I have stated in the past that I consider Roosh to be somewhat of an extremist. In his world view, something is great until it’s not anymore, and then it is an evil leading to sin. I first came to this viewpoint when he renounced caffeine. Apparently my single cup of coffee that I enjoy each morning was the worst thing ever simply because Roosh had allowed his own consumption to get wildly out of control.

This projection of his own inadequacies and weaknesses onto the rest of us has somewhat clouded my approach to his recent conversion to Christianity. And now he has written an article which takes this to even further realms of lunacy.

I confess that I still seek fulfillment from worldly things. One example is through cooking. Starting in the spring of 2020, I’ve dedicated myself to making the perfect Italian pizza pie. I’ve spent many hours educating myself via YouTube tutorials and cooking blogs. I’ve tested many different kinds of flours and ingredients to bake well over 100 pizzas, even dessert pizzas. My craft has culminated in large dinner parties where, on one night, I made 16 pizzas. I’ve lost count of how many times I heard someone say, “This is the best pizza I’ve ever had!” With such a compliment, there is nowhere else to go. Sure, I can grow my own tomatoes and even my own mozzarella cheese upon procuring a cow, but ultimately my soul will never be fulfilled by making pizza.

It’s no surprise that after my biggest pizza party, I started looking for new hobbies.

This is not normal behavior. Why can he simply not cook well and enjoy cooking for cooking’s sake? Why does he have to take an interest in cooking and turn it into an obsession where he must invite around scores of guests so as to impress them with his pizza making? 16 pizzas in one night with all of his guests in attendance to heap praise on his abilities and gush upon his worldly skills?

Sometimes when I think that I have such a long way to go on my own spiritual journey, I look around and observe something like this and I feel a little better with my lot.

The biggest red flag is his desire to abandon cooking pizzas and seek out new hobbies. His new future fix will only culminate in the same outcome, with his desire for worldly acclaim and attention culminating in him showing off to whomever is so unfortunate to be invited around to the Home Roosh Show. I will pray for Roosh because I now think that his past hedonistic pursuit of women has damaged him far more than I had originally considered.

As for attempting to fulfill his soul by making pizza, why not just make some good pizza and then enjoy it? I make wonderful risotto, but the thought of having to fulfill my soul into the bargain while stirring the pot has never entered my mind. The very idea sounds positively exhausting. This over complication of mundane daily tasks is self-defeating. And what’s more, it reveals a soul that is only very superficially on any sort of spiritual journey. As far as I’m concerned, Roosh is still very much living for the outside world.

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