I’m hearing reports that dating websites are implementing badges to indicate that people have had the experimental, still under trial, can we bribe you with a doughnut, jab. Although I don’t partake of the services of these sorts of websites, I can see the advantages such a system will have for its users. The woke crowd merely consider that this is a good thing due to their assumptive projection that other people will be equally horrified as they are at the very thought of touching a person who has not had the jab.

Whereas from our side of the fence, I would say that the opposite is true. As Karl Denninger has stated, the virus doesn’t scare me but the jab sure does.

I have previously mentioned my likeness for the idiotic and demeaning facemasks solely for the purpose of identifying the drop dead morons in our midst. Observing someone sitting alone in their car wearing a mask never fails to bring a smile to my face. It’s downright entertaining. But sooner or later the masks are going to go the way of the Nazi Party and we’ll have to go back to having to actually interact with people in order to discover and identify such infections of wokeness. Oh, the horror.

However, the jab is going to be a sure fire, long term, this won’t run out until they die method of identifying those people who fall for the messaging, lack the moral strength to stand up to the mob, or stridently believe in the church of woke. In other words, from a dating perspective – these are not the droids you’re looking for.

There does remain the possibility that the public spin will turn against the jab. If that happens then jabees will no doubt resort to telling fibs as to whether they had the shot or not. What to do, what to do …

I propose a tattoo for those who have had the jab. Its selling point will be that they can use it to virtue signal. While the forehead would be a fitting spot to place such a line of numbers, I suspect that this would not be acceptable. Therefore, a tattoo of numbered code on the forearm would probably be best.

Such a program would be win/win. Those who have had the vaxx can proudly show off their allegience to Globohomo, while those who do not wish to date, marry and reproduce with such people can safely identify them as such. Of course, the added benefit is that such a tattoo would be difficult to remove if things go south for the pretend-vaxx.

Just random thoughts, you understand.


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