Today is Good Friday, a day of mourning and sorrow in the Christian calendar. For those readers who seek some guidance or inspiration on this day, I have prepared a small collections of readings and viewings for you to contemplate and participate in over the course of the day. This was originally scheduled for earlier but the nasty people have been attacking my site again today.

Courtesy of Weka at Dark Brightness, the bible passage of John 18-19. It begins:

18 When Jesus had spoken these words, He went away with His disciples across the ravine of the Kidron, where there was a garden which He entered with His disciples.

Courtesy of Men of the West, a collection of historical world accounts of the darkness at crucifixion.

Long ago in ancient Peru, there was a legend of a time of worldwide darkness. It is said the sun was gone for five days. Stones knocked against one another. Shepherds were attacked by their own sheep whether they were running away in the fields or hiding in their homes. Even the mortars and pestles (grinders and their bowls) are said to have rebelled against their owners.

After contemplating those passages and writings, pray out loud the Sorrowful Mysteries from the Rosary.

  1. Announce “The First Sorrowful Mystery– The Agony of JESUS” and then say the Our Father.

Finally, a discourse from Father Ripperger on the state of the spiritual battlefield.


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