Semi-coherent readers will notice that I have updated my blogroll. Gone is the manosphere sub-category as the manosphere is more or less dead. I have removed links to blogs that are no longer updating or have been retired. I have removed the link to the Z Man because I finally came to the conclusion that the guy has to be a psy-op plant from the IDF. One of the many false directives that the other side has planted in our front garden, along the lines of good old meth Jordy but not as obvious.

Rollo is gone because he is all video now and I don’t waste my time watching videos or listening to podcasts unless they are really well structured. I have added the Synlogos feed which is a good spot to see what others are up to. There may be further additions or prunings in the next days.

For your Sunday listening pleasure, here is a 5 minute podcast by Father Z for the Octave of Easter. I have been enjoying his podcasts partly because they are 5 minutes. I might get my podcast back up on similar lines, as in duration.

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