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Month: April 2021

France vs ANZACs

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand, a day of remembrance and respect to those who have served in the armed forces of these two nations. April 25th was the day that ANZAC troops came ashore at the Gallipoli Peninsula as one of the spearheads of the allied attack in an effort to force the Dardanelles, knock the Ottomans out of the Great War, and link up with and relieve Russia.

The battlefield quickly deteriorated into trench warfare in the suffocating heat of a long Turkish summer. In early December 1915, the troops were quietly pulled away in the darkness of a moonless night without a single casualty. The Turks woke to find themselves victorious on a deserted battlefield.

A few days’ ago, an open letter was penned to the French parliament. Signed by twenty retired French generals, the letter is a plea for something to be done at the abject political and social state of the nation, and a warning that if the politicians continue to obfuscate then the military, past and serving members, might have to roll up their sleeves and step in.

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Playing catch up

There has been much commentary over the last couple of days concerning the Derek Chauvin trial and the terminal state of the US judicial system. The general line taken is that this was a political decision to convict Chauvin so that blacks would not riot and burn down Minneapolis. I have been rather bemused by all of the outrage surrounding this as the US has a rather long record of kowtowing to the diversity.

I mean, does anyone even remember OJ? That was almost 30 years’ ago, but it was more or less the same. The only difference in that case was that the black perp had to walk so that liberty and equality and all that guff. This time the black victim had to echo down through the ages so that, well, it’s the same old story, just different players. Oh, and L.A. still burned.

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Journalists are public enemy number 1

From The Other McCain, a report that journalists at a press conference in Minnesota wildly objected to the police chief’s use of the word riot to describe the behaviour of certain groups of individuals who had taken to lobbing large chunks of concrete in the general direction of bystanders, police and numerous pieces of private property. The term riot is obviously appropriate and accurate based on the footage of the events. And when you consider that the business of journalism is to report on events using common vocabulary as a communication tool, then the outraged objections of these journalists to correct word usage is particularly illuminating.

Many of us have known or at least suspected for some time that the noble art of the press is not so noble anymore, and that the only sanctity that pervades that institution is an inviolability towards the freedom to select ones’ own personal pronouns. But with Trump’s hijacking of the US presidency, journalists used that shocking upturning of their system to cast aside the very thin veneer of impartiality that they had previously retained as a sop to a time when the West’s collective institutions still had some degree of authenticity.

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Nazi – Conspiracy Theorist – Climate Denier – Racist – White Supremacist

I’m just wondering which is the best one to be. Or is it, if you’re one of these then you’re all of them. It’s so hard to keep up with the ad homs these days. The coolest one is undisputed, though. Obviously, I’ve left out a bunch of lesser worthies.

Hater is a good example of this. Hater is something that a 12 year old girl in the playground who you snubbed and who desperately wanted you to acknowledge her existence in front of her peers whom she had already informed that she’s going out with you and who are standing there watching you blow her off with zero care factor and thus she now realises that her empty dreams are worthless.

So lame.

Pick your label and wear it with disdain.

Back to the Underground

I think that most readers would have heard the news from last week that an Easter service in London was shut down by police who invaded the pulpit on the most holy of Catholic days. And that a similar attempt in Canada had a slightly different outcome, with the priest kicking out the same type of petty officials while displaying palpable scorn.

While some may think that the lesson to be gleaned from this is to stand up to nasty secular bullies, that’s not why I’m putting fingers to keyboard about it. Directly related to this was something that I saw posted on Gab and which I have entirely misplaced. But it went somewhere along the lines of there now exist underground churches in Canada and that persecution is right here, right now.

What I say to this is that you’re late to the party.

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Blogroll trimmings

Semi-coherent readers will notice that I have updated my blogroll. Gone is the manosphere sub-category as the manosphere is more or less dead. I have removed links to blogs that are no longer updating or have been retired. I have removed the link to the Z Man because I finally came to the conclusion that the guy has to be a psy-op plant from the IDF. One of the many false directives that the other side has planted in our front garden, along the lines of good old meth Jordy but not as obvious.

Rollo is gone because he is all video now and I don’t waste my time watching videos or listening to podcasts unless they are really well structured. I have added the Synlogos feed which is a good spot to see what others are up to. There may be further additions or prunings in the next days.

For your Sunday listening pleasure, here is a 5 minute podcast by Father Z for the Octave of Easter. I have been enjoying his podcasts partly because they are 5 minutes. I might get my podcast back up on similar lines, as in duration.

Men conquer, women nurture

The hysterical overreactions by the general public and tyrannical overreach by governments to the Chinese sniffles is well known to those of us endowed with the desire to seek out truth. What has been shocking is not the overreach so much as the delirious acceptance by the majority of people to government edits such as lockdowns and curfews. This blind adherence and devotion to being looked after by feckless and uncaring unelected bureaucrats is a direct result of the feminization of our societies, a process which has been ongoing since the time of the mislabeled Enlightenment.

Francis Berger has come up with an edict to describe the state of our societies in this period of time.

No one is safe until all are safe.

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A couple of quotes

I have a mish-mash of a post for you today. It is a couple of quotes from the last week or so that I found interesting or inspiring. I had three quotes originally but I can’t find the third one. It mustn’t have been important or that good then, so it’s probably a blessing that it has been lost to the ether. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Maybe it was the one quote that would have changed the world. Which means that it really is better off discarded. Nothing worse than world changing. There should be a law against that kind of stuff.

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An Attachment to Pleasure – How to begin the process of becoming a man

The defining characteristic of men today is that they are effeminate, and effeminacy is defined as an attachment to pleasure. It is the opposite of sacrifice and taking responsibility, which are the two main hallmarks of being a man. I get asked quite a bit by men on what they should be doing to improve themselves as men. Well, the first thing that you need to do is to wean yourself from your attachment to pleasure. This attachment obstructs your ability to develop as a man, as it is through the hardships that we face as men and the great things that we achieve by the sweat of our own brow that enable us to become men.

Remember the age old truism – men make themselves; women find themselves.

So on this Easter Sunday which is a symbol of rebirth and the beginning of growth, let us examine some of the ways in which you can break free from your attachment to pleasure and to begin your development as a man.

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Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, a day of mourning and sorrow in the Christian calendar. For those readers who seek some guidance or inspiration on this day, I have prepared a small collections of readings and viewings for you to contemplate and participate in over the course of the day. This was originally scheduled for earlier but the nasty people have been attacking my site again today.

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