogether since I remain strong and healthy. Mark Rippetoe has done extensive work with older clients who have benefited greatly from his strength training programs, which I have no doubt has helped them also to avoid the trap of globalist “care”.

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, Rippetoe has been obviously frustrated at his inability to break into the mainstream so that his training based on sound fundamentals could be shared with as many people as possible. But if he was to make the intellectual leap to understanding how the system only rewards its own then I feel that this would greatly benefit Mark. You can’t fight the system, the system always wins on this earth. But what you can do is to be aware of this and then operate outside the system.

Starting Strength has a published corporate culture. Up until recently I would have been impressed upon reading it. Not so today. It has the right buzzwords for resisting the globalist system, but it is entirely secular and of this world. It also aims for success in this world. It mentions personal courage, and personal responsibility, and the scientific method, and human accomplishment. But nowhere does it mention spirituality. Nowhere does it mention God. Mark Rippetoe seeks truth but God is the ultimate truth. Reading the manifesto, it reads less like someone who seeks truth and more like someone who has his face pushed up against the globalist window and who desperately wants to get in but on his own terms.

But that is not how the deal plays out.

I will continue to use the Starting Strength methods as they are proven to work. And I hope that Mark will make the philosophical leap to understanding that the direction in which he is trying to take his work is flawed. If he can correct this error then he will be a powerful force for those standing against the System.

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