I have a mish-mash of a post for you today. It is a couple of quotes from the last week or so that I found interesting or inspiring. I had three quotes originally but I can’t find the third one. It mustn’t have been important or that good then, so it’s probably a blessing that it has been lost to the ether. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Maybe it was the one quote that would have changed the world. Which means that it really is better off discarded. Nothing worse than world changing. There should be a law against that kind of stuff.

Firstly from Weka at Dark Brightness:

We are protected from temptations we can’t handle at times though we don’t know it.

For myself, I have been guided away from taking the ticket on two clear occasions. In turning down the offer it was as if someone else was guiding me. My refusal on one occasion led to gasps of disbelief from those around me. Strangely, I was completely at ease and at peace with myself as I turned down an opportunity of a lifetime, and I was only twenty one years old. And I would not have handled saying yes; it would have ruined me.

I think that there have been other occasions as well. I have certainly been looked after during my adventures. Can it be only luck or providence? Maybe one day I will know the truth of things and I will be shocked at my past foolish boldness. The lesson is that it might not make much sense in the moment but sometimes you have to trust what is going on around you.

From Jim’s Blog:

So I just said “A man should be King under his own roof”, and moved on, letting the matter drop. A few minutes thereafter, he passed the shit test with flying colors, his wife eager to please.

A man should be king around his own roof. Words to live by and to inspire others, as in this instance. I will use this in the future if the need arises. It is the paucity of words coupled with the accurate truth that makes it so powerful. And no attempt to convince. It is in the convincing that we lose people. State your case, state it plainly, and then leave it at that. It is up to the other person to do their own dirty work, to fight their own battles. We should aim to inspire and then get out of their way.


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