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Month: June 2021

It’s gonna be messy

The American Thinker contemplates what might happen if the election audit results go Trump’s way.

What then do the people do?  How then do the masses react to a probable fraudulent election?  Do the Patriots finally take to the streets for a “mostly peaceful protest” of the election?  Or do the Patriots say they have had enough of the election fraud and fake president, and it gets violent?  Does it become the Reds/Patriots versus Blues/Progressives on our streets?  What happens to America if?

It is looking more and more as if, no matter what, the military stays with Biden.  The military is looking more “woke” than the Berkeley campus as the military drives out Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists.  The military is more concerned with fighting a nonexistent threat of global warming and a trickle of “white supremacy,” appearing unconcerned about a rising Chinese communist menace.

It will get violent because the left will not be able to back down. Their only choice and chance will be to double down and amplify. It will be a civil war, and it will be coast to coast and top to bottom, and it will most probably drag in Canada, Mexico and Cuba along with it. The left’s biggest move will be to take out Trump as early as they can. I assume that he knows this and has made his own preparations, and they know he knows and they have made counter … yada yada yada, you know how it goes.

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A takedown of Wintery Knight’s marriage requirements

Wintery Knight has a post up on the topic of whether men need to pursue women or women need to pursue men. I was enjoying the piece, that is until I came to his thoughts on the subject as regards to his own personal situation. This is what he has to say:

In my own case, I’ll be able to retire at 50 with a net worth well north of 7 figures. Because of this, it would be stupid for me to waste my time pursuing Christian women whose criteria for men has nothing to do with the marriage enterprise, and is INDISTINGUISHABLE from the criteria used by non-Christian women. The ONLY thing that would catch my eye at this point is a woman who is equal to me (chaste, no tattoos, STEM degree(s), debt-free, married parents, house or savings, into apologetics, conservative politics, and between the ages of 23-28). And that’s a minimum. And she can forget about being pursued by me. She’ll have to approach me, and question me about what my plan is, and where she would fit into it.

This has so many red flags that I hardly know where to begin, but begin I most certainly shall.

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The system doesn’t want you to have children

My next door neighbor’s welcomed a new baby boy into the world on Tuesday. It is their third child, and all are boys. Strong, blue eyed, blonde boys. They left for the hospital at 9pm and came back in the early hours of the morning with the baby. A strong woman. Another of their close family has five young children; triplets and twins. And there are many others. I get to see the kids all the time. They are well behaved and a pleasure to be around. I am very happy for all of them.

When I consider my former marriage, it was barren in comparison. My ex-wife and I lived for ourselves. Our lives revolved around superficial things. When we made a big decision like moving country it was to further our own lives. We never had to make such a decision for any young ones as there weren’t any. We were your typical power couple. When you add to this the fact that it was a secular marriage then I look back in awe that I held it together for almost ten years. But it is gone and that is good because in the end there was nothing left in it that was worth saving.

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of people arguing on this website that bringing children into this world is a very bad idea.

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This ship won’t be righted

Regular reader Rabuti commented on my piece on the abandonment of MGTOW where I exhorted men to be brave, trust in God and have children. His comment is an objection of my own stance.

What you call fear I call logic. What you call brave I call madness. Marriage and kids is for the super-crazy or super-brave at this point. The rest of us need to find some other role in righting the ship.

We need to burst this illusion once and for all. This ship won’t be righted. Western civilization has been a dying old man since the Great War. Our culture is already over, it’s just that the vast majority haven’t accepted that yet. What we think of as our civilization is merely the last remaining embers waiting to be finally wafted away in the coming awful wind.

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The rejection of MGTOW

Roosh has published a short article which is a rethinking of a book he wrote with advice to women on how to find a man. In the piece he reassesses his previous thinking post facto his own spiritual awakening. I consider it to be the best thing he has written since re-launching his website. One thing that I will give Roosh is his ability to clearly examine his previous held beliefs and to objectively pull them apart. It makes for interesting reading.

But I found his contemplation on men choosing to opt out of the dating and marriage market to be the most valuable for this corner of the internet.

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The secular month of state sanctioned sodomy

June is the month dedicated to the state sponsored celebration of sin. The state in this case is represented by the unelected and unaccountable globohomo monolith which is a broad and loose representation of different aligned interests, ranging from corporations and family trusts, to NGOs, media organisations and obscenely wealthy individuals.

The sin in question is sodomy. This is now so important to our current elite that it has almost become a business in of itself, but without any of the charm of something like the traditional Mardi Gras found in different parts of the world. Companies and individuals compete with each other in order to publicly demonstrate their dedication to the cause of not just protecting the rights of homosexuals to exist, but in many cases to force their sinful ideology upon innocents.

Observing the rapid increase of devotion to the sodomite banner, I think it likely that we are not very far from a point where recruits to different government organisations will need to prove their worthiness to pass selection by having to participate in homosexual acts. Such a requirement would simultaneously ensure that different organisations will have selected suitable recruits, while also holding them to future coercion due to the stored recordings of such acts.

One of the great ironies of the supposed widespread acceptance of homosexuality is that it is still a most convenient method of blackmail. Less of a honey trap and more of a crap trap.

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Lazy and incurious

The vast majority of people are idiots. Vox Day has it as the acronym MPAI, and I think he holds it at 90%. I tend to agree but that still leaves an awful lot of people left over in that 10% range. And yet, still there there is so much dismal failure in that remaining 10%. So much inability to grasp what is happening and even if they do grasp it, to do something about it entirely for themselves, let alone anyone else.

These people are indeed not idiots. Rather, they are lazy and incurious. This is especially damning today when considering the vast amount of leisure time available to most people. For me, a contrarian is someone who goes against the grain, not for the sake of being belligerently different or non-conformist, but rather because he seeks the truth and is not lazy in his pursuit of it.

I myself am lazy in many things. I have spent a great deal of my life procrastinating. I did not go to university for various reasons, but a major one was that I could not be bothered to do so. I did not seek enrollment because I already knew that it would not hold my interest. That this has proved in time to be a blessing is merely happenchance.

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Identifying vaxxers in the dating market

I’m hearing reports that dating websites are implementing badges to indicate that people have had the experimental, still under trial, can we bribe you with a doughnut, jab. Although I don’t partake of the services of these sorts of websites, I can see the advantages such a system will have for its users. The woke crowd merely consider that this is a good thing due to their assumptive projection that other people will be equally horrified as they are at the very thought of touching a person who has not had the jab.

Whereas from our side of the fence, I would say that the opposite is true. As Karl Denninger has stated, the virus doesn’t scare me but the jab sure does.

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Strange goings-on in the Netherlands

An interesting story has surfaced this week in the Netherlands regarding claims of Satanic ritual abuse and murders of Dutch children in a small town over a period in the 1980s. The supposed town in question is called Bodegraven which is just down the road from where I currently reside. In fact, I have been to Bodegraven on numerous occasions.

The interesting part is that the local council that comprises the town is taking three people to court for spreading these claims.

A Dutch local authority is taking legal action against three people who for spreading claims that ‘satanic ritual child murders’ took place within its boundaries in the 1980s. The rumours have led to the town cemetery being overwhelmed with flowers laid by conspiracy theorists, upsetting the relatives of children who are buried there, as well as threats against local officials.

Last week officials in Bodegraven-Reeuwijk warned they would take legal action against the three, if they did not remove all the claims they had made from social media. The three, all men, have not done so, hence the decision to take them to court. Two of the men live abroad. All three are now being charged with disturbing the peace, at least, but the council has declined to say any more about the case ahead of formal investigation.

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