Wintery Knight has a post up on the topic of whether men need to pursue women or women need to pursue men. I was enjoying the piece, that is until I came to his thoughts on the subject as regards to his own personal situation. This is what he has to say:

In my own case, I’ll be able to retire at 50 with a net worth well north of 7 figures. Because of this, it would be stupid for me to waste my time pursuing Christian women whose criteria for men has nothing to do with the marriage enterprise, and is INDISTINGUISHABLE from the criteria used by non-Christian women. The ONLY thing that would catch my eye at this point is a woman who is equal to me (chaste, no tattoos, STEM degree(s), debt-free, married parents, house or savings, into apologetics, conservative politics, and between the ages of 23-28). And that’s a minimum. And she can forget about being pursued by me. She’ll have to approach me, and question me about what my plan is, and where she would fit into it.

This has so many red flags that I hardly know where to begin, but begin I most certainly shall.

The biggest red flag is his insistence that his potential wife hold a STEM degree. That he also included the condition that she be debt free makes this especially obtuse, let alone that she also own a house or have substantial savings. And all at the age of “23-28”. I would be very impressed to meet anyone in that age range who had signed up for the eye watering expense of modern higher learning institutions and not only had no debt but had substantial equity. Perhaps they are out there but I feel that WK’s potential pool of suitable applicants for his most valuable hand in marriage is going to be rather diminutive.

The most curious thing about this is that he appears to be falling into the fatal mistake that women of today make about men. That is, women are attracted to power and all of its aspects and they have been persuaded to chase after these things themselves in the mistaken projection that men also find them attractive. Whereas the truth is that men are attracted to youth and beauty and could not give two hoots about higher education qualifications. That is, unless they are Wintery Knight who seems to value them very much indeed.

The next problem with requiring his future wife to hold a STEM degree is that she will have gone through the modern education system which deals with very little in the realm of education and rather a lot on the subject of socialist propaganda and brain washing. Disinfecting a woman’s conditioning after that experience is such a tall order that a college degree today is almost a sure fire way of identifying a woman’s unsuitability for traditional marriage. A degree is thus the equivalent of a woman sporting tattoos, which is somewhat ironic as WK places tattoos on his list of undesirable qualities.

But the ultimate problem with a future wife sporting a STEM degree is that she invariably will want to use it. In her prime childbearing years she will be sent out into the workplace to work for the man, as opposed to building a home for her husband and family. As WK requires such a degree as a prerequisite for his interest then I can only assume that he would very much want to send her out into the workplace, no doubt to reach that seven figure net worth by the age of fifty. Why else would it be a prerequisite if not for this?

I could cherry pick other aspects of the posted quote, but that would be trite of me. Suffice to say that the goal of requiring equality in a marriage partner is rife with problems in the everyday world, let alone from someone who purports to seek a traditional Christian marriage. I will also comment on the complete absence of any requirement for a potential spouse to have a high degree of spiritual dedication to her faith. But then again, his list is so materialistic in nature that this should not be surprising.

Normally when I see this sort of stuff written I let it go through to the keeper, as we say in the cultured world of cricket. But not in this case. The message is too full of untruths and false paths to ignore. Ten years ago I might have had a similar outlook, but not anymore. This then is not intended as an attack on Wintry Knight, but more a polite but firm message that he seems to be set on a false path. I know this as I once strode that path myself.

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