I’m on holiday which is nice. I’m staying home, not traveling anywhere. I don’t need the stress with all of the virus bullshit. So I can chill out at home on my deck over the lagoon in front of the windmill, mix some drinks and smoke some cigars, do some barbequing. And sleep in. I’m normally up at five in the morning every day, but this morning I woke up at nine. It feels good man, it feels good.

I went to the bank this morning to do some banking stuff. The ludicrous mask mandate was dropped a few weeks ago, which coincided nicely with me taking time off. But the idiot female at the bank insisted that I stand behind the hanging plastic screen from which behind she surveyed the world with an aura of palpable fear. She was probably mid-twenties and looked very healthy.

I swear that this virus is a mind virus, and not an actual virus virus. I’ve heard that there’s a joke going around that the Amish don’t get the virus because they don’t watch television. In other words, fear is the drug. Here is a nice dose of fear for you; now have a nice day, run along now and make sure to infect everyone else while you’re at it. That’s the only reason that you’re useful to us, you plebian moron.

Like I said the other day, people trust the government and the media because they have nobody else. Our communities and in so many cases, our families have been destroyed or at the very least have had the trust undermined. Children don’t listen to dad because dad is a figure of mockery as that is what the television constantly tells them. Now run along and get yourself a nice sex change, there’s a good little moron. We’ll finish you off before you even get started in life. Actually, that’s what abortion is all about but somehow you slipped through the net so it’s a sex change op for you! Oh, and take this vaccine as well. Still here? Bloody hell, okay we’re going to start a simultaneous land war in Asia and Russia and here is our new awesome idea for mandatory conscription, have fun over there!

It’s funny, but modern people like to have control over their lives, or at least to go through the motions. But just how much control do people have? None at all if you’re addicted to the mind virus box with Netflix and all of its derivatives. You’re just grist for the mill but they’re shutting down the mill and they don’t even want you for that anymore. You’re expendable. Humans are the disease and they are the cure. Gee, the Matrix sure got a lot of things right. Kind of ironic that its creators jumped on that same sex change boat as well. It’s a crazy old world.

So anyway, yeah I’m on holiday. So you may see more posting or absolutely no posting at all. It depends on how my mood takes me. That’s okay, we’re all frens here. I might even do a podcast episode. Now that would be something. Perhaps I should get an extra special guest on the show. Let me know if you have anyone that you would like me to get the claws into. One has to have a hobby after all.

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